Does Acer Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Acer Student Discount

This article explores Acer student discount and the 15% off available for various accessories offered by Acer.

You may take advantage of the discount with a free Student Beans account. All you need is a legitimate university email address to prove that you are currently a student. 

The Youth Discount is also available for those aged 16 to 26.

Acer is committed to developing, designing, marketing, promoting, and supporting cutting-edge products that improve people’s lives. 

PCs, displays, projectors, servers, tablets, smartphones, and wearable technology are available from Acer, and students can enjoy all these benefits using the Acer student discount.

This article explains in detail how to obtain an Acer student discount. Let’s begin!

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About Acer

Acer was established in 1976 and is now regarded as one of the top ICT firms in the world, operating in more than 160 nations.

 If you haven’t used any Acer gadget at any point, whether at home or school, we’d be extremely shocked.

The company sells a variety of monitors, projectors, computer storage solutions, software, peripherals, and desktop PCs and laptops, which are likely its most well-known products. 

Acer also offers an extensive range of gaming accessories, including curved gaming displays with amazing visuals and ultrafast gaming laptops.

Who Qualifies for Acer Student Discount

Students qualify for an Acer student discount; sometimes, it may be a 10% discount. 

The requirements for Acer Student Discounts must be met to ensure that students who are enrolled in school receive Acer Student Discounts. 

Here are the requirements to be eligible for Acer student discounts.

You must currently be enrolled in a college or university.

You must have a legitimate university ID that can be used to confirm that you are a current student.

If you meet the above requirements, you can get verified by joining Student Beans. 

You will then be qualified for an Acer student discount as a result. It would be very simple to receive the 10% discount after verifying your identity.

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Does Acer have Student Discount?

Student discounts are a privilege available only to those enrolled in school, college, or a university.

Acer strives to provide students with limited funds with an affordable opportunity to acquire shopping independence. 

The discount is a unique promotion just for college and university students. They may pay their payments and save money at the same time.

It’s simple to obtain an Acer student discount coupon, and you can do it through the company’s website. All you require is a free Student Beans account.

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To get an Acer student discount with your Student Beans account

  • Go to the Acer student discount page
  • Hit ‘redeem with student beans.
  • Get your unique code
  •  Apply it at the checkout
  • Enjoy the savings!

It’s important to remember that Acer gives 15% off the priciest item in your basket. 

Therefore, if you intend to buy many goods, think about doing it in different transactions to receive 15% off each item rather than simply the most expensive one.

Keep an eye out for other discount offerings once new bargains become available.

There are no independent Acer stores in the UK; therefore, the only place to find student discounts is online. 

Acer products are sold online and offline by retailers like Currys and have an unmatched price-matching policy. 

It might be worthwhile to look into their deals before making a purchase.

Acer also provides a 10% student discount and free shipping on its website. 

You must first sign up with Student Beans to take advantage of this promotion. 

You may confirm that you are a student by entering an authentic university email. 

Once your identity has been validated, you will have access to a unique 10% student discount code from Acer. 

Orders over $5,000, Chromebooks, ConceptD, warranties, recovery hardware, and discounted/sale products are all excluded from this promotion. On their website.

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How Do I get Acer Student Discount Card?

An offer on a good or service that is only available to students enrolled in a school, college, or university is known as a student discount.

Student discounts often consist of a percentage off the total cost, but they may also include promotions like free trials or a buy one, get one free deal.

To get an Acer student discount card, begin with the online registration process, go to EDU Advantage Registration and click “SIGN UP.” 

To verify your status, you must create an account, give your address, and upload copies of your school ID and most recent class schedule via email or fax.

Shop at once your application has been accepted. 

Alternatively, you can place a purchase by calling Acer EDU Hotline.

Other steps are:

1: Visit and, in the top right corner, click “Get Your Card” 

2: Provide your email address (and confirm it)

3: Type in the name of your training organization.

4: Finish the course information form (length of study, discipline, etc.)

5: Choose the card and any other features if applicable.

6: Uploading a photo of yourself 

7: Add your personal information 

8. Pay the card fee 

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Do Acer Members Get Discounts Online?

To enjoy all the advantages of being a devoted Member. 

Even on cloudy days, members also receive discounts. By registering, you’ll get the following:

  • Seasonally specific, member-on Acer coupons.
  • Birthday discounts offer.
  • 50% replacement Coverage and more services are available.
  • Product sneak peeks and pre-sale 
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Apart from getting many products at discounted rates, members also have access to

  • A 12-month membership
  • An online class supply list for educators
  • Quick free shipping directly from the warehouse.
  • A subscription to the annual Student Buyer’s Guide
  • EDU Hotline for answers to all of your product questions.

The Acer student discount makes students interested in Acer membership due to the highly beneficial discount offered.

Additionally, you’ll receive complimentary tickets to purchase a high-quality laptop of your choice with quality assurance for up to two years, allowing you to maintain your style all year. 

Don’t put off joining; sign up online right away. Simply click “Create an account” on the website.

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Is Acer Student Membership Worth it?

Yes, considering Acer memberships are typically more expensive for a single person who prefers college students.

Unfortunately, not everyone can become a member of Acer

Before you may pay the membership fee, you must complete the requirements for Acer membership.

You must meet the requirements listed below to join Acer:

You must currently work for, or have previously worked for; a business engaged in banking or finance, local government, or fire and rescue services.

The Acer student discount is only available to students.

You can now sign up for an Acer membership as a result.

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Acer Promo Code and Coupon Code

Acer’s website provides discounts, promo codes, and coupons for desktops, laptops, cables, and accessories. 

They are frequently linked to a comprehensive promotional marketing strategy. 

These discounts typically apply as a percentage of your order and on specific items throughout the online store. 

You can get a complete list of the most recent Acer discounts on the Coupon Follow website.

A promo code’s accompanying discount may be used on either specific products or the complete order.

Make sure to visit the Coupons, Promo Codes, and Specials page on the Acer website to find the most current discounts, online coupons, and Acer promo codes for high-quality outdoor clothing and camping supplies. 

Even a delivery discount for Acer laptops or other beneficial accessories and time-limited promo codes might be found.

Become the first to learn about Acer coupon codes, discounts, and time-limited offers of up to 50% off men’s and women’s products by subscribing to the store’s email list.

You must go to your shopping cart when you’re prepared to finish your order. Just enter your promo code in the “Promo Code” section and click “Apply.” 

On your order summary, you can immediately see how much money you have saved thanks to the Acer coupon code.

Despite the lack of stackable coupon alternatives in Acer, there are still ways to combine discounts without using several coupons.

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There are several regular ways to save at Acer, including status-based savings, even if no in-store coupons or discounts are available. For instance, we know that Acer provides a 15% military discount, valid without a Columbia coupon code. 

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All students value a discount because it drastically lowers the price of almost anything they purchase.

But some goods don’t genuinely provide students with a discount.

Acer continues to simplify the purchasing process for students in certain areas, though.

There are numerous additional ways to save money at Acer, even though it provides a student discount.

If you were to shop a little bit more carefully, you’d be surprised at how much you could save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acer Saving Tips

Connect with Acer on Twitter and Facebook. Receive notifications on new goods, promotions, and sales.
You will receive a 10% student discount and free ground shipping when you confirm your student identity at Student Beans.
Visit the website periodically to learn about the most recent specials and promotions. These deals are listed on the website header.
Save up to 30% on various gaming accessories, laptops, all-in-one desktops, monitors, tablets, and wearable technology at the Acer Sale.

What is Acer’s Return Policy

Within 15 days after delivery, Acer accepts returns and exchanges for most hardware items. 
On the other hand, software purchases are final sales and are not returnable or refundable.
Items must be returned undamaged and undamaged, ready for resale. 

Additionally, any supplies and extras must be given back. Please be aware that original shipping charges are not refundable and that the buyer is responsible for return shipping. 
Restocking fees can apply to some goods.
Call 1-800-910-2237 to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number before beginning a return. ‘

After receiving an RMA, return products must be delivered within seven days. 
After Acer gets the returned items and processes your request in 5 to 7 days, you’ll receive your refund credit back.

Does Acer offer deals via email?

You will receive special discounts and promotions by joining the Acer email list. Click the person’s image in the top right corner of the screen to register for an email address. 
You may also connect Acer to one of your social network accounts to receive these offers.

How do you use an Acer promo code?

You can use a promo code if it is still active at checkout. 
When you reach the payment screen, a field with the label “promo code” will be visible. 
Before you pay, click on it and enter your promo code in the box. You can use a promo code if it is still active at checkout. 
When you reach the payment screen, a field with the label “promo code” will be visible. 
Before you pay, click on it and enter your promo code in the box.


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