Talent Swallowing System by Vinayraj

Humanity was in danger of going extinct as a result of the arrival of the terrifying creatures.
When humanity’s hope was at its lowest, a few supernatural beings—whom they referred to as “Gods”—appeared and assisted people in building new cities out of the rumbles.
Although there were still monsters and beasts outside these recently built towns, they left behind a particular gift that may aid humans in awakening skills buried deep within their bodies.

Talent Swallowing System by Vinayraj
Talent Swallowing System by Vinayraj

The humans began taking up arms against the creatures and monsters on their own with the aid of their recently awakened talents.
That marked the start of a new era in human history as people began to emerge as heroes.
In such a world, some strong heroes falsely accused a 12-year-old boy of stealing and murdering his adoptive parents.
To prevent more disturbance, they even intended to kill him and dispose of his remains.
After ten years, he returned to the city under a new name in an effort to exact revenge on those alleged mighty heroes and uncover the circumstances surrounding the passing of his adoptive parents.
“I don’t know exactly who you are and why you did that, but I will find out even if I have to kill all the powerful heroes in the city,” he said.
Leo murmured to himself as he stood in front of the Phirie city’s gates while wearing a stern expression.

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