15 Best Trade Schools in Indianapolis | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

Trade schools offer practical, career-focused training for a variety of highly skilled vocations. 

These institutions, which are often referred to as technical colleges or vocational schools, are frequently much less expensive than conventional four-year colleges and can leave graduates with little or no debt. 

In comparison to four-year institutions, these schools also offer the necessary skill sets, access to better-paying professions, and quicker entry into the workforce.

One of Indiana’s biggest and most vibrant cities for jobs and living in Indianapolis. 

The city has some of the greatest technical schools as well as outstanding employment and educational options. 

These institutions offer students the incredible opportunity to complete their education quickly and begin a new career.

Are There Trade Schools in Indianapolis?

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that Indianapolis currently has more than 10 trade schools.

Here are some Trade schools in Indianapolis:

  • Lincoln College of Technology 
  • International Business College 
  • Hanover College 
  • Ivy Tech Community College

Are trade schools in Indianapolis worth it?

Indiana trade schools are a great investment. These institutions offer comparable value to typical colleges and are well worth the money spent.

To begin with, Indiana trade schools give students practical training so they are ready for entry-level positions in the fields they have chosen to study. They are practical schools where students can gain the information and skills necessary for success in their chosen fields of study.

In Indiana, certain trade schools incorporate internships into their curricula.

Faster education is also available in Indiana through trade schools, where a student can acquire practical skills in his or her area of study in just two years. In contrast, traditional colleges require four years or more to complete.

The fact that Indiana’s vocational schools have smaller class sizes is another benefit. And this opens the door to tailored education. Now that trade schools have smaller class numbers than traditional universities, students can interact one-on-one with teachers. And as a result, the teaching-learning process is improved.

Trade schools in Indiana also provide specialized training for occupations with high demand. So, after graduating, one is certain to land a profitable career.

Overall, attending a trade school in Indiana is a time, money, and effort well spent.

How Much Does Trade School Cost In Indianapolis?

Depending on the trade school, the program of study, the location, etc., there are various trade school tuition rates in Indiana.

Due to the methods and course content, some courses may cost more than others. Additionally, the price of trade schools varies in Indiana based on whether they are private or public institutions.

However, in Indiana, trade school tuition typically costs between $5,000 and $15,000.

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What Are The Requirements For Getting Into A Trade School In Indiana?

Different criteria must be met in order to enroll in a vocational school in India. And this is based on the institution and the program of study. There might be certain general conditions, though, such as an application process and a non-refundable application cost.

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In order to enroll in a trade school, one must first acquire either a high school diploma or a GED, depending on the school. Additionally, certain trade schools could need applicants to submit reference letters, SAT/ACT scores, etc.

Therefore, one should find out what requirements are specific to the school of one’s choosing. This is crucial to allow for sufficient planning.

What are the best trade schools in Indianapolis 2024?

1. Ivy Tech Community College

Indianapolis, Indiana’s Ivy Tech Community College is a public university. More than 17,000 undergraduate students attend this sizable trade school. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

Ivy Tech Community College offers a number of well-liked courses in fields including business, nursing, liberal arts, etc.

This school does not charge an application fee, and taking the SAT or ACT is optional. The school’s acceptance rate is 100%, and enrollment costs $7,208.

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2. Hanover College

An Indiana vocational school is called Hanover College. It was founded in 1827 and is the nation’s first private institution. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

Numerous courses are available at Hanover College, including those in kinesiology and exercise science, communications, teaching physical education, psychology, etc. 69% of applicants are accepted.

SAT/ACT scores are taken into account but are not necessary to apply for admission to Hanover College. 

To qualify, one must have an ACT or SAT score between 23 and 29, or a score on the SAT between 1060 and 1230. There is no application fee and the tuition for the school is $22,38.

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3. International Business College 

Indianapolis is the location of the modest, 269-student International Business College. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

The college has a competitive admissions process and offers programs in graphic design, dental assisting, veterinary technician, etc.

It is a trade school, and prospective students must submit a $50 application fee. A high school GPA is necessary but the SAT or ACT is not. The annual enrollment price is $14,672 and their acceptance rate is 73%.

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4. Lincoln College of Technology 

Indianapolis, Indiana is home to the for-profit trade school Lincoln College of Technology. With 999 undergraduates enrolled, it is a tiny institution. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

Additionally, they provide training in fields including welding, auto repair, and electrical work.

The school has a 100% acceptance rate and doesn’t require the SAT or ACT. Lincoln College of Technology charges a $21,747 enrollment fee.

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5. Ross Medical Education Center

In Mishawaka, Indiana, there is a medical trade school called Ross Medical Education Center. There are 161 undergraduates enrolled there. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

They provide the following courses, including medical assistant, dental assistant, and insurance billing and claims.

There is no application cost and no need to take the SAT or ACT. The Ross Medical Education Center has a 100% admission rate, and enrollment costs $18,846.

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6. Aveda Fredric’s Institute

In Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a cosmetology school called Aveda Fredric’s Institute. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

It was developed to train professionals in trade fields like cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and manicure and pedicure. 

A course lasts for almost a year, and students are taught by extremely knowledgeable lecturers.

There are 288 undergraduate students enrolled there. The tuition ranges from $10,000 to $26,000, and there is a 100% admission.

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7. Knox Beauty College

A cosmetology college may be found in Knox, Indiana, called Knox Beauty College. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

They provide courses in things like salon administration, cosmetology, and cosmetology instruction.

There is a 100 percent acceptance rate and they don’t require the SAT or ACT for admission. They do not charge an application fee either, but enrollment is estimated to cost $2,782.

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8. Indianapolis Dental Assistant School

A dentistry school where students receive training to work as dental assistants is Indianapolis Dental Assistant School. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

Students study everything there is to know about dentistry while also participating in hands-on activities that allow them to apply what they have learned.

The school’s tuition is reasonably priced. Additionally, they provide a flexible schedule for learning, making it simple for anyone, anywhere, to study efficiently. The acceptance rate is 100%, and the total cost of tuition is $3,950.

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9. Central Nine Career Center

A public school in Indiana called Central Nine Career Center provides a range of programs, including those in manufacturing, HVAC installation, health science, early childhood education, and construction and landscaping. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

The average cost of tuition at Central Nine Career Centre is $1,700. Additionally, their admission rate is 100%.

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10. J Everett Light Career Center

In Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a public college called J Everett Light Career Center. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

They provide classes in advanced manufacturing, maintenance and repair, cosmetology, culinary arts, animation and video production, airport and aviation management, and other fields.

Admission to the career center is competitive because the acceptance rate is estimated to be 40%. 

The application fee is $100, and the cost of enrollment is $16,018. The SAT/ACT is not necessary, though.

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11. DePauw University

A premier private educational institution is DePauw University. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

The school is committed to providing students with the knowledge and abilities they need to lead successful lives. DePauw University offers courses in public health, economics, computer science, and other subjects.

68% of applicants are accepted at DePauw University. SAT/ACT scores are necessary but not taken into consideration. 

Additionally, the needed SAT score ranges from 1110 to 1360, while the ACT score ranges from 22 to 29. The institution charges a tuition of $30,183. However, there is no application cost that must be paid.

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12. Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center

In Evansville, Indiana, there is a trade school called the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center. HVAC, architectural engineering, welding, plant science, mechanical engineering, and other degrees are among the many that the institution provides. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

In order to prepare its pupils for a fantastic profession after graduation, they offer them practical instruction.

The Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center has a 100% admission record, and its tuition costs roughly $3,000.

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13. Electrical Training Institute

In Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a technical college called Electrical Training Institute. It is among the greatest training facilities in the country for the electrical sector. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

They offer a rigorous curriculum that includes classes in electrical wiring and circuitry, instrumentation, telecommunication, computer programming, etc. The Electrical Training Institute in Indiana offers five-year programs.

One must be at least 17 years old and pay a $30 application fee in order to enroll in the institution. For students who live in the state, the tuition is roughly $4,255. While it costs $8,211 for out-of-state students.

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14. Paul Mitchell School

The Indiana cosmetology school Paul Mitchell School specializes in hair care. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

They operate a network of more than 100,000 salons worldwide. Students are trained using a variety of teaching-learning methodologies, including lectures, videos, live demonstrations, etc.

For the Paul Mitchell school, acceptance rates are 100%. Students must also have a high school diploma and be at least 17 years old. The cost of attending Paul Mitchell School is $14,198 per year.

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15. Midwest Technical Institute

The trade school Midwest Technical Institute offers training to students in a variety of programs to get them ready for a profession in their field of study. This is one of the best trade schools in Indianapolis.

They provide practical instruction in a variety of subjects, including cosmetology, dental assisting, medical assisting, HVAC Technician, and professional truck driving.

Midwest Technical Institute has a 100% admission rate. Additionally, the tuition is roughly $14,500.

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How To Apply To A Trade School In Indianapolis?

Depending on the trade school one wants to attend, the application process varies in Indiana. There can be particular procedures to follow in certain schools. However, in most cases, the procedure is as follows:

To begin with, one must meet the age requirements specified by the prospective vocational school. This person might be 17 or 18. Find out what functions well at your institution.

After that, an application process would be required. And in this case, you would have to provide significant papers like a GED or high school diploma.

Additionally, some colleges ask for letters of recommendation, etc. A possible additional expense is an application fee, which is often non-refundable.

How much do traders earn in Indianapolis?

The average annual salary for an energy trader in Indianapolis as of Sep 24 is $55,702. That comes out to roughly $26.78 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This is the same as $1,071 each week or $4,641 per month.

The bulk of Energy Trader salaries presently varies between $42,015 (25th percentile) and $64,933 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) in Indianapolis making $84,031 yearly, according to ZipRecruiter, which have incomes as high as $108,858 and as low as $19,576.

According to skill level, region, and years of experience, the average salary range for an Energy Trader can vary substantially (up to $22,918), indicating that there may be numerous prospects for growth and increased compensation.


The trade schools in Indiana are respectable institutions that meet standards. They are able to offer them the necessary, high-quality education as a result.

Additionally, admission is rather simple, and the course length is brief. And this makes it simple for one to pursue higher studies if they choose to do so after graduating from the trade school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trade schools worth it?

Taking up trade can lead to financial success, career security, and personal fulfillment. Compared to four-year colleges, trade schools typically cost less and are completed faster. Trades are in high demand, but to stay competitive, continual education is crucial.

What is the highest-paying trade school job?

Construction managers, elevator and escalator installers, and radiation therapists are among the highest-paying trade professions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a construction manager’s median annual compensation in 2020 was $97,180.

What is the easiest trade?

It appears that among the skilled crafts, plumbing and electrical work are the least physically taxing. But it doesn’t mean those are the greatest trades; if carpentry appeals to you, you shouldn’t let its reputation for physical rigor discourage you.

What is a fun trade to learn?

Manufacturing Trades to Learn That Are Fun includes;

managers of factories. 
quality control professionals. 
technicians for general maintenance. 
engineering mechanics.

What is the fastest trade to learn?

Payscale for 2020: $59,050. 3 weeks is the shortest program length for an electrician. 
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers: $56,900 Median Salary in 2020. 
2020 Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide Median Salary: $50,590.


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