15 Best Boarding Schools in Houston Texas

In this article, you will be enlightened more about the best boarding schools in Houston Texas, their cost and all you need to know about the schools.

Houston is a large city in Texas that stretches to Galveston Bay. It’s connected to the Space Center Houston, NASA’s astronaut training and flight control complex’s coastal visitor centre.

Boarding Schools are typically schools where students live and only return home during breaks to see their parents. 

Most parents send their children to Boarding Schools because they want the best for their children and believe that most boarding Schools can provide that.

Boarding school students live on campus while receiving formal education. The term “boarding” refers to “room and board,” which includes both housing and meals.

Are There Boarding Schools in Houston Texas?

Houston Texas has a good number of boarding schools, there is no doubt, but in this article, the top-ranking schools will be enlisted and will be discussed. Keep reading.

Below are the 15 Best Boarding schools in Houston Texas:

  • Texas Christian  School
  • The Village School
  • Chinquapin preparatory school
  • Branch School
  • Devereux school texas league city campus 
  • Honour Roll School
  • Westbury Christian School
  • St Paul Lutheran Serbin School
  • First Baptist Academy of University 
  • Grace Lutheran School
  • Ehrhardt Elementary School
  • Klein Cain High School
  • CornerStone Christain Academy 
  • Fort Bend Christain Academy
  • Leah Schools Academy 

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in Houston Texas Cost?

The average private school tuition in Texas is $10,384 per year (2022).

While the average tuition for a private elementary school is $10,057 per year, the average tuition for a private high school is $11,617 per year.

Chinquapin Preparatory School, with a tuition of $1,170, is the private school with the lowest tuition cost. 

The Gateway Academy, with a tuition of $43,530, is the most expensive private school in Texas.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Houston Texas?

Yes, there are lots of Affordable boarding schools in Houston Tx.

Most parents are incapacitated at a point to afford most Boarding schools that are expensive mostly private boarding schools, so they seek affordable ones.

We will provide you with affordable boarding schools you can check out if you fall into this category of parents.

  • Kinkaid School
  • The Village School (Early Childhood and Middle School
  • Alexander-Smith Academy

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Houston Texas?

When a School is tagged as the best, that means the school has all it takes to be the best.

There will be testimonies from left and right about the school, proving that the school is what they claim it is.

Although Houston Texas has few top-ranking schools at the moment, and we will enlist these schools in this article and discussed too.

Keep reading to discover all about the Best boarding schools in Houston Texas, their tuition costs etc.

1. The Village School

The Village School, founded in 1966, has a long history of rigorous and highly personalized learning combined with hands-on, innovative teaching methods. 

It is located in Houston’s Energy Corridor, which provides an American educational experience to its diverse and international student body, representing six continents and more than 80 countries. 

Furthermore, the village school is known for its math and science excellence. It collaborates with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and The Juilliard School of Music, enhancing its widely recognized STEAM curriculum. 

Also, the Village School is a proud member of Nord Anglia Education’s school network.

It is an international community dedicated to developing inquisitive lifelong learners who are prepared to think critically and also, collaborate authentically and generously as they prepare to lead the next generation into an ever-changing world.

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2. Texas Christian School

Texas Christian School is a prestigious private boarding Christian school in HOUSTON, TX. 

More also, It has 290 students in grades PK, and K-12, with an 8 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Tuition for the highest grade available is $30,000 per year. After graduation, 98% of this school’s students attend a four-year college.

Christian education invests in your child’s spiritual, academic, social, and physical development. 

Texas Christian’s faculty and staff are prepared to meet each of these needs and to monitor your child’s development.

As a Lord’s ministry, they provide a quality Christian education and strive for excellence in spiritual, academic, social, and physical development.

Furthermore, Texas Christian School was founded as a college preparatory school with an advanced curriculum designed to challenge eager minds and a character development program designed to nurture the individual. 

TCS educates young people not only academically, but also in character traits that prepare them as workplace leaders with values that will enable them to be an asset to their employer, community, state, and nation.

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3. Chinquapin Preparatory School

Chinquapin Preparatory School is a prestigious private boarding school in HIGHLANDS, TX. 

It has 161 students in grades 6-12, with an 8-to-1 student-teacher ratio. After graduation, 89% of this school’s students attend a four-year college.

Furthermore, The Chinquapin School was established to provide a high-quality college-preparatory education to capable and motivated young people from low-income families in the Greater Houston area.

Also, Chinquapin hopes to produce responsible, well-educated citizens who will become constructive leaders in the community through its rigorous curriculum and emphasis on community service and earning what one receives.

Chinquapin Prep is run and funded by a private foundation. Tuition is paid by parents and typically covers only three percent of the annual cost of educating the students. 

Students can also work off their tuition through a program similar to work study. 95% of their students go on to college. 

85% of their students graduate from college. Tuition assistance is provided to all students.

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4. Klein Cain High School

Students at Klein Cain are leaders, and they have numerous opportunities to participate. 

They have clubs, organizations, sports, fine arts, and CTE courses that appeal to all students- so whether it’s getting into the HVAC or Auto Tech program, joining the Esports team (the only one in the district), being a Cainiac, joining the choir, or culinary- there’s something for every single Klein Cain student to find and be a part of. 

There is something for everyone- whether it’s a UIL sport, band/orchestra/choir, a club, a religious practice, or an identity you want to rally around, they believe Cain has it and welcomes you with open arms.

Not only do Cain students have the opportunity to be a part of that, but they frequently receive local, state, and even national recognition in competitions! That is an incredible accomplishment, and they are truly leaving a legacy for future generations. Cain’s Reign.

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5. CornerStone Christain Academy

The Cornerstone Christian Academy curriculum assumes that students have a natural curiosity and desire to understand their surroundings.

Students gain an understanding of core subjects and knowledge at each grade level, culminating in well-rounded middle school students who are well prepared to excel in any high school and college.

Also, Through interactive STEM classes, students actively explore, collaborate, and make authentic, long-lasting connections between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 

CCA has integrated STEM teaching throughout its program through partnerships with Memorial Hermann, Rice University’s STEMscopes, and Project Lead the Way. 

STEM-based classes at CCA earn high school credits.

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6. Devereux school texas league city campus

Devereux School Texas – League City Campus is a therapeutic, private boarding school in LEAGUE CITY, TX. 

It has 71 students in grades 6-12, with a 7-to-1 student-teacher ratio. 5% of this school’s graduates go on to attend a four-year college. 

Devereux has taken significant steps to formalize its safety and security protocols through an evolved Servant Leadership culture and a dedicated commitment to operational, clinical, and risk management best practices. 

A significant shift in organizational leadership provided an opportunity to establish new goals, as well as more stringent metrics and reporting requirements for quality and safety. 

This has resulted in a stronger commitment to raising the standard of care in their industry and to refining their operations to ensure they are in the best possible position to protect, treat, and support the most vulnerable individuals in their care.

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health improves people’s lives by unlocking and nurturing human potential in those who struggle with emotional, behavioural, or cognitive differences.

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

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7. Leah Schools Academy 

LEAH Schools North Academy is a fully accredited college-preparatory school that offers a newly developed seven-year sequence of quality academics with a strong emphasis on literacy and Christian education.

North Academy is now accepting students in grades 6 through 12 for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Also, Students who attend North Academy become part of a diverse community and culture that will help them grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially. 

More also, Their current student/teacher ratio is ideal for students seeking individualized attention from teachers and staff who meet them where they are. 

Their students, families, faculty, and staff’s socioeconomic diversity is representative of the city and surrounding area, which means that the students’ daily interactions prepare them for life beyond their academic years.

North Academy is a place where you can feel at ease. Also, you can Schedule a tour and see why they are proud to say that “Every Day is a Great Day to be a LION!”

Students can earn college credit as part of the college preparatory curriculum before graduating. 

Juniors and seniors who meet academic requirements can take dual credit courses. Each semester course is worth three college credit hours and one high school credit. 

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8. Ehrhardt Elementary School

Ehrhardt is a secure school located between two residential areas. The campus inspires students’ joy and creativity with beautiful wooded playgrounds, a multimodal library, and colourful murals. 

Furthermore, Ehrhardt has outstanding educators who center on their students and believe that no significant learning occurs without a significant relationship. 

Also, Ehrhardt has created a community of familiar and friendly faces who truly care through well-controlled class sizes and high staff retention. 

Ehrhardt also maximizes family school partnerships by fostering open and positive communication, providing volunteer opportunities for parent involvement, and fostering a supportive PTO. 

Students assist in hosting morning announcements, which are streamed via Facebook so that no member of the Ehrhardt community is left out. 

Their student and faculty body is diverse and welcoming. With a multicultural workforce and a strong.

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9. Lemm Elementary School

Lemm Elementary is one of the world’s only five visible learning certified schools! 

At Lemm, they provide personalized learning to all students to meet their specific needs. There is an active PTO that funds and collaborates with the school’s needs. 

Lemm has a low employee turnover rate and a diverse socioeconomic community.

Students can join clubs such as coding, running, gardening, reading theater, choir, and many others.

Overall grades are determined by three factors: student achievement (how well students perform academically), school progress (how well students perform over time and in comparison to students in similar schools), and closing the gaps.

10. Grace Lutheran School

Each child at Grace Lutheran School is precious and was created by God with a divine purpose. 

Parents and teachers collaborate to help each child reach their full potential. Leadership, Discipleship, and Innovation are developed through high-quality academics, opportunities to serve, and collaboration. 

Children strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, their Savior, by expanding and putting their Christian faith into practice. 

Students develop self-control, empathy, and other 21st Century skills as teachers and staff model and encourage Christ-like characteristics.

To help children reach their full potential, their experienced staff and faculty collaborate closely with parents. 

Teachers and students share their love of Jesus in the classroom, on the playground, and through daily devotions and Bible study.

Their curriculum includes more than just textbooks; hands-on activities, projects, and service tasks are also an important part of student learning. 

The school is proud of its reputation for providing a high-quality education that is rich in science and math, as well as its many extracurricular and sports programs.

Grace Lutheran School’s distinct mission is to provide quality education in a Lutheran setting, based on the principles of the Christian faith as found in the Holy Scriptures. 

They strive to help children discover, develop, and use their God-given talents to the glory of Christ, their Savior, within this Christian environment. 

Their goal is for their students to understand their responsibility and privilege of sharing Jesus’ love and building each other up in the faith as they grow closer to Him.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Houston Texas?

There are Elementary Schools in Austin Texas, and lots of them are both Day and Boarding Schools.

Few of them are enlisted as the top-ranking schools at the moment in Houston Texas.

Below are some Elementary Schools if you are looking for any.

  • River Oaks Elementary School
  • Roberts Elementary School
  • West University Elementary

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What Are The Public Boarding Schools in Houston Texas?

Public schools, as you may know, are schools that are owned by the government, state or federal.

There are few of them in the state, and they are doing well as public schools. There are a few benefits attached to that as a student and as a teacher teaching them.

Public schools are not usually big like Private schools, they are usually small in number and the few that are in Houston Texas are doing well in their level of academics.

Examples of public boarding schools in Houston Texas.

  • Mariner Montessori School
  • Harmony School of Excellence-Houston
  • Challenge Early College High School 

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Are There All Girls Boarding in Houston, texas?

Yes, there are boarding schools in Houston Texas that admit only female students.

Most of them are military or Christian schools though, these schools are only a few in the state, unlike other regular schools.

Below are some All Girls Boarding schools in Houston texas;

  • Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
  • The Village School (Early Childhood and Middle School)
  • Western Academy

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Are There All Boys Boarding in Houston, texas?

People have different desires, what you like might be what another person dislikes a lot, and people with different preferences most times.

Just like that some parents prefer putting their children in A boys’ school, most of them do it with a purpose while some do it because of the love they have for the school only.

There are few of these schools in the state, and most of them are doing great, testimonies have been heard from what they give, so enrolling your child in an All boys’ School is usually not a bad idea.

Examples of these schools in Houston texas;

  • Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy for Young Men
  • Strake Jesuit College Preparatory
  • KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Houston Texas?

Military schools are schools owned and funded by the government for kids with the vision of protecting the country. In school, they go through military training while they achieve academic excellence.

After school, they come out being soldiers in different fields to protect the county.

These schools are not usually so big in number, because it is not like other regular schools.

Most times, it is not usually guaranteed that going to a military school will get you into the military; most times, it depends on certain things.

Examples of military schools;

  • Bailey Military Institute Inc
  • AFJROTC Classrooms
  • Alexander-Smith Academy

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Houston, Texas?

Houston Texas has a good number of Christian boarding schools, the majority of which are accredited.

Christian schools help children develop their religious beliefs so that they can learn more about Jesus and the Bible.

Houston, TX Christian school illustration;

  • Northland Christian School
  • The Covenant Preparatory School
  • Cypress Christian School

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Houston, TX for Troubled Youths?

If your child is in any way troubled and you feel unable to care for him or her, Therapeutic Boarding Schools are your best option as a parent.

The best Therapeutic top-ranking Boarding Schools are listed below.

  • The Monarch School and Institute
  • Houston Alternative Prep School
  • Gateway Academy
  • The Harris School

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The top 15 boarding schools in Houston, Texas, for 2023 are ranked highly and are known for their high-quality services.

We’re certain after reading this article, you will have all the information you need regarding the top boarding schools in Houston Texas their tuition rates, and what is required to enrol in one of them.


Are there affordable Boarding schools in Houston, Texas?

Yes, of course, there are good affordable schools in Houston, Texas, mostly Christian schools.

Are there Affordable military schools in Houston, Texas?

Yes, there are affordable military schools in Houston, Texas; they are not private schools they are schools funded by the Federal government.

Is Therapeutic School like other regular schools?

They are not like other regular schools, it is only for troubled kids, probably mentally, genetically, or psychologically; therapeutic schools are where they are been taken care of properly because they need close care.


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