The Billionaire’s Pretend Fiancée Novel by Debbierlea

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, The Billionaire’s Pretend Fiancée by Debbierlea.

The Billionaire’s Pretend Fiancée Novel Summary.

Inhaling deeply, I nodded as I gazed into his sexy grey eyes, “Yes. I will be your fake fiancée, Roman.” He smirked, “Perfect.

I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me, doll.” +++ One day, Sofie Diaz comes home, and is given the horrendous news of her engagement to the CEO of a reputable business corporation,

who is thrice her age, by her greedy parents. Infuriated, she goes to a bar to drink her frustration away. There, she meets a sexy stranger. One thing leads to another, and Sofie ends up having a one-night stand with him.

The next morning, the man, Roman Giovanni, who Sofie later realizes is one of the richest CEOs in America, makes an absurd proposal, for her to be his fake fiancée for a hundred days to fulfill his grandmother’s wish, for him to get married.

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Ignoring her logical reasoning, Sofie accepts his proposal on a whim as she’d rather fake being engaged to a hot billionaire than be the wife of an old ogre.

What happens when this arrangement of theirs blooms into love spiced with a generous dash of passionate sexcapades?.

The Billionaire's Pretend Fiancée Novel by Debbierlea
The Billionaire’s Pretend Fiancée Novel by Debbierlea

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