15 Best Trade Schools in Louisiana | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Louisiana.

You’ve undoubtedly already recognized the advantages of vocational education if you’re reading this post. 

A four-year college degree is expensive, and many people cannot afford it, don’t want to, or don’t have the time. 

There are, however, several trade schools that focus on imparting knowledge of the abilities required to excel in a variety of lucrative vocations. 

Following are some areas of competence where the educational institutions on our list have specializations: Structure for dental assisting, Bartending, Nursing, Welding, Barbering, Cosmetology, and Therapeutic massage.

On the list, we’re positive you’ll find the ideal option for one of the trade schools in Louisiana for you.

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Are There Trade Schools in Louisiana?

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that trade schools in Louisiana are currently more than 10 schools.

Here are some of the trade schools in Louisiana:

  1. Pelican Associated Builders and Contractors
  2. Denham Springs Beauty College
  3. Northwest Louisiana Technical College
  4. Saint Agatha Career School

How Much Do Trade Schools Cost in Louisiana?

The best trade schools in Louisiana have a $50 application fee, and they charge $100 for books and materials.

The best trade schools in Louisiana have tuition ranging from $15,650 to $18,100 depending on the program, and financial help is accessible from a variety of sources.

In Louisiana, trade schools also provide part-time evening classes that last 75 weeks.

What are the Requirements For Trade Schools in Louisiana?

A high school diploma or its equivalent and an interview with the staff of the preferred program are prerequisites for enrollment in the best trade schools in Louisiana.

Compared to other universities, trade schools in Louisiana typically have more lenient admissions standards; some may not have particular GPAs or standardized test score criteria. 

This makes it simpler for everyone, regardless of background or prior knowledge, to acquire a trade.

What are the best trade schools in Louisiana | 2023?

1. Pelican Associated Builders and Contractors

One of the 69 chapters of the national building and construction business is Pelican Associated Builders and Contractors. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

ABC Pelican has been assisting people in achieving their career goals since it was founded in 1980. 

Building and construction is another field where qualified professionals are in high demand. 

They have taught hundreds of ambitious construction workers and builders. Given the high frequency of work-related injuries in this field, it is essential to receive adequate training. 

Because of this, ABC Pelican works hard to offer the most comprehensive curricula that will impart to students all the required skills and knowledge.

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2. Northwest Louisiana Technical College

In terms of technical colleges, Northwest Louisiana College wants to set the bar high. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

They wish to give students who entrust them with their studies the finest possible service. 

To assist students in finding careers, NLTC constantly collaborates with a range of organizations, businesses, and the industry at large. This esteemed university is renowned for its exciting curriculum and wonderful interactions with students. 

Enrollment: A high school diploma or a GED is required for all applicants. They must also present documentation of their residency.

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3. Denham Springs Beauty College

A family-run beauty school, Denham Springs Beauty College assists students from across the nation in obtaining their cosmetology licenses. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

Their instructors have a lot of industry knowledge and know all the insider secrets, totaling over 100 years of experience. 

That is very beneficial for kids because understanding the sector is important for a career. And what could be better than learning from a professional who is well-versed in the trade? 

Students will begin providing their services to the public on the school’s clinic floor once they have finished a particular set of classes. That will be very beneficial in helping you obtain much-needed real-world experience and learn how to interact with clients.

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4. Saint Agatha Career School

All students at Saint Agatha Career School are able to learn in a secure and comfortable setting. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

Given that students will eventually be responsible for caring for other people, this is particularly crucial in the healthcare sector. 

They want to demonstrate to pupils the benefits of kindness, perseverance, and hard work. The Saint Agatha crew is made up of seasoned professionals who are eager to impart their expertise and passion for the field. 

Students who attend this institution will acquire a top-notch education that will immediately prepare them for employment in healthcare. 

Once qualified, this institution will point graduates toward numerous employment opportunities in businesses they are familiar with.

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5. Livingston Parish Literacy and Technology Center

With hundreds of happy students behind them, Livingston Parish Literacy and Technology Center is a top-notch vocational education facility. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

Eight classrooms, two computer lab classrooms, two lecture halls, a conference room, and a remote learning center are among the ultra-modern amenities. 

They provide a range of beneficial courses that will aid students in developing their professions and achieving their objectives. Graduates will have valuable credentials in their area of specialization, which will aid in their search for a good job. 

Their professors like working with pupils and imparting the invaluable knowledge they have acquired as top-tier business experts. Overall, this institution provides a comprehensive curriculum that is suitable for everyone.

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6. Rock Bridge Training Institute

The Rock Bridge Training Institute provides professional development, business, and vocational training. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

According to the most recent industry requirements, the courses are individually developed. 

The school puts a lot of effort into giving pupils a top-notch education that will help them advance their lives and careers. 

Additionally, they have advisors who not only assist students with their needs but also with job placement. 

Since all of the specialties they choose are in high demand, graduates may find it easy to find employment. 

When it comes to specialized training, small class sizes are ideal. The environment is welcoming and cozy overall.

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7. ABC Bartending School

One of the top schools for training in bartending and mixology is ABC Bartending School. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

They are dispersed around the county, which simply goes to demonstrate how good their program is. 

Students will be qualified to work in any bar, wherever in the globe, once they have finished. 

Bartenders are in high demand right now, so for those who enjoy having fun at work, this could be a wise career decision. 

They also help kids find jobs, which is incredible. To give the kids a sense of what life is like in the real world, the classrooms are made to resemble bars. 

They will study fruit cutting, glasses, wine, beer, alcohol, and state legislation, among many other practical bartending topics.

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8. Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy

As its name implies, the Rapid Dental Assisting Academy offers accelerated education. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

This school has undergone ongoing change and adaptation since its establishment in 2011 in order to suit the needs of all students. 

The sessions are dynamic and ever-changing, encouraging students to grow and learn new skills while having fun. 

Students can easily adapt to the quick-paced dentistry field because of the instructors’ use of the most recent techniques and technology in their instruction. 

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has yet to approve the licensing application for Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, which was granted a license by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education. 

In just 10 weeks, students will be fully prepared for employment. 

The institution also offers a career services program that helps students navigate the daunting job search process.

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9. Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy

The Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy provides excellent instruction that assists students in obtaining their certification as massage therapists. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

It was established by massage therapists, for massage therapists, making it a special location ideal for people seeking affordable, high-quality education. 

One of the first massage therapy colleges on the Gulf coast is this institution. 

Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a credential that entitles them to sit for the National Certification exam as well as additional licensing exams in Louisiana.

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10. New Orleans Dental Assistant School

The unique 9-week program provided by New Orleans Dental Assistant School is guaranteed to cover all of the essentials of the dental assisting field. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

They take pride in offering students from all backgrounds a top-notch education that is both inexpensive and accessible. 

At NODAS, students will take classes within a real dental practice rather than in drab, conventional classrooms. 

Even though the course is only nine weeks long, the curriculum was created to work with the intense schedule and produce outstanding outcomes. 

Each of their graduates will also be given the opportunity to complete a 40-hour internship in a nearby dental practice, which will help them gain a sense of what life is like in the real world.

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11. River Parishes Community College

River Parishes Community College was established in 1998, and in 2014 it relocated to Gonzales. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

In its brief history as one of Louisiana’s first community colleges, RPCC has educated hundreds of local students and assisted them in getting jobs in technical professions or preparing for four-year degrees. 

Being close to many of Louisiana’s major manufacturers, many of whom are in constant need of trained labor, is one special benefit of attending RPCC. 

The 17 programs that RPCC provides include certificates, two-year associate degrees, and two-year associate transfer degrees. 

The certificate programs’ duration varies according to the required readings and Louisiana’s professional standards.

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12. South Louisiana Community College

South Louisiana Community College, which is based in Lafayette, provides more than 50 majors and annually graduates more than 10,000 students. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

Associate degrees and technical diplomas are among the many programs that SLCC provides. Numerous associate degrees and occupational certificates are available to those interested in attending trade school. 

Commercial diving, nursing, and industrial marine electronics technology are a few popular vocational school programs that result in jobs in the area. 

Additionally, these programs result in certification and licensure. For instance, students studying commercial diving graduate with a diploma in technical studies in commercial diving as well as the six industry certifications necessary for the majority of jobs. 

The SLCC also provides a 16–25 hour per week power lineman apprenticeship.

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13. Delgado Community College

One of the most complete community colleges in the area is Delgado Community College, which is situated in New Orleans. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

Students from all throughout Louisiana can enroll in Delgado’s programs, which are offered both on-campus and online. 

The community college offers associate degrees and certifications in vocational studies in 12 distinct divisions, the majority of which include numerous courses. 

For instance, students interested in allied health can select from 19 certificate programs, each of which leads to a particular healthcare profession. 

Nursing, business and technology, and the technical sector, which includes skills like cosmetology, welding, and industrial maintenance technology, are additional prominent fields. 

Students acquire a technical diploma, an associate degree, or one of many certificate options.

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14. Nunez Community College

Nunez Community College opened its doors in Chalmette in 1992. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

Nunez did, however, see substantial growth following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which prompted the building of a brand-new welding, HVAC, and electrical complex that will soon be inaugurated. 

Nunez provides a wide range of academic options by combining vocational programs and Louisiana transfer degrees. 

Some programs, like the aerospace manufacturing technology program that prepares students for a future as an aircraft manufacturing technician, teach skills not available at other vocational institutions. 

Other courses, such as paralegal studies, electrical construction, and welding, effectively get students ready for jobs in their community.

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15. Bossier Parish Community College

Bossier Parish Community College, which is based in Bossier City, aspires to provide affordable and valuable programs to students interested in embarking on new vocations. This is one of the best trade schools in Louisiana.

The community college’s tight ties to nearby industries boost the area’s economy by producing qualified graduates who are ready for the workforce. 

Although BPCC students can pick from dozens of associate degrees and vocational certificates, the majority of them focus on one of three disciplines: communication and performing arts, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or science, nursing, and allied health. 

Local students can express their creativity while gaining skills for a career that is expected to grow rapidly in the communication and performing arts area.

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How much do traders earn in Louisiana?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual wage for all jobs in 2019 was $39,810. 

Higher-paying trade school jobs included line installers and repairers ($65,700), construction and building inspectors ($60,710), and managers and technicians of aircraft and avionics systems ($64,310). 

Furthermore, certain employment in vocational schools pays more than jobs needing a two-year associate degree. 

For instance, the median annual compensation of a diagnostic medical sonographer ($71,410) is lower than the median annual wage of electrical and electronics repairers ($78,410). 

The BLS predicts that plumbing, HVAC, and construction jobs will all have exceptional growth.

What are the trading programs available in Louisiana?

The most popular trade school programs reported by the National Center for Education Statistics are consumer services, business and marketing, and healthcare. Some of the most popular fields among students attending trade schools nowadays are represented by the vocational programs listed below;

  • Dental Hygienist Schools
  • Mechanic Schools
  • Paralegal Schools
  • Radiology Technician Schools


As you can see, there are a ton of incredible non-traditional educational institutions ready to assist people in improving their life. 

People who are short on time or just cannot afford an expensive education might consider going the vocational route. 

But the beautiful thing about these institutions is that graduates can join the workforce right away after receiving their certification.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What distinguishes a trade school from a college? 

Trade schools provide skill-focused curricula, many of which incorporate hands-on experience in certain professions. Along with main courses, colleges also offer general education courses. 

Can Credits from trade schools be transferred? 

The acceptance of transfer credits from authorized trade schools by two-year and four-year universities varies depending on the program and topic of study. 

What distinguishes a trade school from a technical school? 

Trade schools provide courses geared toward careers involving manual labor, such as auto mechanics and construction. Programs in disciplines like network management or computer programming are frequently offered by technical colleges.


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