15 Best Boarding Schools in Scotland

Boarding schools in Scotland offer a wide range of options and opportunities because each type of school has something unique.

This article has highlighted some of the best boarding schools in Scotland that may be the best fit for your child.

Boarding schools in Scotland are mostly chosen by students from the United Kingdom, France, or Germany. However, these are not the only countries and nationalities represented at Scottish boarding schools. 

All candidates should keep in mind that Scotland is not only about education, but it is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world, much of which is still unexplored. 

Why not visit this country? Why not look into Scottish boarding schools? Everyone should be aware that Scotland is a united part of the United Kingdom, located in the northern part of the British Isles.

When it comes to education at Scottish boarding schools, it has always been distinct from other educational systems, owing to the “broad” aspect of education.

Are There Boarding Schools in Scotland?

Boarding schools in Scotland have a lot to offer to foreign and national students, and teachers and school administrators are working hard to attract as many international students as possible. 

They are aware that “international” means “power,” and power is frequently associated with future success. If you want to be successful in the future and have considered international school, one of the boarding schools in Scotland should be your first choice.

Enlisted below are the 15 Best  Boarding Schools in Scotland;

  • Ardvreck School
  • Dollar
  • Erskine Stewart’s Melville School 
  • Gordonstoun
  • Glenalmond college
  • Merchiston Castle School
  • Strathallan School
  • St Leonards School
  • Kilgraston
  • Loretto School
  • Edinburgh College 
  • St George School 
  • St Margaret School for Girls Aberdeen 
  • Fettes college 
  • The Glasgow Academy 

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in Scotland Cost?

The annual cost for each student at boarding schools in the UK ranges from £20,000 to £30,000. 

For day students who live with their parents, guardians, or in their own residence, the cost can be as low as £12,000, and there are many excellent schools that accept international students on that basis.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Scotland?

Schools in Scotland’s Boarding fees are very different. Schools are aware of the pressures parents are under, especially given the state of the economy.

To lessen the burden on parents and to increase access, schools make a concerted effort to limit fee increases.

Financial aid is available at every boarding school in Scotland and is based on need. The amount of financial assistance can range greatly, from a free place (where the school pays 100% of the fees) to awards worth about 20% of the fees.

So with all these services available in Scotland,parents now can afford boarding schools both private and public etc.

Some boarding schools you can afford:

  • Dollar Academy
  • Strathallan School
  • Scotland’s Boarding Schools

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Scotland?

For international students, Scotland boarding schools are renowned for being secure and orderly settings with some of the best teaching staff in the nation and world-class musical, artistic, and athletic facilities. 

In order to study and work anywhere in the world, students will graduate with utter fluency in English and will feel completely at home in an Anglophone environment.

Are you curious to know the Best boarding schools in Scotland at the moment,then you are reading the right Article,In this Article we will discuss the top-ranking boarding schools in Scotland 2024.

1.Ardvreck School

Ardvreck, located in rural Perthshire and only an hour’s drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh, is a hidden gem of a boarding school that offers a unique educational experience to boys and girls aged 3 to 13.

Any School can provide excellent academic rigor, a strong pastoral ethos, and a diverse co-curricular program, which we do exceptionally well. What distinguishes this school are the people, the characters, and the personalities who, at Ardvreck, are a rather rare and dedicated breed!

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Ardvreck students are known for their dedication, resilience, and determination. They are encouraged to cast wide nets, to dream big, and to be ambitious. 

From the age of three, children in Little Ardvreck have access to acres of outdoor space for exciting forest learning, sport, and play: these elements combine to make their curriculum so creative and exciting that young minds can”t help but have a tenacious thirst for learning.

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2. Dollar 

Dollar has been serving the educational needs of its students for over two centuries as the world’s oldest co-educational day and boarding school. 

The Care Inspectorate described the school’s standard of care for its borders as “sector-leading” – this is a successful school full of happy and very active children.

Dollar is regarded as one of the UK’s leading independent schools, with a strong reputation among the country’s top universities. 

The school provides the most academic subjects in Scotland, as well as over 100 co-curricular activities. It is well-known for its sports, music, and art, in particular.

Around 90 boys and girls live in three small family-style boarding houses located on Dollar’s stunning 70-acre campus at the foot of the Ochil Hills. 

Tutors assist with homework, and excellent social, sporting, and leisure facilities are available to students.

One significant benefit of boarding at Dollar is that there are several hundred day students living nearby, so boarders have a large circle of friends both inside and outside of the boarding house. 

Dollar, located between the university cities of St Andrews and Edinburgh, is less than an hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow, with dozens of direct flights to London and other destinations every day.

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3. Erskine Stewart’s Melville School 

A distinctive group of private schools. The largest family of independent schools in Europe belongs to Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools. 

Their family of schools, which has its headquarters in Edinburgh, the vibrant capital of Scotland, has a longstanding reputation for academic excellence.

Also, Their distinctive organizational design enables us to provide a co-educational junior school, after which students benefit from single-sex but closely paired senior education before reuniting in a co-educational pre-university sixth form. 

Morealso, Their schools offer the Scottish curriculum, top-notch instruction, and the chance for every student to realize their full potential and become their best selves.

It is a boarding home rather than a boarding house. Dean Park House for boys and Erskine House for girls are two separate but close-by boarding houses that received the “Excellent” rating in every category in our most recent Care Inspectorate Report.

Their boarding houses are cozy, clean, and roomy. Due to the size of the houses, which can each hold up to 30 borders, boarding is comparable to living with an extended family.

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4. Glenalmond college 

Glenalmond College is a top-notch educational institution. 

Visitor families get a sense of what makes Glenalmond unique from the first glimpse of the school buildings through the trees as you drive up Front Avenue, and when they speak with staff and students, they truly begin to understand why this is such a remarkable place to learn.

Glenalmond, which is only one hour from the airports in Glasgow or Edinburgh, has a stellar reputation for academic success and offers A-levels, Highers, and GCSEs in a variety of subjects. 

The majority of the teaching staff members reside on the beautiful campus of the school, and they are fully committed to ensuring that every child’s potential is realized to the fullest. Class sizes are reassuringly small with only 360 students, and each child is recognized individually.

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5. Gordonstoun

Every student is encouraged to reach their academic and personal potential by the school’s incredibly broad curriculum. 

Students from Gordonstoun study a variety of subjects in universities, colleges, and art schools around the world while following the English GCSE and A level curriculum.

The setting for Gordonstoun’s internationally renowned outdoor education program is the Moray Coast in the north of Scotland. 

Students at Gordonstoun gain priceless experience in leadership, teamwork, compassion, and self-understanding through participation in expeditions and sail training voyages. 

Their perspective is widened, their capacity for empathy is increased, and they develop resilience. These life skills support the school’s dedication to academic excellence.

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6. Merchiston Castle School 

Merchiston Castle School, a prestigious Scottish private school, adheres to the long-standing British tradition of separate education; from the time of its founding until the present, only boys between the ages of 7 and 18 are educated there. 

The number of students totaling 470 choose to live in the hostel, and there is also a full-time study option available. 

The campus is situated in an Edinburgh suburb in a serene, picturesque area; it is 7 kilometers from the city’s airport and 4 hours by train from the closest train station to London.

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Teachers are making every effort to instill in students a consistent drive to achieve goals in all areas of life, including academics, the arts, sports, and religion. 

While students follow a fairly strict and rich schedule and adhere to strict discipline, children are given the widest range of developmental opportunities. 

This helps students become more composed, persistent, and attentive. Giving every child the chance to discover and express his unique talents and abilities is the main educational tenet in this country; this is a successful fusion of the British and Scottish educational traditions.

Children of any nationality and religion are welcome there to learn because at Merchiston Castle School, only common Christian values and postulates are supported.

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7. Strathallan School 

In order to give every student the chance to succeed, Strathallan School has provided a wide range of academic, extracurricular, and sporting opportunities for more than a century. 

The school enjoys a wonderful balance of campus buildings, contemporary residential housing, and exceptional outdoor facilities. 

It is located in 153 acres of beautiful rural Perthshire and has excellent access to international airports in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

They actively engage their kids in academics. Their A-level accomplishments speak for themselves, and their teachers are dedicated professionals who are authorities in their fields. 

They are incredibly talented in both sports and the arts. They can assist everyone in realizing their potential, from eager beginners to top performers.

Strathallan has a long history of working with children whose families live abroad. Also, It is a school where hard work is rewarded, where students feel valued and content, and where they are given the time and support to develop into capable, self-assured young adults prepared for the challenges that will come in their lives.

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8. St Leonards School

One of the top Scottish and British schools is The St. Leonards School. Its graduates excel in a range of professions, from politics to production. 

Exam results for St. Leonards School graduates show they perform well. For GCSE exams, more than 40% of students score A* to A. IB students typically receive 36, which is 4 points higher than the global average.

According to IB, the school is the best educational facility in Scotland. Children learn in a kind environment, a welcoming environment, and an intercultural environment here. 

Many foreign students choose the school as their child’s place of education because it is situated in one of Scotland’s most picturesque and secure areas.

The first step toward receiving an education of the highest caliber that satisfies international standards will be attending school in the renowned university city. 

Every student has the chance to reach their full potential, hone their skills, and learn critical academic and social abilities. 

All of this will make it possible for you to later enroll in your preferred prestigious university, particularly one in the United Kingdom, such as Cambridge or Oxford, or one in another continent.

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9. Kilgraston 

Children between the ages of five and eighteen can receive an education at the renowned boarding and day school Kilgraston. While their Senior School and Sixth Form are exclusively for girls, their Junior School is coed.

The school is in the breathtaking Perthshire countryside, home to an array of beautiful plants and animals. 

The 54 acres of parkland on the school campus offer a calm and leisurely-paced environment, giving the students the time and space to focus without interruption. Easy access is available to nearby towns and villages.

Their goal for every student is to encourage and foster the development of their unique character and personality. 

They think that both personal and professional goals should be unrestricted. Each student is to develop in a setting of freedom and opportunity.

We use the Scottish Examination System, which consists of National 5s, Highers, and Advanced Highers—the latter of which is thought to be even more difficult than A-Levels. 

In 2020, every single one of their students received admission to the university of their choice, 55% attended a prestigious Russell Group institution, and 48% of graduates enrolled in STEM programs.

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10. Edinburgh College

Edinburgh College was established in 2012, which is obviously very young by British standards, but in just a few years, it has managed to gain popularity among students all over the world and to cultivate an excellent reputation among academic colleagues. 

Four campuses make up the enormous Edinburgh College, whose attendance is over 26,000 students from all over the world.

Schoolchildren from all over the world attend summer camps at Edinburgh College, which highlights the high standard of facilities and infrastructure as well as the highest level of student safety promised.

Graduates who complete well-rounded academic programs receive high final exam scores and admission to the best universities not only in Great Britain but also around the world. 

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More than 92% of Edinburgh College graduates annually from the first time enroll in the universities of their “first choice,” that is, in the most sought-after and important universities, according to statistics. 

Each year, a large event takes place to honor the most exceptional, talented, and successful students, celebrating their victories and achievements in all the activities that were done.

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools in Scotland?

Scotland has a lot of private schools, and most of them are doing great; most of the schools in this aarticle are all private.

Private Boarding schools indeed are expensive and quite difficult to afford by a lot of parents but every money involved is worth it.

Giving a child the best education should be the priority of every parent out there and so that you need not look at the cost so much,give your child the best.

Enlisted under are few private schools in Scotland;

  • Dollar Academy
  • Glenalmond College
  • Ardvreck School
  • Lomond School
  • Cargilfield School
  • Queen Victoria School

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What Are The Public Boarding Schools in Scotland?

Most of Scotland’s public schools are less expensive because programs and charitable donations frequently suffice for academic tuition.

Public schools in Scotland are doing great, few of them receive recognition, and few are among the top-ranking schools in the State.

Public schools in Scotland;

  • Fettes College 
  • George Heriot’s School
  • The Mary Erskine School
  • Kilgraston School 

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What Are the Military Boarding Schools in Scotland?

Military Schools are where those Children with the vision of going into the military with the purpose of protecting the country or state enroll in.

These are not so common therefore they are not much in the school.

Military schools in Scotland:

  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 
  • Queen Victoria School 

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Scotland?

Are you looking for an elementary school in Scotland where you know your child will receive a top-notch education? …

For your benefit, this is the right article; keep reading to learn about some of the top elementary schools in Scotland in 2023.

Top Seattle elementary schools include:

  • Berryhill Primary School & Nursery
  • Parklands School
  • Breasclete Primary School
  • Breasclete Primary School

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Scotland?

Sometimes having a troubled child can be upsetting and stressful, especially for working parents.

For this type of child, therapeutic boarding schools are available to receive them.

Examples of these schools;

  • Ochil Tower School
  • New Struan School
  • Falkland House School

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Scotland?

There have been Christian schools for a while in Scotland. It has a protracted and honorable history.

Christian schools are more overtly religious; Also students are learn the moral teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ, and the teachers in these institutions go above and beyond the call of duty to instruct and mentor their charges.

a few Christian institutions;

  • Mannafields Christian School
  • Melville-Knox Christian School
  • Regius School
  • Providence Christian School 

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Are There All Girls Boarding in Scotland?

In the security of their neighborhood, girls can find their true selves. In coed environments, it can be more difficult for them to explore their emotional sides.

There are numerous, well-recognized All-Girls Boarding Schools in the Scotland;

  • Dollar Academy
  • Scotland’s Boarding Schools
  • Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh

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Are There All Boys Boarding in Scotland?

The All Boys School is quite widespread in the Scotland 

Due to their beliefs regarding single-sex education, some parents find it to be very convenient to enroll their kids in single-sex schools.

There are advantages to single-sex education that help some kids succeed in school and also help teachers better understand the kids.

Some of the Scotland all-boys boarding schools:

The All Boys School is quite widespread in the Scotland

Due to their beliefs regarding single-sex education, some parents find it to be very convenient to enroll their kids in single-sex schools.

There are advantages to single-sex education that help some kids succeed in school and also help teachers better understand the kids.

  • Lomond School
  • St Leonards school
  • Merchiston Castle School 

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The top 15 boarding schools in Scotland for 2024 are well-regarded for providing top-notch services and are highly ranked.

You should have all the information you require about the best boarding schools in Scotland, their tuition costs, and what is necessary to enroll in any of them after reading this article, in my opinion.


Which boarding school is the best?

There are a lot of boarding schools that are doing well in Scotland and the best was mentioned in the above Article.

How much does boarding school cost in Scotland?

Junior (day): £5,565 per term. Junior (boarding): £9,087 per term. Senior (day): £8,484 per term. Senior (boarding): £12,733 per term.

Are phones allowed in boarding schools?

Why boarding schools allow phone is a question that is frequently raised in this context. The answer is that, unless it is absolutely necessary, they typically don’t



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