Adoptee Scholarships for International Students

Adoptee Scholarships are available to assist adoptees in achieving their educational goals and furthering their education. Many providers offer scholarships to adopted and foster children in order to assist them in overcoming obstacles and achieving a brighter future. A variety of organizations, nonprofits, governments, and academic institutions offer college scholarships.

Scholarships are available for Adopted Children

There are several Adoptee Scholarships for adopted children. One explanation for this is that parents who adopt older foster children may not have enough time to save for college. The good news is that federal and state programs may be of assistance. Tuition waiver programs, federal loans and grants, and state scholarships for adopted children and foster care are also available.

The Fostering Adoption to Further Student Achievement Act allowed youth in foster care to be adopted while still receiving college financial help. Since July 2009, children adopted from foster care who are 13 or older have been considered “independent” when it comes to completing the FAFSA. The state agency in charge of protecting children and assisting dysfunctional families is the Department of Children and Families or DCF. 

They facilitate adoptions and serve as a licensed child placement agency for children in foster care. Voluntarily or by legal order The DCF also gives financial help to any child adopted from DCF foster care in various states.

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10 Best Adoptee Scholarships for International Students

1. Richard and Janice Van Deelen Scholarship

These scholarships for overseas adoptees were created as a result of the Van dealer’s strong desire for education. Similarly, it stems from their love of Christian service.

As a result, the Richard and Janice scholarships provide around $1900 to adopted children each year.

2. The Adoption Network Law Centre Scholarship Program

This is another scholarship for an overseas adoptee. It provides financial assistance to adopted communities as well as birth parents and adoptees.

As a result, the program offers financial aid to students who demonstrate a strong desire to pursue higher education and a degree.

However, the value of the scholarship is established at the discretion of the Adoption Network of Law Centre.

3. Fostering Futures Scholarship Application and Information

FFS scholarships are available to qualified students. The award is intended for adoptees who face financial challenges in their academic pursuits.

The scholarship covers tuition, fees, board expenses, textbooks, and other registration materials. Furthermore, it is a first-come, first-served basis, so you should apply right away.

4. Legacy League scholarships for International Adoptees

International adoptees are eligible for Legacy League scholarships. The scholarships provide financial assistance to adopted high school students attending Stanford University.

As a result, the scholarships are intended to help students who are facing financial difficulties.

In addition, the scholarship addresses a variety of additional issues, such as homelessness, adoptees, orphanages, parents’ death or incapacity, impaired siblings, single-parent families, and so on.

The value of the scholarship varies.

5. Leon Bradley Scholarship

International students and, by extension, adoptees are eligible for Leon Bradley scholarships.

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The goal is for every student to comprehend the range of teachers who act as role models.

As a result, the fellowship seeks to encourage people of color to pursue careers in education and school administration.

The award is worth $3500 to each of the two recipients. Applicants must also be in their final year of study, including student teaching.

6. Department of Children and Families (DCF) Adopted Child Tuition Waiver and Fee Assistance Program

The DCF adopted child tuition waiver scholarships are intended to alleviate Adopters’ financial burden on adoptees.

The award provides financial aid to adopting parents for their adopted child’s educational expenses (ren).

Furthermore, the scholarship does not take into account the date of adoption because it is open to all students under the age of 24.

Additionally, children adopted by state employees through DCF and Massachusetts residents are eligible.

The scholarships cover the full cost of recipients’ tuition and fees for state-approved programs.

7. Jane Irene Mishica Memorial Scholarship

Adopted children can apply for scholarships through the Jane Irene memorial. The children must be adopted by the age of ten or older.

Furthermore, the scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to high school seniors. Applicants must intend to attend a full-time college following high school.

Furthermore, applicants must have a GPA of at least 2.0. The scholarship is worth a maximum of $500.

8. Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Association Scholarship

The Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Association Scholarship is a program designed to reduce the need for foster care and adoption. As a result, the association provides a diverse range of opportunities and support services.

Furthermore, the scholarship is given out on an annual basis to adoptees, foster care children, Guardianship recipients, and so on. It is also granted to Nebraska parents who are adoptees and want to pursue their education.

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The scholarship’s value varies and hence cannot be determined.

9. UF’s Higher Education Opportunity (HEO) Scholarship

Through scholarships, the UF-HEO has financed the education of many full-time TEAMS workers’ children. The scholarships pay the cost of undergraduate tuition at the University of Florida.

The UFHEO chooses 50 children of TEAMS employees at random to participate in the scholarships for international adoptees.

The scholarship’s value, however, remains uncertain.

10. Vermont John H. Chafee Education and Training Scholarship

These scholarships are available to international adoptees who have aged out of foster care. The scholarships assist adoptees who may struggle to grow up in foster care.

As a result, it provides financial help to these young people in order to sponsor them in college. As a result, the scholarship is worth $5000.


Can an adopted child receive a free college education?

Adopted children can receive tuition reimbursements from a number of states, including Maryland and Massachusetts. Adopted children may also be eligible for scholarships offered by particular universities, such as the Sullivan-Deckard Scholarship at Cleveland State University. See the remainder of our list for additional chances comparable to these!

What financial aid options are there for adopted kids?

There are numerous choices for scholarships for adopted kids on this list. The UmpsCare All-Star Scholarship is a fantastic illustration. More possibilities are available on the list, some of which are provided by the state, which lowers the number of applicants and raises your chances of getting accepted! A fantastic resource list broken down by state is available from the NACAC.

Has adoption had an effect on FAFSA?

Adoption may have a variety of effects on your FAFSA application and results. You will utilize your adoptive parents’ information on the FAFSA if you were formally and legally adopted. Students who are not being looked after by their birth parents may also be eligible to submit the FAFSA on their own. Although the qualifications are highly stringent, if you meet them, you can receive a substantial amount of financial aid.

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