Boston Conservatory School Acceptance Rate

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One of the top institutions in the country is located in Massachusetts and is called Boston University. It is a private academic and professional institution with over 35,000 students from over 130 different countries. The Times Higher Education ranked Boston University graduates fifth and sixth in the world and fifth in the United States for their employability.

The admittance rate at Boston University is extremely low. This demonstrates how selective the school is. The school will set the expected GPA, and SAT/ACT score requirements. 

You’ll almost probably get an offer of admission if you match their prerequisites. But if Boston University doesn’t accept you, you’ll be an unfortunate few who get rejected.

What to know about Boston Conservatory School

The Boston Conservatory at Berkeley is one of the nation’s oldest higher education institutes for performing arts, having been founded in 1867. The campus is situated in the Fenway-Canmore area of Boston, which is also home to several other schools and universities and a large number of the city’s cultural attractions

Boston Conservatory at Berklee is renowned for its unparalleled variety of performance opportunities. Each year, the school present more than 700 performances by our students, faculty, and guest artists. Respected actors, directors, conductors, choreographers, and teachers make up our faculty. They’ll motivate you to develop your artistic abilities to their fullest.

Students can earn Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor, and Master of Music degrees in various fields. Scholars are divided into departments for music, dance, and theatre. 

Numerous groups and activities are active on campus, and students perform more than 700 times a year at the Conservatory and other locations throughout the city.

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What is Boston Conservatory Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The acceptance rate for Boston Conservatory is 31%. 31 out of every 100 applications are chosen. This indicates that the school has a medium level of selection. 

The GPA and SAT/ACT criteria are more lenient than other colleges, but the school still expects you to meet them. If you meet or surpass their requirements, your chances of admission are excellent. But if you don’t, you can be an unfortunate few who get a rejection letter.

The Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music joined in 2016, changing their names to The Boston Conservatory at Berklee and became Berklee. The institutions have combined, but each has a separate application and audition process and a different acceptance rate.

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Is Boston Conservatory Difficult to get into?

Depending on the year, roughly 30% of applicants are accepted to Boston Conservatory. The Boston Conservatory does, however, have substantially more selective programs than others. For instance, BoCo’s musical theatre program has acceptance rates that, in some years, are fewer than 15%.

High academic achievement ensures entrance to this institution because it has a moderately selective admissions policy. 

A score of 27 on the ACT or a minimum SAT of 1260 ensures admission. In light of the fact that the school only accepts 42% of candidates, your acceptance rate could reach almost 100% if you are much superior to the average. 

The other aspects of your application are irrelevant if you can achieve a high SAT/ACT score. Your GPA must be within a certain range of a high school GPA of 3.47, and you must still satisfy the rest of the application requirements to meet the Boston Conservatory acceptance test.

But you don’t need outstanding extracurricular activities or stellar letters of recommendation to get in. Results alone may be used to gain admission. But you have a good chance if your ACT or SAT score is under 21 or 1060.

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Does Boston Conservatory require test scores in 2023?

Boston University does not require a test for first-year students applying for the fall of 2023 or the spring of 2024, although Boston Conservatory’s acceptance rate is low. This policy applies to all undergraduate programs, colleges, and schools at Boston University.

Boston Conservatory SAT requirements. 

At Boston Conservatory, a composite SAT score of 1160 is the norm. SAT scores range from 1060 in the 25th percentile for the New SAT to 1260 in the 75th percentile. 

In other words, if you get 1060, you’re below average, and if you get 1260, you’re above average. Boston Conservatory doesn’t have a strict SAT requirement with their low acceptance, but they want to see at least 1060 to be considered. 

Boston Conservatory ACT requirements 

Like the SAT, Boston Conservatory probably doesn’t have a strict ACT cutoff, but if you obtain a low enough score, your application will be rejected due to the low acceptance rate. At Boston Conservatory, an ACT score of 24 is the norm. With this result, Boston Conservatory is ACT score-wise Moderately Competitive.

ACT scores range from 21 in the 25th percentile to 27 in the 75th percentile. Even though Boston Conservatory probably states that there is no minimum ACT requirement, if you apply with a score of 21 or lower, you will have difficulty getting in unless you have something else in your application that is highly exceptional. A 21 will appear to be an academically inferior candidate because many applicants received 24 or higher.

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What are the admission requirements for Boston Conservatory in 2023?

Even though there are many components to a college application, you should concentrate on only a few crucial ones: 

  • GPA specifications 
  • Boston Conservatory Acceptance rate
  • Test requirements, such as those for the SAT and ACT Application requirements

SAT or ACT scores are suggested but not necessary for admission to the Boston Conservatory. Test results that you submit will be taken into consideration for your application. 

To apply to the Boston Conservatory, you must take the SAT or ACT. However, you must consider the Boston Conservatory acceptance rate to have a strong application.

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Transfer Requirements for Boston Conservatory in2023

Based on their finished college credits and placement audition, undergraduate transfer students are accepted at Boston Conservatory at Berklee for all majors based on the Boston acceptance rate. 

Transfer students have completed at least one full semester of college-level credits. They must submit the following materials: A copy of their high school diploma as proof of graduation and official transcripts of all of their college or university-level coursework. 

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What GPA do you need to get into Boston Conservatory school?

Many colleges have minimum GPA requirements, but in reality, this is frequently the bare minimum needed to apply to meet the Boston Acceptance rate without it being rejected immediately. 

The GPA criterion that counts is the GPA you need to have a legitimate possibility of being admitted. We consider the school’s current students’ average GPA for this.

Boston Conservatory demands a GPA of 3.47, which is about average for your high school class. You’ll need a good mix of A and B grades, with very few Cs. You can make up for a low GPA by taking AP or IB subjects, which are harder. This will improve your weighted GPA and demonstrate your capacity for college-level work. 

Your GPA is difficult to modify in time for college applications if you are now junior or senior. You’ll need a better SAT or ACT score to make up for a GPA at or below the school average of 3.47.

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How to apply to Boston Conservatory School in 2023?

First-year applicants must submit the following qualifications. Additionally, candidates from other countries must provide their credentials. 

  • QuestBridge application or the Common Application 
  • High School Transcript 
  • Grades for the Senior Year 
  • Teacher Evaluation 
  • Standardized Tests and Counselors
  • Recommendation Form (Optional) 
  • requirements for fine arts colleges
  • College of Fine Arts requirements 

A pre-audition and an online recorded audition are required for music auditions, a live audition in Boston or the surrounding area is required for theatrical auditions, and participation in two technique workshops is required for dance auditions. 

If you’re selected to audition at Boston Conservatory, I’d advise you to book a class with a professor from the department where you want to study ahead of time. 

To assess whether a school is a good fit, it is essential to understand how a particular instructor interacts with you. Your chances of being accepted can be improved if they like you and how you interact with others in the class. Note that this is merely a suggestion.

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How much does Boston Conservatory Cost?

Undergraduates must pay $43,860 each academic year to attend Boston Conservatory. Room and board normally cost $11,820 per year (unless you choose a more expensive single room), and $6,360 gives you 265 meals every semester (cheaper meal plans are available at a lower price with the less total amount of food).

Alternatives to Boston Conservatory School

You can check out:

  • Juilliard School
  • Curtis Institute of Music
  • Mannes College-The New School for Music
  • Cleveland Institute of Music
  • San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Frequently Asked Questions

How many applications are received each year?

For fall admission, Boston Conservatory at Berklee got about 3,200 applications last year (about 1,400 for music, 1,500 for theatre, and 300 for dance).

Can I apply to multiple programs?

Every applicant who plans to apply to more than one-degree program at the Conservatory must submit a comprehensive application and an audition for each program. Students may enrol in only one program at a time. Therefore if accepted into two, they must decide which program to enrol in by the deposit deadline. Double majoring is not permitted for students. A candidate’s likelihood of acceptance will not increase by applying to more than one program.

What are admissions decisions based on?

The audition is the most crucial component of your application. The Board of Admissions then employs a comprehensive approach to evaluate each applicant’s academic achievement while balancing it with the requirements of the incoming class to make final admissions decisions.


Less than one-third of candidates are accepted by The Boston Conservatory at Berkeley, which has a strict admissions process. Listening is the most significant factor in admission. 

It is advised for interested candidates to check the audition specifications and acceptance rate for their desired major. Candidates with the required artistic talent are thoroughly evaluated. 

The majority of qualified candidates have high school GPAs that are above average and a demanding course load that includes AP, IB, and Honors classes. Each applicant must also perform an online virtual interview and submit an artistic resume 


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