This Isn’t High School DxD, Damn It! by The POZ

In a strange turn of circumstances, I ended myself with my very own game system with a feature that lets me explore the world, thus it seemed only logical that I would decide to abandon my mundane life and travel to my favorite anime setting, High School DxD.

This isn't High School DxD, damn it!
This isn’t High School DxD, damn it!

Yet as though my good fortune had suddenly run out, I was instead dropped into an Otome game universe!

I was eager to go to Oppai Heaven. Not in a world of shoujo video games where 99.99% of the women are spoiled brats and the only people in authority are the wealthy Ikamen.

What a hassle!

Sigh Anyway, I’m leaving this world as soon as possible and going to DxD,”

There was only one minor issue.

[Notice: Due to the user not having the minimum required number of World Points, the globe travel feature has temporarily been disabled. Please amass 1 million World Points to enable the feature.]

“Son of a—!”

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This is the tale of a man who, reluctantly, becomes involved in the “Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games Is Tough for Mobs” plot in order to earn World Points, which will allow him to travel to his favorite anime universe and indulge in activities that any sane Isekai’d OC would partake in—forming harems, achieving OP status, and slapping villains left and right.

Nonetheless, he will wind up drawing a lot of attention while collecting World Points. However little he cares,

People don’t mess with gamers because they are overpowered.

Read This Isn’t High School DxD, Damn It! by The POZ

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