Rebirth Of The God Of War Novel by Chilton Bunton

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Rebirth Of The God Of War Novel Summary.

The moralities and laws were all destroyed since the apocalypse came. During this time, even Hollywood celebrities,

superstars, and supermodels were willing to spend a night with anyone in bed in exchange for a piece of bread. This was how horrible the situation was.

But the good thing was, there were no constraints. You could do whatever you want. However, a world without order was hell.

Human beings struggled to survive hunger and attacks of ferocious monsters every day. At night, I had to sleep with rotten corpses just to keep myself safe.

During the day, I fought with monsters just to get a piece of cheap bread. I lived in this cruel world for twenty years, full of fear. And my agony only stopped when I was torn into pieces by a monster.

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Instead of feeling bad, I was even relieved. Finally, everything was over. However, I was wrong. My life didn’t end there. I was able to open my eyes again,

only to be shocked to find that I was in a peaceful university I went to twenty years ago. No more foul smell of blood, no rotten bodies, and no ferocious monsters.

I could breathe fresh air and see energetic young men and women in front of me. Wasn’t it incredible? I was joyful and excited. I didn’t actually die.

I was reborn and went back to the time a month before the apocalypse. Now that I was reborn, I must enjoy a month of peace and comfort. I couldn’t let myself fall into despair again, so I had to be well-prepared.

As a result, I didn’t hesitate even to commit a crime. I found a man from a wealthy family who was about to become a supervillain.

I pushed him off the cliff, took his wealth, and used it to everything I needed to set up my own base. This time, I would become the savior of mankind.

Rebirth Of The God Of War Novel by Chilton Bunton
Rebirth Of The God Of War Novel by Chilton Bunton

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