The Bad Boy Likes Me Novel by Courtney Radford

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, The Bad Boy Likes Me by Courtney Radford.

The Bad Boy Likes Me Novel Summary.

Kasey Willow is just an ordinary teenage girl who is trying to get through school with no drama. Well, that can’t exactly happen when you have the “Queen B” starting arguments with you,

random arguments with a teacher who hates you and a badboy that most girls want, but cant have, after you. Jesse Collins is the badboy of the school. He uses girls and has a dark past that nobody knows of.

When he meets Kasey and has her living with him within 1 week of knowing eachother, he starts to get the feelings he never wanted for a girl. He started to fall in love with her.

And all he wanted was a little bit of love in return. “I’m hot. You want me” he says. “Hell yeah I want you” I say and watched as he smirks. “See-” but I cut him off.

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“I want you to leave me alone” I smile falsely before walking in my house. Kasey is convinced that he doesn’t care whilst he convinced that she is just hurt and needs some love.

The Bad Boy Likes Me Novel by Courtney Radford
The Bad Boy Likes Me Novel by Courtney Radford

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