When Love Goes Wrong Novel by Lorry Putnam

If you appreciate amazing novels, you won’t want to miss out this captivating novel titled, When Love Goes Wrong by Lorry Putnam.

When Love Goes Wrong Novel Summary.

Love they say is a beautiful thing, but that wasn’t entirely true.

It wasn’t for Gianna, who couldn’t understand why her good life suddenly became so terrible. She got disfigured after undergoing an abortion.

Her career and reputation were ruined as a result. Gianna’s perfect life only began to go downhill after she met Elliot.

That son-of-a-devil appeared out of nowhere and swept her off her feet. In no time, he broke her heart into many pieces.

Her life was now in ruins, but he was nowhere to be found. Love was definitely not for Gianna!.

When Love Goes Wrong Novel by Lorry Putnam
When Love Goes Wrong Novel by Lorry Putnam

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