15 Best Trade Schools in Pennsylvania | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

Although the majority of kids are urged to enroll in college after graduating from high school, there are other routes that can lead to a secure profession.

Instead of going to college, many Pennsylvania students choose to attend vocational schools. 

Trade school programs assist students in becoming ready for careers in skilled trades like plumbing, electrical work, and welding.

Cost is one factor that influences students’ decisions between trade schools and colleges. 

Trade school degrees are less expensive than obtaining a college degree because most students finish their programs in a year. Most students who attend trade schools can graduate with little or no debt. This article takes you through the nitty-gritty of the trade schools in Pennsylvania.

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Are There Trade Schools in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Department of Industrial Relations has a list of more than 17 online trade schools. Here are some of the trade schools in Pennsylvania; 

  1. Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute 
  2. Clearfield County Career and Technology Center 
  3. Eastern Center for Arts and Technology 
  4. European Medical School of Massage 
  5. Institute of Medical and Business Careers 

How much do trade schools in Pennsylvania Cost? 

In Pennsylvania, taking a trade school program will cost you an average of $16,400 in total tuition. 

The average tuition and fees for 4-year universities in Pennsylvania in 2019–2020 were $42,812 for nonresidents and $15,565 for residents, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. 

The total cost of resident tuition for a bachelor’s degree, which normally takes four years, comes to $62,260.

Regardless of the curriculum, you should think about your expected earnings upon graduation and the length of time it will take for the program to pay for itself.

What are the Requirements and Accreditation Processes in Pennsylvania?

The assurance that they are receiving a quality education comes from accreditation. The Council on Occupational Education, the Pennsylvania State Board of Career and Technical Education, or the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, as well as the Bureau of Career and Technical Education, all accredit several trade schools.

Choosing a recognized institution is crucial because if your program isn’t accredited, you might not be allowed to take the license exam in many states. 

Programs and schools can both get accreditation at times. Programmatic accreditation is one thing you could find in the nursing field.

In a number of areas, including management and administrative operations, admissions procedures, student recruitment and advertising, program requirements, and student services, accrediting organizations determine whether a school or program complies with their criteria for education.

What are the best trade schools in Pennsylvania | 2023?

1. Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute 

  • Cost: $23,349
  • Admission requirements

High school transcript, age 18 or parent’s consent, and proof of high school graduation or GED  

  • About the program: 

Flexible students who want to become diesel mechanics might consider the diesel mechanic technology/technician program at Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute. Diesel repair, diagnosis, maintenance, and failure analysis are taught to students in a workshop that replicates real-world settings. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

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2. Clearfield County Career and Technology Center 

  • Cost: $8,165
  • Admission requirements:

Print the program’s application form. A criminal history check is required for the truck driver program.

  • About the program: 

The CCCTC in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania provides courses in culinary arts, carpentry, collision repair, and auto mechanics. 

Additionally, it provides drafting, electrical work, information technology, masonry, and diesel equipment maintenance. Practical nursing is the most popular program at CCCTC. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

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3. Eastern Center for Arts and Technology 

  • Cost: $18,507
  • Admission requirements: 

Before class begins, practicum students in nursing must have completed all required vaccinations. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), a prerequisite exam, must be passed by applicants with a score of at least 44%. 

Transcripts from high school or a GED certificate and scores are needed. Computers, the internet, and printers are necessities for students.

  • About the program: 

The allied health, automotive, business and technology professional, collision repair technology, and twelve other disciplines are among the programs offered by the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology. 

The practical nursing program, which trains students to become LPNs, is the most popular at the school. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

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4. European Medical School of Massage 

  • Cost: $20,025
  • Admission requirements: 

Must possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. At least a month before the start of class, you must be 18 years old. 

Candidates must submit an essay and obtain a minimum score of 80% on a test of fundamental abilities. 

Must pass a physical examination and present identification proving legal US residency.

  • About the program:

A 786-hour medical massage therapy training course is offered by the European Medical School of Massage. 

The curriculum offers classes in postural integration/kinesiology, medical massage, massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, and British sports therapy. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, it involves instruction in Swedish massage treatment, specialty massage modalities, specific populations, and pathology. 

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5. Institute of Medical and Business Careers 

  • Cost: $11,345
  • Admission requirements:

Must have a high school diploma, a homeschool credential, or a GED. Additionally, before enrolling, candidates must pass an entrance exam or complete additional coursework.

  • About the program: 

The Institute of Medical and Business Careers provides courses in paralegal work, business administration, dental assisting, and more. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

The main course offered by the school is medical insurance billing and coding. The program has an average duration of one year and a 74% job placement rate.

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6. Mercer County Career Center  

  • Cost: $9,743
  • About the program:

For high school students in the county, the Mercer County Career Center offers the majority of its vocational programs. 

For these pupils, the institution offers 16 different professional paths. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

The institution provides a Class A CDL training program and a practical nursing curriculum for adult students. 

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7. Pennsylvania Gunsmith School 

  • Cost: $26,352
  • Admission requirements: 

Must submit a fully filled out application, the required application fee, and, if the applicant has served in the military, a DD-214. must possess a high school diploma or GED.

  • About the program: 

The master gunsmithing program at the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School offers teaching in fundamental gun maintenance as well as more in-depth instruction on fixing other types of firearms. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, students get specialized work skills. Machine operation, bluing, finishing, rebarreling, manufacturing unique stock, and heat treating are all covered in the course material. 

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8. Precision Manufacturing Institute 

  • Cost: $20,300
  • Admission requirements: 

Must pass an accepted academic admission exam and possess a high school diploma or the equivalent.

  • About the program:

The four programs offered by the Precision Manufacturing Institute include electromechanical technology, electric arc welding, CNC machinist, and CNC operator. 

The principles of machining, blueprint reading, setup and operations are covered in the CNC machinist curriculum. Additionally, MasterCam and SolidWorks are taught to the students. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

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9. South Hills Beauty Academy 

  • Cost: $12,050
  • Admission requirements: 

A driver’s license or another form of photo ID, a social security number, and a high school diploma or GED are required.

  • About the program: 

Cosmetology and hair design, mud beauty basics, esthetics, skincare, makeup, manicuring and nail design, and instructor courses are all offered at South Hills Beauty Academy. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

Cosmetology and hair design are the most popular courses offered at the institution. Students learn how to take care of their skin, hair, and nails during this 1,250-hour program.

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10. Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center 

  • Cost: $5,858
  • Admission requirements:

Although the school maintains an open admissions policy, some programs could have prerequisites.

  • About the program: 

With its 11 different vocational options, the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center primarily targets high school students. 

These programs also allow adults to enroll as intergenerational students. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, the school provides adult classes in cosmetology, welding, massage treatment, and commercial driver’s license preparation.

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11. Rosedale Technical College 

One of the largest technical colleges, Rosedale Technical College is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it provides a wide range of courses.

They update their curriculum frequently to adhere to the most recent business norms.

This implies that students will be able to get employment more quickly in many cutthroat industries. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

Since they’ve been in business for 70 years, this vocational college has a lengthy history of generating successful industry experts.

They have, of course, had their programs approved by the Pennsylvania Board of Private Licensed Schools and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

All applicants must fulfill the following requirements in order to enroll:

  • Must present a high school diploma or GED as proof of schooling.
  • A valid driver’s license is required.

Fees: The average cost of attending Rosedale Technical College is $13,250.

The school offers the following courses:

  • Collision Repair Technology
  • Industrial Technician
  • Welding Technician
  • CDL Training
  • Automotive Technician
  • Diesel Technician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Collision Repair Technology
  • HVAC Technician
  • Welding Technician

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12. Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania 

Did you know that the pet sector in the US is worth more than $75 billion?

As a result, it ranks among the world’s most rewarding employment possibilities. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to the Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania, you can learn how to groom dogs expertly. It goes without saying that owners spend thousands of dollars on their pets’ care, maintenance, and happiness because it is well-known that they are regarded as members of the family.

Even though this institution has been operating since 2015, it has been successful in growing both its student and clientele bases.

The curriculum is incredibly comprehensive, only lasts four weeks, and emphasizes hands-on learning.

In addition to learning about the grooming procedure itself, prospective students will also learn about the most important facets of handling and caring for dogs.

Enrollment: A high school diploma or GED is required for all applicants as proof of education.

Fees: The professional dog grooming course costs $4,990 to enroll in. The total cost of tuition includes the cost of all equipment and textbooks.

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13. PIA School for Aviation Maintenance and Electronics Technology 

PIA School for Aviation Maintenance and Electronics Technology was originally founded in 1929 and it has served thousands of students ever since.

Here, the staff puts a strong focus on hands-on learning. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania. Aviation is incredibly hard and can be potentially deadly, which is exactly why actual experience is vital.

This school offers degree programs as well as certifications and diplomas in various aviation areas.

PIA School for Aviation Maintenance and Electronics Technology also offers multiple financial aid options, including:

  • Federal Pell Grant. Students
  • Pennsylvania State Grant
  • Direct Subsidized and 

Unsubsidized Loans

  • Direct Parent PLUS Loans
  • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)
  • PA CareerLink (PA TAA/TRA funding programs)
  • Private Undergraduate Education Loans

Enrollment: All applicants must meet the following criteria:

Must present a high school diploma or GED as proof of education.

Must take a Math Skills Assessment test

Fees: The tuition fees for each of their courses go as follows:

$38,500 for aviation maintenance

Aviation Electronics – $38,500

There is also a $150 registration fee.

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14. Lincoln Tech 

If you’re looking for a school that offers high-quality education and has a number of program alternatives to select from, then Lincoln Tech is the perfect place for you.

As one of the top suppliers of vocational education in the country, the school has been in operation for more than 70 years.

They are committed to providing top-notch educational opportunities that will support people in gaining specialized knowledge and advancing in their careers. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges granted Lincoln Tech’s program accreditation.

Enrollment: Contact the school’s admission office to acquire further information regarding enrollment criteria.

Fees: Contact the school’s admission office to acquire further information about tuition fees and other expenditures for specific programs.

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15. Monroe Career & Technical Institute 

Monroe Career & Technical Institute strives towards providing students with a top-notch education. This is one of the best trade schools in Pennsylvania.

24 courses, to be exact, are offered at this technical school, covering a wide range of topics in numerous specialized fields.

They only teach the latest techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment, allowing students to prepare for working in the real world more efficiently.

Experienced industry professionals who want to share their knowledge and experience with others make up the staff at Monroe Career & Technical Institute.

Overall, this is an amazing educational institution that offers an abundance of courses for very reasonable prices.

Enrollment: For more information about enrollment requirements, get in touch with the school’s admission office.

Fees: Contact the school’s admission office to acquire further information about tuition fees and other expenditures for specific programs.

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How much do traders earn in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania’s average yearly income for occupations in the trades as of September 24, 2022, is $50,555. In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $24.31 per hour. This equates to $972 per week or $4,212 per month.

Although ZipRecruiter reports wages as high as $108,246 and as low as $18,943, the bulk of trade occupations’ earnings now falls between $34,729 (25th percentile) and $63,595 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) in Pennsylvania making $88,401 yearly.

It is possible that there are numerous prospects for development and greater income based on skill level, location, and years of experience given the wide range of typical pay for Trade employment (up to $28,866).

How Do I Become a Trader in Pennsylvania?

When you first enroll in trade schools in Pennsylvania, it is simple to get overwhelmed by all the information available regarding markets, various trading tactics, and how to make money. However, the reality is that your path to becoming a profitable trader should be individual to you, your objectives, and your risk tolerance.

To ensure that they comprehend the fundamentals of markets and how to trade them, anyone wishing to engage in trading should take a few important measures.

  • Establish a solid foundation of understanding about financial markets because they can differ in terms of risk and needed approach.
  • The next step is to develop a trading strategy that will enable you to make money in the market of your choice and specify the precise steps you will take to enter and exit deals.
  • Taking the jump and trading for yourself is the last step in the trading process. However, there is no finish line because you may continually improve your market understanding and trading approach.


Pennsylvania is one of the best countries for trade education.

Not only is it home to the number one nursing school in the world, but there are lots of other amazing educational amenities and structures that are amazing.

For your information, most of these schools employ at a high rate, making them a safe career choice. Good luck as you make your way into the trade schools in Pennsylvania.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many trade schools are in Pennsylvania? 

In Pennsylvania, there are 117 vocational schools. Some of them are public, while the majority are private.
In Pennsylvania, attending a trade school will cost you an average of $16,401 in total tuition.
Books and supplies are also necessary for many programs. The materials for some disciplines, like welding, could be quite expensive.
In Pennsylvania, trade schools provide a wide range of disciplines, including cosmetology, welding, respiratory care treatment, and diesel mechanics technology. 
Some of the most well-liked programs are in cosmetology and licensed practical nursing.

Is trade school worth the money?

Calculating your prospective return on investment is the best approach to deciding whether attending a trade school is cost-effective. 
By deducting tuition costs from anticipated earnings, you can calculate your return on investment. The quicker your education pays for itself, the higher your compensation will be.
For instance, the median pay for an LPN is $48,070, and the average cost of a trade school program in Pennsylvania is $16,401. 
Based on these numbers, LPNs in Pennsylvania would earn approximately three times their college expenses in a single year.

What are the top 3 trade vocational careers? 

According to the BLS, the top three occupations by median annual pay are elevator installers and repairers ($97,860), radiation therapists ($82,790), and web developers ($77,200). 
Even while all of these programs can have trade school options, many people opt to learn web development through a coding boot camp.
Coding boot camps are lengthy training courses that typically last between three and six months. 
Typically, they offer instruction for a particular profession, such as web development or coding. 

What is the best school district in PA?

The greatest public school district in Pennsylvania is Tredyffrin/Easttown School District.
 Comprising eight schools with a combined enrolment above 6,000, T/E produced 48 National AP Scholars in 2019, while 99% of its high school graduates went on to attend college or university.

What is the poorest school district in PA? 

The Reading School District received a “D,” making it the worst district in the state. The website said the rankings are “based on rigorous analysis of academic and student life data from the U.S. 
Department of Education in addition to test results, information about colleges, and reviews gathered from millions of niche users.


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