Young Master Damien’s Pet 

“Who touched you?” he asked, his eyes brooding down at her and when she didn’t answer, his voice thundered in the room, “WHO?”

Damien’s face grew sour, his jaw began to clench in rage, and he turned his face to the side where the butler stood behind, mumbling, “Sir, it was Mr. Reverale,” as he spoke. The butler was standing close to the wall. “Bring the man here.” The butler stutter-muttered, “N-now?” It was nighttime at the time.

Young Master Damien's Pet 
Young Master Damien’s Pet 

Damien put his hand against the wall that was now next to his gorgeous girl’s head while maintaining eye contact with her. He first turned to face his bowed-head butler before turning the rest of his body. The butler approached his Master with tremendous boldness, asking, “Do you have another better time? Or should it come after I choke you? Damien asked with a cool head tilt. After twenty minutes, the butler quickly left the room to come back in with Mr. Reverale.

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“Damien, are we having a late tea party?” The master of the house had other ideas when Mr. Reverale arrived to greet him. He reached for the knife to remove it after noticing that it was tethered to the apple on the table.

Damien grabbed Mr. Reverale’s hand and set it down on the table just as he was about to shake it. He sliced the man’s four fingers off his hand in one fast motion, as if chopping onions, causing the man to yell and sob in agony.

“No one touches what is mine.” Damien sighed as if he were sick of urging people to keep their soiled hands off his possessions, “I am sure this will remind you the next time you even think about touching her”

Meet Damien Quinn, a pureblooded vampire who is an outright narcissist, a spendthrift despite being wealthy, and who bartered when he purchased a slave on the black market.

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On the other hand, meet Penelope, who is determined to get away from the peculiar vampire who requires therapy and thinks she is a “guest” at the Quinn for a few days.

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