THE SLAVE OWNER Novel by Wizard of oz

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THE SLAVE OWNER Novel Summary.

She trembled in fear as she made her way to his room. It is tonight, the time she will fulfil her duties to her master, which is serving and pleasuring her master in bed.

After all, that is why he bought her. Who is she? Imogen, a beautiful young lady who just turned eighteen. When she was eight, she got sold by her mother to a famous auction house that deals with selling girls as sex slaves to the noble.

After being tried at the auction house, she got sold to one of the powerful man in the country. The popular and feared noble man in the kingdom, Lord Simon Sebastian a man of many mysteries,

cold-hearted and brutal, the rumours of his brutality spreads across the kingdom most especially to his slaves. However, imogen got sold to him as his slave, at that particular moment, she knew her worst nightmare has just begun.

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What happens when her master falls in love with her?And his cousin who she considered a friend also confessed her feelings to her. It would only make it more worse if people finds out that the two noble men is in love with a sex slave.

Now, the real question is who does her heart belong to? “I will save your friend if you give me what I want” Her master said to Imogen who was on her knees pleading. “I belong to you, Master.

You don’t have to ask, my body already belongs to you” “Yes, it does. But there is something I don’t have yet” He stated. “What is that, Master?” She questioned with her head down.

Lord Simon squatted to her level. “Your heart, I don’t have that yet. And I want it, I want it to be mine, mine only”.

THE SLAVE OWNER Novel by Wizard of oz
THE SLAVE OWNER Novel by Wizard of oz

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