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The Best Bible Version to Read

The bible can be one of the most difficult books to read. There are many different versions available, but each vary in length and formality. This guide aims to help you find the best version of the Bible, depending on how you would like to read it.

So what is the best version of the bible for beginners and Experts?

1) If you’re looking for a regular book that’s great for light reading, then try the Good News Bible.


It is written at an eighth grade level so should be very easy to understand. It uses formal English so will sound good when spoken out loud or used in writing, but because of this does not have any slang words which may make it seem too heavy for some people. The font size is also smaller than usual making it easier to read without straining your eyes.

2) The Amplified Bible is excellent for preachers as it has lots of helpful commentary on the text. This helps immensely when discussing a scripture as you can provide extra information that might not be available in your own words, or from memory. It is written at a twelfth grade level which means that most people will have no trouble understanding it without getting confused by too many big words. There are also lots of notes and explanations on some verses to make them easier to understand if they were unclear before reading this version. However, because of having so much more information than usual, there may be some passages where it feels like too much detail is being provided which could make you lose sight of the original meaning you were trying to discover.

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3) The King James Version is a great version for people who like to write creatively as it uses more formal and poetic language than usual. It is written at a sixteenth grade level meaning that you need to understand some basic English but should be able to get the gist of most other words without too much difficulty. The font size is medium so it won’t tire your eyes as you read, but there are no chapter headings or footnotes which means you must remember extra information such as dates or events yourself instead of having them supplied for you within the text. This also means that lots of slang words will not be included making it sound a bit less informal.

4) If you’re looking for a modern translation that still stays true to the original meaning of the text, then try The New International Version.

It is written at a tenth grade level so will be understandable by most people, but still contains lots of useful notes and explanations on each verse to help you discover more from them than you would have been able to before. It also uses modern non-formal English that makes it sound great when read out loud or used in writing. The font size is small though which may make it a little bit difficult to read if your eyesight isn’t great.

5) Finally, you could always just look up a scripture online using an easy-to-use search box like bible gateway‘s . This option is available for free and will give you all sorts of different versions of the text for you to choose from. There’s nothing quite like reading a bible straight from your computer, is there?

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