Around 15 villagers abducted by unidentified gunmen


Massive protests and an assault on a police station have shut down the Kaduna-Abuja Expressway.


Unknown gunmen are said to have abducted about 15 villagers in the Gauraka area of Tafa LGA, near Suleja and before Zuba.

Both are within a few kilometers of the Abuja Federal Capital Territory.

Kidnappers have been raiding the town for the past few months, kidnapping people and demanding ransom. Residents are now forced to live in terror as the kidnappers arrive every week.

People came out to protest this morning, but situation got out of control, and a gang of hoodlums set fire to the police station and vehicles of individuls got burnt.

On 24th of May 2021,as at 4pm, several officers arrived in the neighborhood to make arrests, but residents claim that the cops are arresting innocent citizens.


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