15 Best Boarding Schools in Nevada

This article will answer every curiosity you have about top boarding schools in Nevada, every detail about their tuition, and how you can easily get in.

Boarding schools are usually schools that students live in; they only go home during breaks to see their parents. Most parents send their children to boarding schools because they want the best out of them, so they believe most boarding schools are capable of that.

However, parents no longer have enough time to care for their children at home, so they choose to enroll them in boarding schools in today’s fast-paced culture.

You might be interested in learning that one of your best alternatives for giving your child the best education possible is to enroll him or her in a boarding school in Nevada.

Are there boarding schools in Nevada?

In most cases, boarding schools help children to easily understand their fellow students and the environment they are in, by so doing preparing them well for life while they achieve academic excellence.

If you are concerned that your child is acting out with long-lasting effects and you are incapacitated as a parent to take care of him or her, probably because of your busy work or tight schedule, enrolling him or her in a therapeutic boarding school is always the best option for the child.

Below are the best boarding schools in Nevada!..

  • Sage Ridge School 
  • St Nicholas Orthodox Academy 
  • Adelson Educational Campus
  • Henderson International School 
  • Merryhill Elementary School 
  • Triad School
  • Nevada State High School 
  • Challenger School-Los Prados
  • The King’s Academy (Reno)
  • Our Lady of Las Vegas school 
  • Bishop Gorman High School 
  • Abundant Life Christian Academy 
  • Equipo Academy Lake 
  • Lake Tahoe School 
  • Kyle Canyon Ranch 

How Much Does Boarding Schools in Nevada Cost?

As of October 14, 2019, the typical annual boarding school tuition for a citizen of the United States is $56,875. (for students aged 16 and up). From as little as $9,600 per year to ‌more than $250,000, tuition costs can easily exceed $90,000.

The average private school tuition in Nevada is $10,422 per year (2023).

The average annual tuition, including room and board, for the 260 private boarding schools in Nevada is $37,590.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Nevada?

Although some of them are highly pricey, Nevada does have several affordable boarding schools.

In the interest of making it affordable for some students, some of the boarding schools go as far as offering scholarships to some very hardworking students in other schools to study with them.

Here is the list of boarding schools that are less expensive and affordable in Nevada.

  • Riverstone Private Boarding School
  • Triad School 
  • Sage Ridge School 
  • American Heritage Academy 
  • Adelson Educational Campus 

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Nevada?

Although Nevada has a sizable number of boarding schools, several of them are regarded as the best and always rank at the top all the time because of the quality of education they provide to students.

In being ranked as the best deals with everything you give or offer, in this case, the environment the students are in really matters because it contributes to how they function and how well they can comprehend, and it also shapes their mindset and their behaviors too.

Speaking of the best boarding schools you can think of in Nevada, we will recommend these few to you…

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1. Nevada State High School 

The founding members of NSHS established it in 2004 to give determined high school students a choice in their education. 

Students would have the option to enroll in real college courses with the assistance of the institution, which would improve their transition from high school to college.

In order to achieve this, NSHS has a set structure, a college-ready curriculum, a monitoring mechanism, and a reporting system that keeps parents in the loop and students interested in their own learning.

NSHS has consistently obtained Exemplary or five-star AYP ratings from the State of Nevada, has been recognized as one of Newsweek’s top 100 schools in the nation, and as a Bronze recipient for America’s Best High Schools and Most Connected Classrooms by U.S. News & World Report.

The cost of attending NSHS is nothing. The school’s financial plan makes the best use of public funds to pay for each student’s tuition and fees for two years of education. 

You will learn how to succeed in college courses and in your career at NSHS in addition to taking them. They are preparing the kids for the future by putting a strong emphasis on career and college preparedness.

It is not a surprise to see NSHS among the list of top boarding schools in Nevada.

Students that are dependable, have moral character, and are eager to advance in their studies will find what they need at NSHS.

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2. Henderson International School 

Your child will receive amazing opportunities at Henderson International School, including the advantage of small class sizes.

Due to the small size of their classrooms, their teachers have more time to get to know each student individually and develop exciting lesson plans. 

At Henderson International School, individualized instruction results in academic progress boosted self-confidence, and quantifiable improvement.

At Henderson International, they consider the morals they instill to be just as significant as the subjects they cover in class. Compassion, honesty, respect, and cultural inclusivity are what set the school apart and help shape its students into strong, well-rounded leaders.

Henderson International prepares their Students to Succeed not only just in the classrooms but in life as well, they are definitely one of the best Boarding schools you can think of in Nevada.

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3. St Nicholas Orthodox Academy 

St Nicholas is accredited with distinction by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

They always work Towards supporting the development of a Christian community where students are encouraged to pursue academic success, a commitment to God, neighborly service, and an Orthodox worldview.

Furthermore, via the best college-preparatory curriculum imaginable and in a nurturing environment, kids develop a sense of accountability for their own academic progress as well as a desire to beautify and educate the world.

St Nicholas is now accepting applications for kindergarten- 9th grade 2023-2024 school year.

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3. Abundant Life Christian Academy 

According to Abundant Life Academy, educators should serve as “a living epistle” in the classroom by modeling Christian love and service to their students. Additionally, moral integrity, spiritual chastity, and dignity of purpose must be shown.

The goal of Abundant Life Academy is to produce a generation of worshipers who value and revere God’s presence and conduct their worship in line with the teachings of the Bible.

Students are taught to excel not only in general education subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts but also in Biblical studies and practical ways of walking with the Lord.

At ALA, they build foundations for a deepening of faith in Jesus Christ and attempt to instill Christian values that their students will carry for a lifetime.

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4. Gv Christian School 

All students are granted equal access to all programs, sports opportunities, and rights at GV Christian School regardless of their race, color, or national or ethnic origin. 

When it comes to the administration of educational policies, admissions rules, athletic programs, and other school-run initiatives, they do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

In the Las Vegas valley, GV Christian Preschool quickly established a stellar reputation after its founding in February 1990.

Gv Christian has two major goals which are:

Being the top Christian school in the country is their main priority. Everything they do has this at its core.

Their second objective is to give their students a supportive and encouraging environment that will push them to do their emotional, spiritual, and intellectual best.

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5. Adelson Educational Campus 

The Adelson School is the only PK-12 Jewish community school in Nevada. Students are not only educated here. They are known

In November 2006, Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson gave a sizable gift to The Adelson School in Summerlin, which has since grown from 145 pupils to 500.

There are three institutions on the Adelson Educational Campus:

  • From 18 months until the fourth grade, the Lower School serves kids.
  • Grades 5-8 at the middle school.
  • Grades 9–12 at the Upper School.

Simply put, the Adelson Educational Campus is a superb Jewish day school. Students get active in charitable causes, neighborhood events, and Israel-proud activities as early as a pre-first grade. 

Adelson pupils are taught the value of both education and technology starting at a young age. Even better, there is a fantastic tech room on our campus that is available to all students. 

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6. Sage Ridge School 

Sage Ridge School produces enquiring and self-assured people who value rigorous study, uphold human dignity, make moral decisions, exhibit courage, foster caring communities, and eventually succeed in higher education and in today’s global society.

A few families had the idea of a school for their kids in 1996. Any student from any home who is dedicated to learning could attend the institution. 

Teachers would be inspirational role models who might push young adolescents to strive for excellence in a fun, encouraging environment. 

An established, demanding liberal arts education would be provided by the coursework. Sage Ridge, located in the Sierras, would captivate kids with its breathtaking scenery and encourage environmental care. 

Their students exude the self-assurance that comes with academic excellence and moral fortitude. They succeed at the best colleges and universities in the country as well as elsewhere. 

Once you get to know a Sage Ridge alum, you’ll see that they are sharp problem solvers who speak with confidence and poise.

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7. Triad  School 

Triad was born from a need. A teacher who wanted to provide more to her students and a parent of two bright kids whose needs were not being met by a typical school. 

Triad holds the opinion that not every student is a good fit for every school. For students to succeed, it is critical that the school, the student, and the family are a good fit. The school, the student, and the family all share responsibility for a student’s success when the match is right.

They personalize learning at Triad. Instead of the other way around, they design their curriculum for the needs of their students.

Your child will have the tools they need to achieve thanks to their small class sizes, individualized instruction, and accelerated curriculum.

The objective of Triad School is to develop an academic setting where kids can explore their own interests in greater depth. 

These passions will be used by the students to practice and develop their fundamental abilities. These abilities will serve as the foundation for their academic future.

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8. The King’s Academy (Reno)

They provide a safe, loving environment where students can explore their interests and succeed in their areas of strength while doing so in a setting that is genuinely Christian.

They provide a safe, loving environment where students can explore their interests and succeed in their areas of strength while doing so in a setting that is genuinely Christian.

To help the home and church in their mission to “train up a kid in the way he should go,” that’s the mission of The Kings Academy.

The King’s Academy always consistently gives its kids a top-notch education that is clearly Christian.. The King’s Academy will give its students the intellectual and spiritual energy they need to become local, national, and international leaders as they fulfill their God-given potential and have an effect on the world with the gospel of Christ.

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9. Bishop Gorman high school 

The Clerics of St. Viator created Bishop Gorman High School in 1954, and in 2007 it relocated to a new location. The oldest Catholic high school in Southern Nevada is Bishop Gorman, which has roughly 1500 students enrolled.

Bishop Gorman boasts a 98% college-bound percentage as a college prep school. The Class of 2021 graduated with 129 honors, 31 scholars, two finalists for national merit scholarships, four commended students, and earned scholarship offers totaling $25 million. 

With more than 100 State Championships won throughout the course of its 65+ year existence, Bishop Gorman is the home of the Gaels and has a strong record of athletic accomplishment. 

Additionally, 30 seniors in the Class of 2021 received athletic scholarships to participate in college.

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10. Merryhill Elementary School

Since 1998, Merryhill has taken pride in offering 

kindergarten through fifth-grade students a top-notch private school education. 

Merryhill’s major objective is to offer an elementary education that lays a solid foundation for success and learning throughout life. They achieve this through training and project-based lessons that foster a love of learning and promote the growth of critical thinking skills.

They engage their students through collaboration with their diverse community of students, their families, their staff, and the larger community both locally and globally; educating the whole child to ensure that he or she develops academically, artistically, mentally, physically, socially, and technologically; and providing opportunities, offering guidance, and encouraging growth.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Nevada?

There are many elementary boarding schools in Nevada and most of them are really expensive. Most parents find it challenging to afford most things most of the time.

Below are a few elementary boarding schools in Nevada;

  • Holderness Academy 
  • Maclay school 
  • Nevada State high school 

What Are the Public Boarding Schools in Nevada?

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak acknowledged Nevada’s role in Native boarding schools; the federal government required children born into Indigenous communities to attend public boarding schools.

Most public Boarding Schools in Nevada are very cheap and can easily be afforded; there are not too many, just a few public boarding schools available in Nevada.

Below are the list of public boarding schools in Nevada;

  • Sage Ridge School 
  • Clark high school 
  • Coronado high school etc 

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What Are the Private Boarding Schools in Nevada?

There are numerous private boarding schools in Nevada owned by individuals. Private boarding schools are quite expensive no doubt, but most of them are the best you can think of, so it is really Worth the cost.

Some of the Schools are;

  • Challenger School -Los prados
  • The King’s Academy (Reno)
  • Our lady of Las Vegas school 
  • Abundant life Christian Academy 
  • St Nicholas Orthodox Academy etc

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Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools in Nevada?

There are lots of All girls boarding schools in Nevada. Most of them are private though and quite expensive, but they are really good boarding schools. 

Here are some All Girls Boarding Schools in Nevada below;

  • Red Hawk Academy for girls
  • Boise Girls Academy 
  • Sage Ridge School 
  • Girls empowerment middle School Las 6Vegas etc 

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Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools in Nevada?

Nevada has all boys’ boarding schools. If you want to enroll your male child in any boarding school that is all boys, below are a few suggestions, though there are a good number of them.

Check these few out;

  • Maclay School 
  • Brush creek Academy 
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada Boys Homes
  • Diamond Ranch Academy etc 

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Nevada?

There are very few military boarding schools in Nevada. If you are looking for a military boarding school in Nevada to get your child into, check out the few schools enlisted below. Though they are very difficult to get into, it is very possible.

Check these few out;

  • Battle Born Youth Challenge Academy 
  • Rancho high school airforce 
  • Veterans tribute career and technical academy 

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Nevada?

Christian boarding schools in Nevada offer troubled children several benefits.

Christian boarding schools are normally different from other schools because they are more religious, unlike other schools that are both All girls and all-girls Christian schools.

Examples of Christian Schools in Nevada are;

  • Gv Christian School 
  • Abundant Life Christian Academy 

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nevada for Troubled Youths?

Therapeutic schools are the schools where troubled teens are taken care of properly, both medically and academically.

Some of these schools are

  • Shrub Oak International School 
  • Coral Reef Academy 
  • KW legacy Ranch 
  • Red Hawk Academy for Girls 
  • Pima medical institute etc

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Nevada has a good number of boarding schools, both private and public, and we believe you now know the best boarding schools in Nevada.

After all that was said and explained above, we believe you can now confidently choose the best boarding schools to enroll in as a student or as a parent looking for where to put your child.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is going to Boarding School worth it?

Boarding schools have a lot of benefits for students and parents too, especially those that barely have time to take good care of their children. They send them to boarding schools, where they are usually properly taken care of.

Why do parents send their children to Boarding Schools?

Most of the time, they do so because of the stare of the child. Most teens are struggling either medically or academically, so most of the time, sending them to a boarding school where they get more of their fellow students’ company sometimes helps them.


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