What is Love From the Bible (With Verses about Love)

What is Love From the Bible; With Verses about Love

Love is not a choice it’s a commandment. Jesus said I’m not giving you a recommendation, I’m not making a suggestion, I’m giving you a command. Love one another. John 13:34

What is Love and how are we to love one another?

The same way that Jesus loved us. That is an unselfish self giving, seeking first the good of others. Jesus say that if you have that kind of love, the whole world will sit up and take notice because they don’t see such anywhere.

What they see is selfishness, self seeking, grabbing. You can revolutionize a whole situation by demonstrating the love of God; but bear in mind it’s not an option it’s not a recommendation, it’s not a suggestion, it is a commandment and so if we don’t do it, what are we? In one simple word, we are disobedient.

So we have two options. We can either love one another and the way Jesus loved us and be obedient or we can fail to love one another and be disobedient but remember this is not a suggestion, it’s not a recommendation, Jesus said very clearly and precisely that is a commandment.

We can talk as much as we like about love, faith and righteousness but do nothing for the people who really need us. There’s no shortage of people who really need us which is one thing we cannot complain about

They’re not far from any of you there are people who desperately need to be loved. They’re lonely, they’re not cared for, they have no answers, they’re desperate and you don’t have to walk far from where you live to find people like that. I’ve come to see that it’s the purpose of God. It’s what God is looking for, it’s what God is waiting for.

Let me ask you this question. Are you not tired of superficiality, tired of empty religion, tired of empty confessions which you make to get something out of God but we never expected to fulfill?

Say this prayer now.

Lord no matter what it takes, open that fountain in me. I don’t want to be superficial, I don’t want to be just a church-goer. Lord I want to bring joy to your heart. I want you to be satisfied with me not with what I do but with me. I want to share fellowship with you in the deep places.

When the Spirit of God moves, it’s the humble that get blessed. People that have no claims, no pride, no self righteousness. Lord here I am. I’m just a pool fill me in Jesus name..Amen

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