16 Best YouTube to GIF Converters & Downloader

Today, we’d share with you the 16 best YouTube to GIF converters and downloaders in 2023. You’re in the right place if you’ve ever wanted to turn your favorite YouTube videos into fun and shareable GIFs.

These awesome tools allow you to effortlessly transform those entertaining and memorable moments from YouTube into animated GIFs.

With these YouTube to GIF converters, you can easily customize the duration, add captions, stickers, and even apply various effects to make your GIFs truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a simple, user-friendly option or a feature-rich converter, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s dive in and explore these fantastic tools that will bring your favorite YouTube clips to life in the form of delightful GIFs. Let the fun and creativity begin with the ultimate “youtube to gif” converters of 2023.

What are GIFs? 

Contrary to popular belief, GIFs are images rather than video formats. Instead of calling them videos, referring to them as a brief collection of photos or frames would be preferable.

These GIFs are so little that they barely occupy a few kilobytes of disk space. Additionally, these GIFs can be played repeatedly on a loop without the need to touch the play button each time.

That’s nice to know about GIFs, but how can you use this straightforward graphic format as a useful tool for your YouTube videos?

Why Should You Use GIFs in Your Video Projects? 

You should think about using GIFs in your video projects if your project requires you to create or edit them.

These GIFs can make your films more entertaining and keep viewers watching them longer. Here are some other benefits of using GIFs in addition to this obvious one: 

#1. Improve the Way You Communicate 

Simply put, the material in your videos may make them difficult to view for an extended period. Additionally, the user could feel overloaded with knowledge and only remember some of it after a few days.

GIFs, especially those containing text, can improve the information retention potential of your videos and encourage viewers to watch them longer. These GIFs frequently have a comical tone, so you can simply use them to make your point in a lighthearted approach. 

#2. Small File Size 

Using GIFs instead of standard video clips can greatly speed up the editing process for your video productions.

These GIFs are often small so they won’t be demanding on your computer’s hardware. While editing the film, you can save a significant amount of disk space and use your graphics processor less frequently. 

#3. Increase the Duration of Your Video 

Although humor is a personal thing, we can all agree that a hilarious GIF in a video makes you smile and makes you like the video more. Let’s not, however, limit ourselves to amusing GIFs just.

Adding informative GIFs and creative animation can make the video much more watchable. GIFs have been demonstrated to be successful in video watch time. 

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16 Best YouTube to GIF Converters & Downloaders in 2023

Here’s the list of the 16 best YouTube to GIF converters and downloaders:

  1. GifRun
  2. GIFmaker
  3. ImgFlip
  5. Gifbook
  6. Wondershare Uniconverter
  7. FreeGifMaker
  8. GIFS
  9. Veed.io
  10. GIFit
  11. GIPHY
  12. Makeagif
  13. Imgur
  14. GICKR
  15. PicGIF for Mac
  16. Clideo

#1. GifRun

Best for quickly finding and making GIFs from YouTube, Images, Videos, Vine, and other sources. GifRun is one of the most basic YouTube to GIF converters. You can use YouTube instant search to find the video you want to utilize, then select it and choose one of the GIF creation options.

It also provides numerous choices for customizing the GIF with text, colors, fonts, etc. After you’ve made the GIF, you may share it via a personalized URL or save it to your device. GifRun is, without a doubt, the most simple and user-friendly YouTube to GIF converter.

You can also use it on your smartphone to quickly generate a GIF. As a result, it stands out from the crowd.

Website: GifRun

#2. GIFmaker

This is yet another simple GIF maker with an extremely simple user interface. You may also use this site to resize, compress, and trim GIFs. Before making the real GIF, you can alter the animation speed and preview it.

On this website, you can do so much with GIFs. It is also free to use. As a result, it’s a handy resource for anyone who works with GIFs.

Website: GIFmaker

#3. ImgFlip

The best aspect of utilizing this YouTube to GIF converter is seeing the GIF preview as you produce it. There are also numerous editing options.

You can pause the animation and change the sequence of the photos and their width, height, and quality. You can add text, rotate the GIF, crop it, reverse it, alter the background color, adjust the play count, and download, share, or keep the GIF private.

This website provides numerous customizing tools and possibilities for making GIFs, memes, and charts. It’s a little difficult to use, but a fantastic tool for making eye-catching GIFs.

Website: ImgFlip


You may generate and tweak great GIFs using the minimalistic and straightforward GIFGEAR website. You may add effects, change the scale of the animation, and delay it.

With GIFGEAR, you don’t need any special skills or third-party software to create animations, and you may use the YouTube link or upload a photo or video from your system to make GIFs.

You will not find a more straightforward interface than this one. With only one look, you’ll know exactly what to do. It’s also free. As a result, it is regarded as one of the best YouTube to GIF converters.

Website: GIFGEAR

#5. Gifbook

If you enjoy flipbooks, you’ll enjoy this app as well. Gifbook not only lets you convert a favorite YouTube video to GIFs but also lets you upload GIFs and turn them into a flipbook. It is really simple to use and has an appealing UI.

Gifbook provides something unique that no other website does. This site will appeal to everyone who enjoys flipbooks.

Website: Gifbook

#6. Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare Uniconverter is a famous and widely used tool for converting and modifying GIFs from PC and YouTube videos. It has a simple style and is compatible with Mac and Windows PCs. Its easy user interface makes it simple to share finished GIFs.

Wondershare Uniconverter is a dependable and simple-to-use program for making fantastic GIFs, owing to the fact that you don’t need to be an expert to make an amazing GIF from any YouTube video.

Website: Wondershare Uniconverter

#7. FreeGifMaker

This is another site where you can effortlessly search for the YouTube video you wish to convert to GIF using their instant search engine. Copy the video link and press the Load video button. Then you must enter the video’s start time and the GIF’s duration.

You’re done when you click Make GIF. FreeGifMaker is one of the simplest YouTube to GIF converters, and what distinguishes it is that it allows you to produce GIFs quickly and for free.

Website: FreeGifMaker

#8. GIFS

One of the most excellent websites for converting YouTube videos to GIFS is GIFS. You have so many options here. You can convert GIFs by selecting a file from your system or pasting a link to Vine, YouTube, or Instagram.

It has various editing options and the ability to design your animated sticker. If you like GIFs, this is a tool you should bookmark because of the modifying tools available. Most GIF producers may not have such options.

Website: GIFS

#9. Veed.io

There are moments when you come upon a YouTube video and believe it would make an excellent GIF. So you start looking for ways to convert that YouTube video to a GIF. Veed.io is one of the simplest ways to accomplish this.

Simply copy the link to the YouTube video you wish to convert and put it into Veed’s editor. You can then modify, export, or download it. Veed.io has a free edition that allows you to do a lot, but its pro version is more than adequate. It has a wonderful quality, which is why people adore it.

Website: Veed.io

#10. GIFit

It’s often inconvenient to form an account, pay for it, and copy-paste the YouTube URL to convert a few seconds of video to a GIF. No, not always. GIFit is a Chrome addon that makes it possible by clicking an icon.

Add the extension after finding it in the Chrome store. If you want to convert a YouTube video to a GIF, simply click the GIFit button, configure the settings, and you’re done. You can save the GIF to your device once it has been made.

This is great because it remains an icon in your Chrome browser. There is no need to sign in or create an account. It only takes one click to complete the process.

Website: GIFit

#11. GIPHY

GIPHY is a fantastic Android app and browser-based tool for producing incredible GIFs from YouTube videos. You may also make GIFs from photographs, other GIFs, or videos. You may customize your GIFs with captions, stickers, filters, and freehand sketching.

Also, you can share it with the world or keep it private when finished. You can also share the link, embed it on your website, or save it for later use.

GIPHY is one of the most wonderful and free GIF-creation websites. It provides numerous customization possibilities for your GIF, and you may put it on your website to impress your visitors.

Website: GIPHY

#12. Makeagif

Try Makeagif if you want to effortlessly create a gif from a YouTube video in a short amount of time. Before entering the YouTube video’s URL, choose the start time, GIF length, and speed.

Your GIF can also have subtitles and stickers added to it. When finished, click “Publish” to upload and share it on social media. Additionally, you may upload your GIFs to the website or make your own using your webcam, Facebook, and movies.

Makeagif is a standalone program with a distinctive user interface. Additionally, it is quite simple to use. Because of this, it is one of the most popular YouTube GIF creators.

Website: Makeagif

#13. Imgur

One of the simplest ways to turn a YouTube video into a GIF is to use Imgur. Additionally, you may quickly upload your GIF gallery to Imgur, one of the most well-liked websites for sharing and hosting photos.

GIFs with a 15-second duration can be created and shared online or downloaded to a computer. While there aren’t as many tools available as one would like for manipulating GIFs, the straightforward user interface makes up for it. Additionally, there is no account creation requirement to use it.

Website: Imgur

#14. GICKR

GICKR allows you to make animated GIFs instantly. This website lets you convert YouTube videos to GIFs and Flickr images. You may make custom-sized GIFs and adjust the animation speed.

It is a small and basic website where you may add 3-10 photographs and then utilize the YouTube link to make as many frames as you want.

This is the website for you if you want something simple that will allow you to produce a GIF in just a few clicks. You can turn photographs and videos into GIFs by uploading them from YouTube, Flickr, your gallery, or Picasa. What more could anyone want?

Website: GICKR

#15. PicGIF for Mac

It isn’t easy to locate the ideal macOS app, especially if you want to create a GIF from your images or YouTube videos. PicGIF, on the other hand, is a Mac app you can rely on to convert a YouTube video to a GIF.

This program may also be used to re-edit an existing GIF or to animate your images. PicGIF is a straightforward macOS program for quickly producing GIFs, editing, modifying, and animating your photographs.

Website: PicGIF for Mac

#16. Clideo

Use the website Clideo to loop your videos or make endless GIFs. It has a very slick user interface. With regard to compatibility with devices, it supports all video formats. After editing your videos, you can choose the format they will be exported. The online gadget that works quickly.

Website: Clideo

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The Benefits of YouTube to GIF Converters & Downloaders

Let me tell you about the wonderful benefits of using YouTube to GIF converters and downloaders. 

First and foremost, these tools unlock a world of creativity, allowing us to transform our favorite YouTube videos into fun and engaging GIFs. We can capture those funny or heartwarming moments with just a few clicks and share them with friends and family.

Moreover, YouTube to GIF converters empowers us to personalize our GIFs with text, stickers, and various editing options. This means we can add our touch and make each GIF truly unique.

Another fantastic advantage is the ability to use GIFs in various contexts. Whether for social media, messaging apps, or websites, these GIFs enhance our communication and make it more vibrant and expressive.

Additionally, YouTube to GIF converters saves us time and effort, as they streamline the process of creating GIFs. No need for complex software or technical skills – these user-friendly tools make it accessible to everyone.

Embracing YouTube to GIF converters and downloaders brings joy, creativity, and versatility to our digital interactions. So, why not try it and join the fun of turning “youtube to gif” to make memorable and shareable moments?

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What is better than a GIF?

Due to its superior color palette and transparency capability, animated PNG is preferable for artists when comparing APNG with GIF. It has a smaller file size than GIF, which frequently has distorted and grainy visuals and looks nicer.

What are the three types of GIFs?

GIFs come in a wide variety of forms. For ease of understanding, we divide the various GIF formats into three main groups: video-based, animation-based, and stickers. The most common type of GIF that you are undoubtedly familiar with is one that uses video. They contain brief video content clips.

Why is GIF called GIF?

Despite considerable controversy, the originator Wilhite affirmed that GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Wilhite and his crew chose the moniker to refer to it as a GIF.

Is A GIF an emoji?

Simple moving images with no sound, or GIFs, are a common and important form of expression. It offers a quick and simple approach to convey the setting’s predicament, exhilaration, or sadness. Emojis, variations on standard emoticons, are a quick way to give any message style and zing.

Is a GIF a meme?

GIFs and memes are highly similar because they both frequently use footage from well-known TV series, motion pictures, or other “pop-culture” references. GIFS, on the other hand, are animated, whereas memes are static. If a meme moves, it qualifies as a gif.


Exploring these 16 best YouTube to GIF converters and downloaders in 2023 has been exciting. These incredible tools have opened up a world of creativity and fun, allowing us to effortlessly turn our favorite YouTube videos into captivating GIFs.

With a plethora of options available, from user-friendly converters like GifRun and GIFmaker to feature-rich platforms like ImgFlip and Wondershare Uniconverter, we’ve found the perfect fit for every GIF enthusiast.

Thanks to these converters, we can now share our hilarious and memorable moments through animated GIFs with friends and family, spreading joy and laughter across the digital landscape.

So, whether you’re a GIF-making novice or a seasoned pro, these top-notch YouTube to GIF converters in 2023 have got you covered. Embrace your creativity, have fun, and let your imagination run wild as you transform “youtube to gif” and make unforgettable GIFs!


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