The Accidental Baby Novel by Rinna O’shea

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel, The Accidental Baby by Rinna O’shea.

The Accidental Baby Novel Summary.


” You didn’t take the morning after pill right ? , Why didn’t you take it ? , Did you intentionally get yourself pregnant? ” , He asked glaring at me with anger evident in his eyes . ” , .” It was… …. accident ” ,

l stuttered out with fear building up in my body. “. Accident ? Huh! Are you even sure whether the baby is mine ? ” , He growled and at that l felt hurt . He was implying that I intentionally trapped him by lying that it was his baby .

” Will you be willing to undergo a DNA test to confirm that it’s my baby ” , When l heard him add that , l felt anger build up in my body at that instant . ” How dare you say that ? , You the only man l slept with since that night… Who else would it be ? ”

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I asked angrily. ” Huh ! How do you expect me to Know Erinna , Ignoring the fact that you willingly brought yourself to me , it was supposed to be a one night stand Erinna with no strings attached ”

l felt like fainting when l heard him say that . ” If you honestly right , l do suggest that . … ” . ” Suggest what ? ” , At that l didn’t allow him to complete his sentence.

The Accidental Baby Novel by Rinna O'shea
The Accidental Baby Novel by Rinna O’shea

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