Supreme Harem God System

Supreme Harem God System is a unique and entertaining cultivation novel with a twist. Nux Leander, a man who migrated to the cultivation world, is given a cheat system that allows him to boost his cultivation by having sex with women. Not only that, but he can also gain their Talent, Physique, and Bloodline, increasing his power even further.

Summary of Supreme Harem God System

Follow Nux on his journey as he starts as a mere mortal and becomes a boy toy of a Viscount, and eventually the Emperor of the strongest Empire in the world, all while getting stronger by spending time with his beloved women. The more powerful the woman, the more benefits he receives, so he targets the most powerful women in the land.

But it’s not all fun and games for Nux, who must navigate the perilous political landscape of the cultivation world, as well as contend with jealous suitors, powerful enemies, and the consequences of his actions. Along the way, he develops relationships with the women in his harem, each with their own unique personalities and abilities.

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Supreme Harem God System
Supreme Harem God System

While the novel’s premise may appear risqué, the author manages to balance the harem and cultivation elements with humor, action, and drama. The world-building is detailed and immersive, and the characters are well-developed. It is a fun and engaging read for cultivation novel fans looking for something new.

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