Wedding Agreement With Billionaire Novel by Rosshie

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Wedding Agreement With Billionaire Novel Summary.

Aisa is a village girl who moved to Jakarta to find a job. Armed only with a high school diploma,

she hoped to secure employment to support her family’s financial needs. However, everything turned out to be far from what Aisa had imagined.

Seeking a job in the bustling metropolitan city was not as easy as she had thought. When Aisa felt desperate, she encountered someone she considered her guardian angel.

However, instead of a job offer, she was presented with a marriage proposal under a black and white contract. In the midst of her despair and the pressing financial demands from her family,

Aisa reluctantly accepted the proposal for a contractual marriage. What kind of life will Aisa lead during the duration of this agreement?

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Will there be regrets in the future? Can this marriage evolve into a genuine union like conventional marriages?.

Wedding Agreement With Billionaire Novel by Rosshie
Wedding Agreement With Billionaire Novel by Rosshie

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