Chasing Princess Charming Novel by Jerilee Kaye

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Chasing Princess Charming by Jerilee Kaye.

Chasing Princess Charming Novel Summary.

Meet Ken Clarke. Cool. Kick-ass and way above average in the looks department. She’s super smart and hits the drums like a rock star.

She has a beautiful face, and rocks the androgynous fashion like she just stepped out of the covers of a magazine. Even girls screamed for her and guys…

well, thanks to her father, she had lost her faith in men a long time ago. And she didn’t think that any man was worthy of her trust. Her world revolved around her fragile best friend, Jennifer.

She made it her mission to protect her. And then Nicholas Atkins entered the picture… Smart, devilishly handsome, smooth-talking Alpha Male who thought every guy in town wanted to be him, and every girl wanted to sleep with him.

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Jennifer suddenly fancied herself in love with him, much to Ken’s disappointment. Soon, Jennifer was busy chasing after Nick.

Ken was busy keeping her away from him. Nick, on the other hand, had a different agenda in mind. Ken didn’t know that while Jennifer was so desperate to win Nick’s heart… Nick would do everything to win hers.

Chasing Princess Charming Novel by Jerilee Kaye
Chasing Princess Charming Novel by Jerilee Kaye

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