15 Best Boarding Schools in Europe | Cost

A boarding school is first chosen by students and parents for its rigorous academics. In their classrooms, students are intellectually challenged in ways they have never been. 

A boarding school ensures pupils learn in an environment where education is the main focus of all activities. Most boarding schools have an average class size of 12 students.

Europe is home to the most prestigious and best boarding schools in the globe.. Because most people typically identify boarding schools with the European continent, these institutions are also the most well-known. 

Here, candidates and their parents can identify private boarding schools in Europe 2024 that are among the top universities in the globe.

Boarding schools in Europe are a fantastic option for ambitious and gifted kids due to their competitive academic programs, top-notch amenities, and convenient location. The information in this article about them is a great start to choosing the right boarding school in Europe in 2024 for your child.

Are There Boarding Schools In Europe?

There are about 700 boarding schools in Europe. For the best value in terms of price and quality, boarding schools in Europe are a fantastic option. Find the ideal boarding school for your child by exploring the list of schools we’ve hand-picked in this article.

Both domestic and international students may enrol in boarding schools in Europe in 2024. A superior learning standard and experience are also created by them.

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How Much Do Boarding Schools In Europe Cost?

There are 44 nations in Europe, and according to the United Nations, the yearly cost of boarding schools in Europe ranges from $20k to USD 133k.

The least expensive boarding schools are in Spain, Germany, and other European nations, while boarding schools in Switzerland and the UK are more expensive.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools In Europe?

Although some of them are highly pricey, Europe does have several affordable boarding schools.

In Europe, boarding schools that are reasonably priced include:

  • International Schools of Bremen (Yearly Tuition Fee (11,300 – 17,000EUR)
  • Berlin Brandenburg International School (Yearly Tuition Fee: 12,000 – 20,000EUR)
  • Sotogrande International School: Yearly Tuition Fee (7,600-21,900EUR)
  • Caxton College: Tuition Fee (15,015 – 16,000EUR)
  • The International Academy and Boarding school of Denmark: Tuition Fee (14,400 – 17,000EUR)

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Europe 2024?

Due to the top-notch facilities and instruction they receive, boarding students in Europe have never had an issue with food or lodging. Overall, boarding schools in Europe provide a secure environment for pupils to develop in all facets of life.

We have listed some of the top boarding schools in Europe 2024among the hundreds there, and they are as follows:

  • Stowe School
  • Hurtwood House
  • Ranum Efterskole College
  • Akademia High School
  • ENSR International School
  • Sainte Victoire International School ( SVIC )
  • Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS)
  • Institut Montana Zugerberg
  • International Bilingual School of Provence
  • International School Altdorf
  • The American School In Switzerland (TASIS)
  • Rome’s St. Stephen’s School
  • Ecole d’Humanité
  • Malvern College Switzerland (MCS)
  • The Global College

#1. Stowe School

This residential school is among the best in the UK. The school offers a variety of ways to learn. It offers career advice and follows the GCSE board. 

The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities in addition to academics. The total cost of tuition and room and board is £12,000 per student per term. Kids with unique needs, such as impairments, or students who perform particularly well may apply for scholarships.

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#2. Hurtwood House

One of the top boarding schools in Switzerland is Hurtwood House. In contrast to most other traditional mainstream boarding schools, this one focuses on performing arts and offers unique summer programs for students. 

Hurtwood House at Cambridge University also uses the GCSE Board. The institution provides a wide range of courses in disciplines including science, business, and media arts. The Boarding Facilities have cozy dorms with WiFi (LAN). 

The student will be residing in any one of the five country homes. International food standards are used for the principal meals served on campus.

Around £8000 is spent on tuition, and if boarding is chosen, the cost per term rises to £13500.

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#3. Ranum Efterskole College

A residential school for students from across the world, Ranum Efterskole College is situated in Denmark’s scenic West Himmerland in the region of Northern Jutland.

Over 450 students between the ages of 14 and 17 from 28 different countries choose to study at Ranum Efterskole College for one to two years each year to pursue and realize their dreams.

This college offers a wide variety of courses and extracurricular activities, including three international study tours, 60+ extracurricular disciplines, and more than 20 Cambridge IGCSE subjects.

On its 20.000 square meter campus, the school has four residential buildings and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities.

Max. 176.800 DKK as a charge includes a full host package and three study trips.

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#4. Akademeia High School

A private, academically selective high school in Poland, Akademeia High School offers the British curriculum of IGCSE and A Level and prepares pupils for the top colleges in the world. 

To assist young people to develop their abilities, passions, and life skills and give them the greatest possible start for life both at university and after, this school offer them a combination of academic excellence, co-curricular activities, and individualized pastoral care. 

With our scholarships, we also assist gifted kids from all backgrounds. The only language used in class is English. The school is a recognized testing location for UCAS, Cambridge International, Edexcel (Pearson), and AQA. We also offer students with an interest in applying to American universities a special, intense SAT/ACT exam course.

The maximum fee is 135,000 PLN.

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#5. ENSR International School

The leading non-profit private educational institution in Switzerland is ENSR International School. A college with more than 110 years of expertise in preparing students with the information and abilities they need to find their way in a society and a world that are constantly changing.

Yearly tuition fees range from 12200 CHF (minimum) to 25400 CHF (maximum).

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#6. Sainte Victoire International School ( SVIC )

This IB World School is situated in southern France, close to Aix-en-Provence. The school provides both the Cambridge IGCSE exams and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. 

SVIS offers instruction to children from kindergarten through high school graduation. Bilingual instruction begins in primary schools, enabling kids to excel academically in both French and English.

The school provides pupils with a safe and tranquil learning atmosphere because it is tucked away in the middle of an international 18-hole golf course that faces the Sainte Victoire mountain. Middle school and high school students can board at the institution.

SVIS offers a cutting-edge approach to teaching and learning, encompassing cross-disciplinary subjects as well as a variety of fantastic off-campus study possibilities.

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#7. Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS)

Welcome to the Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS), a place where students are given the tools they need to realize their potential and succeed in a global environment.

As one of the top International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in the world, BBIS is happy to provide students from over 60 countries with three IB programs in the Primary, Middle, and Diploma years of study, as well as a wide variety of extracurricular activities. We are here to support every student in finding and pursuing their passions in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

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Although the official language of instruction is English, BBIS is a genuinely global institution.

Minimum fee: 12,500 EUR; maximum fee: $20,200 EUR charge.

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#8. Institut Montana Zugerberg

Since 1987, Institut Montana Zugerberg has been a recognized IB World School and is a 90-year-old Swiss international boarding school with full accreditation.

The Zugerberg mountain is home to the Institut Montana campus, which is within 15 minutes via public transportation from Zug and under an hour from Zurich and its international airport.

Our educational concept is built on internationalism and individualized attention. Dr. Max Husmann created the institution in 1926 using humanist ideals. The school now has 370 pupils from more than 59 different countries.

The minimum annual tuition fee is 27’700 CHF, while the maximum annual tuition fee is 61’900 CHF.

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#9. International Bilingual School of Provence

The diversity of its student body is what gives the International Bilingual School of Provence, an independent coeducational school close to Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, its international flair.

 There are 950 pupils enrolled annually at the school, which has been operating since 1984. These students represent more than 75 different nations. 

IBS accepts students from five continents as boarding and day students as they pursue their education in English, French, or both, in addition to the French students who constitute 50% of the student body.

The school is unique in that no one nationality dominates the international section, and new students are encouraged to feel at home right away.

The minimum fee is 27’700 CHF while the maximum fee is 61’900 CHF.

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#10. The American School In Switzerland (TASIS)

Founded by M., a pioneer in international education A day and boarding school in Switzerland founded by Christopher Fleming in 1956, TASIS The American School is dedicated to fostering global citizens through instruction, travel, and service.

Students in Pre-Kindergarten through Postgraduate programs are welcome at TASIS. Each year, the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools enrol about 750 students, with about 260 of those in Middle and High School living on campus. Each year, the student body has close to 60 different nations represented, with more than 30 different languages being spoken as a first language.

High school students have the option of taking specific AP classes or pursuing the IB Diploma, which has allowed them to gain offers from numerous top colleges over the previous five years.

Yearly tuition fee – max is 93,000 USD.

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#11. International School Altdorf

International School Altdorf accepts students from all corners of the world and is located in the canton of Uri in central Switzerland. Our school works to deliver excellent education and believes that teamwork, communication, creativity, and critical thinking are crucial for surviving in a world that is changing quickly.

The IGCSE, IBDP, and University Preparation programs are offered by our school, and we also provide a summer program and classes to help students get ready for the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT exams, which they can take at the authorized testing facility on our campus. 

In addition, International School Altdorf is happy to award scholarships to exceptionally talented students who satisfy rigorous academic requirements and exhibit their future potential.

The maximum annual tuition fee is CHF 70,000.

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#12. Rome’s St. Stephen’s School

Our international non-denominational high school for boarding and day students, which is located at the base of the Aventine, the most prestigious of Rome’s seven hills and close to the great imperial sites, has built its academic program and reputation on the classical heritage of our host nation, Italy, and the rigor of two prestigious educational models: the American, independent college-preparatory curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The students are coming from all over the world to complete their high school education in a setting that values academic achievement, artistic development, and cross-cultural interaction.

The tuition cost per year is 24’450 EUR.

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#13. Ecole d’Humanité

Students and professors from 25 different nations reside at the Ecole d’Humanité, which is surrounded by the breathtaking Swiss Alps. The breathtaking natural landscape offers a healthy study environment and outstanding opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, climbing, and others.

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 This school provides both a Swiss academic program, which includes the Swiss Matura and a US university prep curriculum. German is used in the Swiss program while English is used in the US program. Our educational strategy favours deep comprehension over superficial knowledge. Small classes (an average of 6 individuals per class) encourage active involvement and provide personalized training.

The maximum annual tuition fee is CHF 68,000.

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#14. Malvern College Switzerland (MCS)

This is the first boarding school in Switzerland with a British name.

Malvern College Switzerland, founded on a 156-year tradition of academic distinction, offers the finest of British education in a distinctive and breathtaking Alpine setting.

Leysin, which is frequently cited as one of Switzerland’s most multicultural communities, is already well known as a centre for education and intellectual achievement. The infrastructure in the villages is unmatched, and there are sports and activities accessible throughout the year, offering students the ability to participate in a wide range of experiences that are rarely available in one place. It is the ideal choice for international students looking for a safe and satisfying academic experience as well as a large range of co-curricular activities.

Students at Malvern College Switzerland (MCS) benefit from a demanding and challenging academic program built around the British national curriculum.


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#15. The Global College

In the heart of Madrid, there is a cutting-edge IB boarding and day school called The Global College. An incredible pre-university experience is provided by the curriculum’s high degree of personalization, excellent career assistance, and urban campus.

This institution offers students the option to test their real-world skills by combining the IB Diploma Programme with an Entrepreneurship Project.

The strategic partnership with IE University offers sharp insights into what students worldwide need to achieve in higher education.

Amazing pre-university experiences, as well as opportunities for internships and global networking, are offered by a distinctive urban campus.

The maximum annual tuition fee is 35,400 euros.

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools In Europe?

European military schools give young people the chance to grow intellectually, Individually, and socially into capable leaders. The following are a few of the military boarding schools in Europe that are available:

  • Polish air force academy
  • Netherlands defence academy
  • Spanish air force academy
  • General Jonas žemaitis military academy of Lithuania
  • Britannia royal naval college

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools In Europe

Hundreds of private boarding schools can be found across Europe. However, we have trimmed down our selection to these 15 allegedly inexpensive and excellent private boarding schools in Europe:

  • International School of Bremen
  • Berlin Brandenburg International School
  • Sotogrande International School
  • Caxton College
  • The International Academy and Boarding school of Denmark.
  • Colchester Royal Grammar School
  • Dallam School
  • St. Peter’s International School
  • St. Edward Colleg Malta
  • World International School of Torino
  • Sainte Victoria International School
  • Erede International Boarding School
  • The Global College
  • Ractliffe College.

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Are There Christian Boarding Schools In Europe

Yes, there are. Christian boarding schools in Europe offer a great opportunity for learning and biblical discipline. Some of them that exist in Europe include:

  • St. Peter’s International School
  • St. Edward Colleg Malta
  • Sainte Victoria International School
  • Rome’s St. Stephen’s School

Frequently Asked Question

What nation offers the top boarding schools?

Excellent boarding schools can be found in many different nations and continents. Given this, it should be noted that Switzerland is renowned for having numerous elite boarding schools, like St. George’s International School and Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil. For more ideas, check out our ranking of the top boarding schools in the globe.

Does the military offer affordable boarding?

Yes, there are military boarding schools that are extremely affordable for low-income families that want to enrol their children in one.

Why should I send my kid to a boarding school for military men?

Military boarding schools emphasized helping students/cadets develop their sense of humour, leadership abilities, and discipline. Your child will receive an excellent education and participate in extracurricular activities in military schools. Your kid will be ready for college and other possibilities to become a citizen of the world.

Which German boarding school offers a theatre program?

As part of their extracurricular activities, Schule Birklehof, Internat Solling, and Schloss Neubeuern all provide theatre programs.

Are there any boarding schools in Germany that provide Mandarin as part of their language curriculum?

The International School Campus (ISC) offers Mandarin language instruction.


If you have the appropriate knowledge, sending your child to boarding school shouldn’t break the wallet, especially in Europe.

We think the information in this post will help you choose the most affordable boarding school in Europe for your studies.


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