The Space Spoon on Webnovel

The Space Spoon is a captivating sci-fi novel with a unique and intriguing protagonist named Tejeda. 

Summary of The Space Spoon

Tejeda is a Nubilae, a shapeshifting race known for their insane behavior, but unlike his fellow Nubilae, Tejeda appears carefree and amused even in the most dangerous situations. He wields a one-of-a-kind weapon, an old spoon, with great skill and precision.

Humans, robots, aliens, and energy life forms all coexist in the novel’s universe. Tejeda is well-liked by everyone because of his easygoing personality, but few are aware of his true nature. 

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The Space Spoon on Webnovel
The Space Spoon on Webnovel

He is immortal and has lived for centuries, always adapting to the changing world around him.

His journey takes him to different planets, each with its unique challenges and dangers.

The novel is divided into 104 chapters, each with its own story and cast of characters. The story is full of humor, suspense, and action, making it an enjoyable read from beginning to end. 

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The Space Spoon is an excellent science fiction novel that will appeal to fans of the genre as well as those who enjoy a good adventure story. Tejeda is a memorable and unique protagonist created by Helen Bold, and his journey is one that readers will not soon forget.

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