15 Best Boarding Schools in New Mexico | Cost, Types

Since they have been around for many centuries, boarding schools today exist in numerous nations. Although boarding schools serve many different purposes and have many different philosophies, they typically offer kids a safe, orderly place to live while simultaneously educating them.

In New Mexico, boarded students typically come from one of three groups: Native Americans who reside on reservations; Hispanic descendants who have lived in the state for generations; or newcomers, frequently from other states, who are seeking a rural, Western way of life.

The Menaul School in Albuquerque and the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell are two full-time residential institutions in New Mexico that have established international reputations. However, this does not include all of the state’s boarding school resources.

In New Mexico, are you trying to find a boarding school? You’re in luck if so. The many excellent boarding schools in New Mexico 2024 are listed and discussed in this article.

Are There Boarding Schools In New Mexico?

New Mexico has boarding schools where you can receive a high level of academic proficiency.

In New Mexico, boarding schools come in a wide variety of forms and sizes, serving a wide range of purposes. Some are prestigious and concentrate on educating the children of the wealthy, while others are quite expensive and give disadvantaged youngsters a solid academic foundation.

No matter how different they may be, all boarding schools strive to give their pupils a well-rounded education.

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How Much Do Boarding Schools In New Mexico Cost?

In New Mexico, residential institutions charge between $60,000 and $75,000 in tuition.

Boarding schools in New Mexico 2024 provide several special and compelling perks despite the high expense of tuition. 

The ability to acquire a top-notch education in a protected setting is one of the most evident advantages. Additionally, boarding schools in New Mexico offer a sense of belonging and community that are frequently lacking in typical campuses.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools In New Mexico?

Fortunately, there are affordable boarding schools in New Mexico 2024 for your ward. They are below $20,000. The boarding schools are as follows:

  • Coral Community Charter School
  • St. Pius X High School
  • Menaul School

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In New Mexico 2024?

Your best options in the US are the top boarding schools in New Mexico 2024.

When it comes to educational possibilities for their children, the state’s boarding schools provide parents with a good amount of choice, and years spent studying in New Mexico are certain to be quite memorable ones.

The top boarding schools in the US for your child are as follows:

  • New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI)
  • Army and Navy Academy
  • Wilbraham & Monson Academy
  • Menaul School
  • St. Pius X High School
  • Coral Community Charter School
  • Albuquerque School of Excellence
  • United World College USA

#1. New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI)

A military boarding school with a great reputation for academic excellence is New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI). 

Furthermore, it serves as a “feeder” institution for the US service academies. NMMI offers two years of post-graduate junior college and admits both male and female students for grades 9 through 12. Almost one-third of the students at the school are international, making up a varied student body.

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Under the slogan “Duty, Honor, Achievement,” the NMMI focuses on academic success, the development of leadership and character, and physical fitness. Outstanding candidates for the 5 Service Academies continue to be produced by an embedded US Service Academy Preparatory Program.

Yearly Tuition (Boarding Students) is $23,218 (North American Rate).

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#2. Army and Navy Academy

The Academy enrols students from all over the country and overseas since it has a longstanding reputation as one of the best private military schools in the country. 

The single-gender emphasis on how boys learn, engage, and become motivated distinguishes the Academy as a Gurian Model School. 

The Academy offers a rigorous daily routine that includes academics based on UC standards, after-school tutorials, junior varsity athletics, required study time, downtime, and nutritious eating. Every student is encouraged to realize his full potential throughEngin’sn ageing teaching, small class sizes, individualized attention, and formal leadership training.

The cost of tuition per year for boarders is $48,000.

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#3. Wilbraham & Monson Academy

WMA is a global experience with 24 AP courses, several honours tracks, and a curriculum that combines the knowledge of traditional core subjects with programs tailored to the Center of Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance, and our Financial Trading Center. It cultivates global thinkers.

The 400-acre campus is complemented with a state-of-the-art iLab that is 4,800 square feet in size, a $6.2 million Athenaeum Library, and athletic facilities that let students participate in more than 30 competitive, recreational, or community activities.

Future leaders who look into chances for intellectual progress integrate by pursuing intercultural connections and innovate by engaging in analytical thought and entrepreneurial thinking are what this school seeks to develop.

Along with student promotion and an advisor program, WMA also includes college counselling in its program.

Yearly Tuition for boarding students is $69,500.

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#4. Menaul School 

This School has been educating children from New Mexico and all across the world since 1896. The students are being prepared for a lot more than college at Menaul School; they are being prepared for life in general. 

Each student develops in intellect, spirit, and body as they are submerged in a multicultural, global, and supportive environment. The Menaul School strikes a balance between intellectual prowess, spiritual self-awareness and expressiveness, and physical well-being.

It’s crucial to take into account all factors, including the school’s location, while choosing a boarding school.

It’s crucial to take into account all factors, including the school’s location, while choosing a boarding school. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, there is a private coed school called Menaul School. 

Albuquerque, which has a population of over 550,000, is a sizable city with a lot to offer students. Additionally, the school is a Presbyterian school, which may be significant to families with strong religious ties.

$18,060 is the annual tuition.

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#5. St. Pius X High School

The development of students’ spiritual, intellectual, and social lives is a priority at St. Pius X High School. Daily Mass, a monthly all-school Mass, and twice-yearly Reconciliation are all provided by Campus Ministry.

At Pius, learning is boosted by small class sizes, a large variety of honours and AP classes, teachers with advanced degrees, and exceptional learning facilities including computer labs and art studios. 

Top scorers on national exams and successful college candidates are SPX students, thanks to a rigorous curriculum, high standards, and a student-to-teacher ratio of roughly 10:1.

Pius offers extracurricular activities to supplement the demanding academic curriculum. Students have the chance to find and apply their numerous talents, as well as to learn leadership and social skills which they can use for the duration of their lives.

The cost of tuition is $12,900.

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#6. Coral Community Charter School

Prekindergarten through sixth-grade Albuquerque children who choose to attend Coral Community Charter School will be served. 

To ensure students’ competency, the school is committed to offering single-gender classrooms, high-quality instruction, individualization, and family/community involvement.

The Albuquerque Public School system provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth organizations and does not discriminate against students, staff members, or third parties based on ethnic identity, religion, race, colour, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, HIV status, mental or physical disability, marital status, or pregnancy in any program or activity run by or sponsored by the school district.

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Preschool Annual Cost of tuition is $0.

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#7. Albuquerque School of Excellence

A highly regarded public charter school called Albuquerque School of Excellence is situated in ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico. 

With a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, it has 905 pupils in grades K–12. State exam results show that 43% of pupils are at least proficient in arithmetic and 50% are at least proficient in reading.

The cost of tuition for the 2022–23 academic year is $26,176, which covers meals and the majority of extracurricular activities.

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#8. United World College USA

In MONTEZUMA, New Mexico, there is a well-regarded private boarding school called United World College USA. 

There are 235 pupils in grades 11 and 12, and there are nine kids for every instructor. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $36,750. 77% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

The cost of tuition is $36,750.

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Best Boarding Schools Close To New Mexico

There are wonderful boarding schools close to New Mexico you can explore. The best of them include:

#9. Hockaday School

At this residential school in Dallas, Texas, only female students are admitted for kindergarten through to the twelfth grade. This is a school that values the potential of girls.

The program is therefore designed to support students in becoming independent women in any field they want to explore.

Alumni of an all-girl boarding school in Texas assert that the small boarding community is friendly, accommodating, and academically stimulating.

The acceptance rate is 19%, and the tuition cost is $61,621.

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#10. St. Stephen Episcopal School

The outstanding academic prospects at this Texas boarding school have received national recognition. The college-preparatory curriculum offered at the school is supplemented by a welcoming environment and support for inclusive education.

With breathtaking views and top-notch amenities, the area is excellent for academics. Classes are taught by talented, committed, and friendly professors.

With an average class size of 17 students and a student-teacher ratio of 8:1, this boarding school caters to a wide range of students by offering small class sizes.

Unexpectedly, just 35% of the school’s overall enrollment opts to board. Furthermore, over 19% of students need financial assistance. Your child will develop academically, emotionally, and socially.

54% of applicants are accepted, and tuition is $63,340.

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#11. The Village School

There are no religious ties to this residential school in Texas. Students in seventh through twelfth grades may board there.

It is committed to fostering lifelong learners who are inquisitive and capable of critical thought as a large student body and a worldwide community.

Additionally, it supports a cutting-edge approach to teaching that integrates the real collaboration needed to lead the upcoming generation into a continuously changing environment, notably in the fields of math and science.

Since there are typically 18 students in each class and there are 1:8 teachers to students, students get to know their instructors better.

The acceptance rate is 50%, and the cost of tuition is $71,800.

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#12. San Marcos Academy

San Marcos Academy is a coeducational Christian residential school. Its boarding facilities and services are open to students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Students can choose between two boarding options as well.

It provides a 5-day program and a 7-day boarding program for families living within a 70-mile radius.

If you live in Texas and wish to always have them home on the weekends, this is an excellent alternative to wads.

It boasts a robust fine arts curriculum, a focus on leadership development, and ESL instruction for overseas students.

Nine students are frequently seated together in classes with an instructor-to-student ratio of 1:8. There is an 80% acceptance rate.

The price of tuition is $31,500.

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#13. Fountain Valley School

Fountain Valley School, a coeducational independent preparatory school that is privately owned, was established in 1907.

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In essence, this Colorado boarding school serves students in grades 9 through 12. Therefore, enrolling your child in Fountain Valley School won’t be a bad decision if they are about to join the ninth grade.

This institution is among the best for allowing students to participate in many activities and supporting them in balancing their academic, athletic, and creative pursuits.

The school typically enrols 32% of international students, making it one of the most prestigious boarding high schools in Colorado.

International students pay $63,000, boarding students pay $59,000, and day students pay $30,150.

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#14. Bellview Christian School

One of the boarding schools in Denver, Colorado, is this institution.

Enrolling your kids in this school won’t be a bad start if you genuinely want to start on time by teaching your kids God’s ways.

One of the privately owned Christian schools is Belleview Christian School. It aspires to provide students with a top-notch education based on biblical truth from nursery school through the 12th grade.

They do have the space and resources necessary to develop in Christ and a desire to serve Him.

Students at Bellview are permitted to enrol in any programs and participate in any extracurricular activities regardless of their race, colour, nationality, or ethnic background.

Take note that the tuition is relatively reasonable, ranging from $300 to $5,000.

Another boarding high school in Colorado is this one. It provides coeducational boarding for students in grades 9 through 12.

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#15. Ekklesia Mountain High

This best boarding school in Colorado Ekklesia offers a distinctive educational curriculum that aids in developing its pupils and providing them with a solid academic foundation that will enable them to succeed in college.

Students at the school carry out projects, mission works, and even adventure activities.

The fact that this school teaches kids about Christ’s vision for the community, leadership, and obedient living is another intriguing aspect of it.

Additionally, there are 135 boarders at Ekklesia, with classes averaging 7 pupils and a student-teacher ratio of 1:7.

The tuition fee is $23,950.

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Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, there aren’t many boarding schools with only boys. These boarding institutions have a history of producing fine men from their male students.

  • Army and Navy Academy
  • Coral Community Charter School

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools In New Mexico?

There are a good number of private boarding schools in New Mexico. They are as follows

  • Wilbraham & Monson Academy
  • Menaul School
  • United World College USA
  • St. Pius X High School
  • Albuquerque School of Excellence

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools In New Mexico?

There are two renowned military boarding schools in New Mexico you can explore, they include:

  • New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI)
  • Army and Navy Academy

What Are The All-Girls Boarding Schools In New Mexico?

If you want your girl child to receive an education that goes beyond the classroom, think about sending her to a boarding school for girls.

All-girls boarding school students live with their teachers and pursue their education in a safe environment. This is the sole all-girls boarding school in New Mexico:

  • Coral Community Charter School

What Are The Christian Boarding Schools In New Mexico?

Christian boarding schools in New Mexico provide students with a solid foundation that nurtures their religion and fosters moral and intellectual excellence. The Christian boarding schools in New Mexico are as follows:

  • St. Pius X High School
  • Menaul School

Frequently Asked Questions

Are boarding schools in the US free?

The first public boarding school in the country that prepares students for college is called The SEED School of Washington, D.C. To participate in their five-day boarding program, enrolled students must check in on Sunday evenings and check out on Friday afternoons.

Can the financially underprivileged attend boarding school?

Across the country, there are a few urban boarding schools designed expressly to assist children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Why not attend a boarding school?

For many students, this is the most difficult aspect of boarding school, but it also encourages independence and personal development. “Boarding school syndrome” can result from early boarding. This is a known issue, therefore parents should be cautious about enrolling children in school when they are too young or not yet developed enough.

Are boarding schools bad for kids?

Early boarding has a secret trauma that lingers. a young child who is sent away from home to live with strangers loses both their home and their attachment figures. They experience protracted separation. They might go through loss and bullying.


In New Mexico, boarding schools provide a range of enrichment options, including arts and sports, that aren’t often present in conventional schools. 

Finally, kids may benefit from the independence and responsibility that boarding institutions give. Be sure to explore boarding school for your child as soon as possible!


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