The Alpha King’s Heart Novel by Sunshine Princess

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, The Alpha King’s Heart by Sunshine Princess.

The Alpha King’s Heart Novel Summary.

“I don’t want pity from you, Adira, I want your love… Please,” He was vulnerable, I’d never seen him like this before. My heart tightened in my chest and I so badly wanted to hug him.

I wished I could take away his pain. “I love you,” His voice trembled. I cupped his face with my hands and lay my head against him. We were close, so close. Tears rolled down my face as I said to him,

“Thank you for everything and… Goodbye… ” Adira Wade is reviled and shunned in her pack after her parents were accused of planning against the Alpha.

Even her fiance, the future Alpha, Grayson, turns his back on her. She loses hope of finding true love and gives up on the idea, but fate had other plans when the powerful Alpha King visits her pack and to her utter shock, declares she’s his mate.

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King Wyatt McMillian is powerful, handsome, and dangerous, he did not expect to find a Luna but accepts and punishes those who harmed her. However, Wyatt has secrets and issues that will test this new relationship,

and now, another man claims to love her and will fight for her. It’s a battle of Passion, and fight for love and men are willing to burn for her.

The Alpha King’s Heart Novel by Sunshine Princess
The Alpha King’s Heart Novel by Sunshine Princess

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