Secret to Make More Money Using The Horse anecdote

Secret to Make More Money Using The Horse anecdote

The Horse anecdote can help make more money than you can imagine

A man once complained to his Master with concern on how he can make more money since someone else has opened a competitive business near him, and he was fearful that his business and earnings were going to suffer. The Master responded to him with this anecdote:

When a horse drinks water from a river, he thumps with his hoof.

“Do you know why?” the Master asked. “Because when the horse sees his reflection in the water, he thinks there is another horse there, and he tries to frighten the horse away, less the other horse drink all the water and not leave enough for him.”

The horse does not have enough sense to understand that there is more than enough water in the river to serve both him and the other horse (if there is any).

What is yours is yours

Most people are like the horse that sees his reflection. We often feel jealous and greed when we perceive some kind of competition around us. Be it in business, academics, achievement, etc. There is one thing our desire fails to make us understand, i.e. “whatever you are destined to get, that you will get” you may get less if you failed to work hard and smart, but one thing is for sure, no one can hinder you from achieving what is due to you except your laziness and foolishness. Whatever you are destined to earn you will surely earn.

The foolish act

There is a Jewish believe that says “one of the most foolish people on earth are thieves.”  This is because, one who went and stole to become rich was destined to be rich anyway, but he endangered himself to get what he was destined to get and in the wrong way. That you cheated someone to make more money does not mean that your action was smarter, that’s wrong, you could still make that same amount of money in a legitimate way without cheating.  

Put your eggs in basket and watch them

Sometimes some people involve themselves into multiple exhilarating businesses in other to make money from many sources; this is sometimes called creating multiple streams of income, some call it leverage, others call it making passive income. Sometimes people invest in business that they know nothing about, just to create multiple streams of income. Yes! The bible says cast your bread upon many waters, this advice is used to teach us that there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Experts have taught that it’s better to put all your eggs in one basket and watch them, you can do multiple things to make ends meet, but be focused; let the activities revolve round one idea that you are good and experienced at.

You can own a tailoring shop, boutique, textile factory, sale of tailoring equipment; you can do all these businesses at the same time provided your specialty is in the area of fabrics. You understand how the business is run and you can handle whatever that occurs in the business because it is your line. But when you see someone else venturing into the same business and you feel like your earning is endangered and you need to open another type of business to make more money, you might end up losing all your money in that new business because you know nothing about it. And the worst thing that will happen to your investment is when you start a business you know nothing about, and then hand it over to someone to manage.

Make money with comfort

How different our lives would be if we did not exhaust ourselves trying to increase our earnings forcefully, and believed that while it is our responsibility to work to earn our sustenance, there is nothing we can say nor do to alter whatever was decreed for us, and NO ONE WILL TAKE FROM US THAT WHICH IS MEANT FOR US.

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