Second Wife of Billionaire Novel by Aurorae25

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Second Wife of Billionaire by Aurorae25.

Second Wife of Billionaire Novel Summary.

Alanna Frost had been determined to forget the Elbarack Knight figure from the start, primarily since the man of her dreams is known to have married Vivian,

her best friend. However, God seemed to be happy playing with Alanna’s life. When she begins to forget and learn to open her heart to others, suddenly, the woman is forced to return to dealing with friends and the man she once liked.

Vivian herself knew very well that Alanna used to love Elbarack so much. Even in the past, her best friend deliberately gave in so she could have the man of her dreams.

Therefore, Vivian openly asked Alanna to accept the request to become her husband’s second wife. Can Alanna live up to her role as a second wife? Or, ultimately, give up, and choose to live with another man?.

Second Wife of Billionaire Novel by Aurorae25
Second Wife of Billionaire Novel by Aurorae25

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