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The Challenges of Attending Church in College

The Challenges of Attending Church in College
The Challenges of Attending Church in College

College students often face challenges, as studying is not a simple process. Getting a desired education means being a hard worker and remembering to care for your soul. More and more students realize how sufficient religion is for any student. Attending church in college makes life more purposeful and answers many questions that arise before young representatives of our population. 


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In our article, we will provide some apparent reasons why students often face the challenges of attending church in college. After reading our article, you will realize the ways to reduce such challenges and get some useful pieces of advice thanks to this material.

Reasons to attend church for students

Maybe you still are considering attending church on Sundays. If you want to recall in your mind the fundamental reasons to go to church, then here they are:

1. Church relies on us

In the Bible, the Apostle Paul compared the church to the body of Jesus. So if we want the body to work, each church member should do their part faithfully. So that when one participates in church services, dedicates their time and talents to others and faithfully worships others. Such an activity strengthens the whole body and makes the community, the ‘body,’ stronger.

2. Church services uplift us

One of the benefits of attending church is that it teaches us how to improve our lives and become more spiritual. Church makes you uplifted by fellow community members who believe the same as you are. Serving at the church lets you feel the Holy Spirit and lots of joy, gentleness, and faith.

3. God speaks to us

Any student who seeks answers can go to church and find all they need there. From time to time, it is enough to come to church and feel God’s love. Communication with God is one of the main benefits one can find in attending church. Knowing that God hears you is a real blessing that brings great joy. God wants to communicate with you, and at the church, you can do it much better than anywhere else.

4. The church gives us a sense of belonging

When one regularly visits the church, one gets a community to share support and trust. A sense of belonging is essential, and you can get it in the church. Making new friends, learning from different people of various genders and generations, sharing the experience of communicating to God: all these you can find in the church.

Too many tasks

Being overloaded with homework is one of the reasons why students cannot regularly attend church to study in college. For example, suppose you are getting a sound with several papers to complete on time. In that case, it makes it almost impossible to make it till the deadline, which means that you are not doing anything except your sacrifice, sleep, and health, losing motivation and face and stress.

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Hard logistics

Some students do not attend church because they cannot find a ride to get to the church on time, or they cannot get there because they do not have a car. Some churches are not far from campuses, but some churches don’t. Thus it makes it pretty challenging for students to attend each service in the church.

If you say: ‘I cannot participate in church services because I cannot find a ride,’ you must be realistic. Maybe you are just looking for an excuse not to go to church. In such a situation, you can go to a church closer to your college or ask your classmates to give you a ride. Remember that the person who wants to find a way out of a complicated situation will always find it.

By the way, asking your classmates for a ride to church means that you can try new churches together. Moreover, you will get a group of people with shared interests and be able to build a church community of like-minded people around you.

Being involved in Christian ministry on campus

A student facing the challenges of attending church in college might think something like that: ‘I already attend some small chapels on campus, so why should I additionally visit the church on Sundays?’ From one point, it is a thought that could be considered, but what from another point? Of course, it is significant that you are involved in Christian ministry on campus. But you must realize that the powerful church community you can find in a local church cannot be replaced by the small college chapels you visit.

Even if you regularly visit chapels at college, attending church means more than a duty. Think about the ability to share thoughts and wisdom of people from older generations. At your campus church, the surrounding is most young people of your age. You can get much more at the local church by communicating with others who attend this church and widening your horizons.


Being a student means having many challenges. Some of them are harder than others. For example, many students often seek excuses for not attending church.

After reading our article, we hope that you realize the challenges of attending church and college and know how to deal with them. We believe you will find the reasons to visit the church regularly and build a strong community of like-minded people around you.


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