The Lycan King’s Mate Novel by R.Y.E.

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The Lycan King’s Mate Novel Summary.

Lycan King Alder Volcik had been waiting for his mate for over a hundred years. What would happen if he found his mate in a pack he was to visit because of the Luna

challenge that occurred and he found out that she was also the same Luna who lost the challenge and was rejected by her mate, who was the Alpha.

Cindy Mills is the daughter of a billionaire who was betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend and killed her after. But it did not end there.

She was reborn in the body of the lost Luna named Clover, who died because of the rejection? What will King Alder do when Clover doesn’t want to accept him because of her past rejection from Alpha Vlad and,

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at the same time, lose her title to another she-wolf and, as Cindy, who was betrayed by the two people he trusted and cared for other than her father?

As Alder tries to get Clover’s trust, they will both discover Cindy’s true identity. She, on the other hand, will do everything to get her revenge on her ex-boyfriend and best friend that killed her and her father.

Once Cindy accepts Alder, will she give up herself and live as Clover for the rest of her life?

The Lycan King's Mate Novel by R.Y.E.
The Lycan King’s Mate Novel by R.Y.E.

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