Verity PDF by Colleen Hoover

Welcome to a world of intrigue, suspense, and tangled emotions as we delve into the captivating novel, “Verity” by Colleen Hoover.

Within these pages lies a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word. Let’s embark on this unique journey filled with secrets, betrayal, and unexpected twists.

Verity Summary

Meet Lowen Ashleigh, a talented writer struggling to make ends meet. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she receives a once-in-a-lifetime job offer from Jeremy Crawford, the husband of the renowned bestselling author, Verity Crawford. Jeremy seeks Lowen’s help to complete the remaining books in Verity’s successful series, as Verity is incapacitated and unable to finish them herself.

Eager to prove herself and desperate for financial stability, Lowen accepts the offer and enters the Crawford household. Her primary goal is to sift through Verity’s extensive notes and outlines, hoping to find enough material to carry on the series. Little does she know that hidden amidst the chaos of Verity’s office is an unfinished autobiography—the chilling account that Verity never intended for anyone to read.

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As Lowen delves deeper into the manuscript, she stumbles upon bone-chilling admissions and horrifying revelations, including Verity’s account of the tragic day her daughter passed away. Stricken with the knowledge of such disturbing truths, Lowen faces a moral dilemma. She decides to keep the shocking manuscript a secret from Jeremy, fearing the emotional devastation it would inflict on the grieving husband.

But amidst the secrecy and the shadows of deception, Lowen’s feelings for Jeremy begin to grow. She contemplates the possibilities of how revealing the manuscript could impact their lives. While Jeremy remains devoted to his injured wife, Lowen wonders if this dark truth would irreparably alter their relationship.

Verity PDF by Colleen Hoover
Verity PDF by Colleen Hoover

About the Author

Colleen Hoover, an international sensation and #1 New York Times bestselling author, is a literary powerhouse known for her remarkable versatility. With an impressive repertoire that spans across multiple genres, including romance, YA, thriller, women’s fiction, and paranormal romance, she has left an indelible mark on the literary world.

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If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a tale that will leave you breathless and questioning every character’s motives, “Verity” is a must-read. Colleen Hoover’s masterful storytelling will captivate you from start to finish.

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