Best Music Production Schools in Atlanta | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Thinking of beginning a new career in Music Production? You can start by sending your application to the music production schools in Atlanta

It is little wonder that music in the USA tops the world charts regularly. 

After showering musicians or singers with praise, they must make acknowledgments to music producers for top-notch music production. 

Music production in the US cannot live up to its reputation and they do not leave Atlanta out on this. 

They often regard Atlanta as the hub of music production because of the plethora of music production schools in Atlanta and because of the crop of award-winning musicians and artists that started in Atlanta.

This article shall therefore look at the music schools in Atlanta, requirements, costs, and how to apply. 

Follow through to the end to thoroughly grasp the information. 

This article might just be the piece of information you’ve been looking out for!

Are there Music Production Schools in Atlanta?

The music production schools in Atlanta are quite numerous and are vastly spread across the city of Atlanta.

We list music production schools in Atlanta below;

  • University of Georgia 
  • Atlanta Institute of Music and Media
  • SAE Institute, Atlanta
  • The Art Institute of Atlanta
  • TRCoA The Recording Conservatory
  • Atlanta- CRAS
  • Recording Connection

How Much Does Music Production Schools Cost in Atlanta?

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media cost a net price of $17,909 per year and a national price of $15,523. 

SAE Institute, Atlanta cost a net price of $20,313 per year with a national price of $15,523.

The average Annual cost for The Art Institute of Atlanta is $23,140.

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What are the Requirements for Music Production Schools in Atlanta?

Requirements for music production schools in Atlanta vary from school to school. But one major requirement is to  Submit official high school, GED, or college transcript(s) WITH graduation dates.

Work ethic is also a very important requirement for music production schools in Atlanta.

 Music Production schools in Atlanta examine your work ethic to know whether you’re fit and capable to carry out production processes efficiently and effectively.

What are the Best Music Production Schools in Atlanta | 2023?

Atlanta is recognized as necessary to the development and growth of genres of music in the US. Particularly, rap music in the USA had strong roots in Atlanta. 

Production schools in Atlanta have an enormous influence on how a song is made, the beat processes, sound effects, voice, and many factors that lead to its making and completion.  

This leads this article to discuss the Best Music Production Schools in Atlanta. 

1. The Art Institute of Atlanta

A for-profit institution called AI – Atlanta is situated in Sandy Springs, Georgia, near the metropolis of Atlanta. They enrolled 633 undergraduate students, making it a tiny school. 

The acceptance percentage for AI – Atlanta is 100%. Popular majors include Culinary Arts & Food Service, Recording Arts Technician, and Cinematography and Video Production. 

The music department of AI- Atlanta has an acceptance rate of about 80 percent.

The department aims to develop and master the music skills needed for an entertaining music career.

Alumni of AI – Atlanta graduate in 17% of cases, and their starting income is $23,700.

This school is ranked in the top 3% among music production schools in Atlanta.

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2. Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

Georgia is home to the for-profit Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. With 147 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a tiny institution. 

100% of applicants are accepted to the Atlanta Institute of Music. Music Technology, Recording Arts Technician, and Music Performance are popular majors. 

Alumni of the Atlanta Institute of Music earn a starting income of $16,600, with 61% of students graduating.

Also, no other Accredited Music College can match the comprehensive education provided by AIMM, which uses a well-rounded curriculum that includes classroom instruction, stage performances, computer labs, recording studios, and live clinics.

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is the place for you if you are passionate about music or media. You can learn from both sides of the studio at AIMM.

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3. SAE Institute, Atlanta

From its storied, active campus in the Cornerstone Building in Downtown Atlanta, SAE Institute Atlanta offers courses in audio, digital film, and entertainment business. 

The Institute uses facilities and equipment that are up to industry standards while studying on a 35,000-square-foot campus in the heart of the city. 

The music campus aims to offer hands-on, project-based learning to help you become ready for a career in the arts, as well as studios constructed by Michael Cronin, a famous studio builder. 

One of the earliest audio engineering schools in the world, “The School of Audio Engineering,” was founded on the first SAE Institute campus in Australia in 1976. 

Since then, this institute has expanded to offer practical, industry-relevant training and education to students all around the world.

At more than 50 locations, SAE Institute now offers a wide range of creative media teaching thanks to an enlarged curriculum and a global alumni network.

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4. Atlanta- CRAS

One of the best schools for audio engineering and music production is CRAS. 

People come to CRAS from all over the world to pursue their ambitions. The resources you require to succeed as a musician, audio engineer, and sound designer are available from CRAS. 

This school is available for you whether you are experienced in home recording, live sound, or video, or are seeking to get started from zero.

A CRAS education allows you to rapidly and debt-free “get in the Atlanta mix” so you can follow your passion and start a music career. 

Also, the education you’ll receive in our program will prepare you for success in Atlanta’s competitive, fast-paced audio recording and sound engineering industry. 

All you have to do is Be a CRAS student if you’re seeking a degree that will equip you with the know-how and abilities to launch a career in the Atlanta audio recording industry.

This is a good reason why this school is one of the best Music Production schools in Atlanta.

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5. TRCoA The Recording Conservatory

Are you an Atlanta resident who wants to pursue a career as an audio engineer or music producer? That objective can be accomplished using TRCOA.

You can access Atlanta’s vibrant music scene with the assistance of this music school.

This school provides a Recording Arts Program, a Recording Art Associates Degree, and a range of individual production classes to help you start your profession.

Before entering an Atlanta studio or recording, editing, mixing, or mastering for an Atlanta artist, one can feel great knowing one has the abilities needed thanks to the one-on-one screen-sharing classes the school currently runs.

Music knowledge is gained in a variety of areas, including audio engineering, audio editing, audio mixing, music production, post-production, live sound, electronic music creation—EDM, hip-hop, DJ production—and much more.

Therefore, attend the thorough Recording Arts Program or Recording Arts Associates Degree offered by TRCOA or enroll in the private, one-on-one sessions in Atlanta via screen sharing.

Also, the Recording Arts Program, Recording Art Associates Degree, or Individual Classes which the TRCOA runs, has you covered if you want to pursue a career as an audio engineer, music producer, live sound engineer, beat producer, record label owner, film and game audio producer, or independent artist.

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6. Recording Connection

The Recording Connection’s Atlanta Music Production School is geared to help music students get started in a real recording and engineering studio almost immediately.

Starting an audio engineering profession with the help of this audio recording school is both extremely effective and reasonably priced. 

These are the reasons why it is one of the best music production schools in Atlanta.

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How much do Musicians make in Atlanta?

The average salary for an artist is $24.16 per hour in Atlanta. Atlanta musicians make an average salary of $47,585 a year as of August 29, 2022. 

In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $22.88 per hour. This amounts to $915 per week or $3,965 per month. 

Although there are reports of incomes as high as $103,725 and as low as $10,918, the bulk of musician earnings now falls between $22,829 (25th percentile) and $73,947 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) in Atlanta making $103,228 yearly.

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How do I Become a Musician in Atlanta?

To become a musician in Atlanta, there are steps to be taken. Some of them are explained below;

  • The talent of music must be existent and this is very key. If your voice, performance, and production aren’t excellent enough to captivate the audience, you risk rejection.
  • Stamina to perform at peak level.
  • Self-confidence, motivation, dedication, and determination.
  • Able to concentrate for long periods.
  • Mastery of one or more styles of music such as classical, jazz, or pop.
  • Flair for entertainment.

Best Paying Music jobs in Atlanta with Salary

Music industry-related jobs in Atlanta pay an average of $51,560 per year

A music lawyer is one of the best-paying jobs in Atlanta with an annual salary of $81,924

Also, the music strategy role pays a salary of $80,428 per year

The music together role pays well too to the tune of $66,336 per year and $31.89 per hour

In addition, global music right job pays a total salary of $75,942 annually

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I major in for music production?

Bachelor’s programs in fine arts, music production, and sound engineering are beneficial to aspiring music producers.

Is music production a good career?

Music production is an excellent career for those who are genuinely passionate about music. Producers are creative beings who trade nights of rest and peace of mind for songs. If thinking on your feet, solving issues, and leading people are some of your virtues, music production is a great career.

Is it hard being a music producer?

Being a music producer is difficult for several reasons. The first one is that it takes a long time to get to a level where your music is worth releasing. There are intricacies involved in music production that not only take a while to understand in theory but require deliberate practice.

Is it worth going to college for music production?

In short, yes. Music production school is a great creative outlet, it offers you a lot of opportunities to get your foot in the door of the music industry. You work with classmates and instructors with whom you can collaborate, and most importantly it is a lot of fun.

Is it worth getting a degree in music production?

Is It Worth It? In many ways, taking this route is worth it. You’ll gain really valuable hands-on experience and learn from real professionals who’ve worked in the industry.

Can music production make money?

Lots of music producers make a substantial amount of money by selling their beats to hip-hop artists and other independent musicians. Music producers can sell their tracks anywhere from $10 to the tens of thousands. Depending on how much hype you have, you can set your price accordingly.


Now that this article has outlined and examined the music production schools in Atlanta, we hope you would no longer have a hard time thinking about whether music is the way for you or difficulty in choosing a music production school in Atlanta. 

This article has tried to simplify your research by pointing you in the right direction of your budding music career and also helping you make the right decisions concerning your music production career in Atlanta. 

Go and show what you’re made of out there!!!


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