The Cursed Soldier Novel by Jj Cope

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Cursed Soldier by Jj Cope.

The Cursed Soldier Novel Summary.

She was lost, broken and alone everyone she had ever loved and trusted let her down.

As she sat alone in the dark her mind wandered to the only time she had felt loved… with Nathaniel but the war separated them she heard he moved on had a pup she was so sure they were mates.

Now 10 years on could she really go back their and face them all, face the reality of what happened, did she even have a choice ?

Finally she had the chance to get revenge for what they did what they took from her… those that called themselves friends and family betrayed and hurt her in the worst

Well she wasn’t that scared weak girl anymore she would destroy them 1 by 1. Decision made she started running back to that place where the nightmares started.

The Cursed Soldier Novel by Jj Cope
The Cursed Soldier Novel by Jj Cope

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