15 Best Culinary Schools in Baton Rouge | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

The culinary industry plays a large role in the economy of Baton Rouge. The city generate close to $8.7 billion in income from dinning and drinking establishment.  Hence the need for students to develop interest in the best Culinary Schools in Baton Rouge.

There will be over 16,400 addition by 2026, an increase of over 8%. 

Employers are looking for qualified individuals with the skills necessary to make their establishment successful. we can obtain these skills by enrolling in the best culinary schools in Baton Rouge. There is a high demand for educated culinary professionals who graduated from culinary schools in Baton Rouge.

In best culinary schools in Baton Rouge, a significant number of these institutions have American Culinary Federation accreditation, which is a sign of excellence in the industry. 

Best culinary schools in Baton Rouge also offered a hands-on training environment and internship or externship opportunities. 

Are There Culinary Schools in Baton Rouge?

There are more than 10 cooking and culinary schools in Barton Rouge that can assist in accomplishing culinary objectives.

A few culinary schools in Baton Rouge are below:

  • Louisiana Culinary Institute
  • Northshore Technical Community College 
  • Delgado Community College
  • SOWELA Technical Community College
  • Nunez Community College

How Much Does Culinary Schools Cost in Baton Rouge?

With an average tuition price of $2,711, culinary schools in Baton Rouge provide reasonable tuition.

Additionally, you can further lower the price of tuition in Baton Rouge cooking schools by submitting a scholarship application.

Requirements For Culinary Schools in Baton Rouge?

In addition to the essential courses, a high school diploma or GED is typically required for enrollment in culinary schools in Baton Rouge.

You might need to take tests, add work experience or extra education to your application if the university is highly selective.

It might be helpful if you’ve attended seminars or workshops.

Best Culinary Schools in Baton Rouge

You will gain the essential experience and competitive edge you need to advance in this fast-paced sector with a degree in culinary arts.

1. Louisiana Culinary Institute

Both AOS and BS degree programs in culinary arts are available from Louisiana Culinary Institute. 

Modern kitchen appliances may be found in the 40,000 square foot facility that houses this prestigious cooking school. 

Bakery & Pastry students can learn in a bakery demonstration lab and then practice their talents in one of two baking labs. 

The school also features a full service restaurant kitchen and two project kitchen. Student/faculty ratio is kept low with roughly 16 students to one instructor in lab courses. 

Students have plenty of clubs and student organizations to become a part of including a Garden Club, creating student demonstrations for the public, and working with the American Culinary Federation of Baton Rouge on community outreach.

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2. Nicholls State University

The Chef John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University is a top culinary school featuring an extensive offering of concentration areas in the culinary arts. 

Culinary Operations, Patisserie, Professional, Research and Development, Service, and Business Administration are among the bachelor degree concentrations available to students. 

Students have the opportunity to work in the student run restaurant at the Carmel Inn called LeBistro. 

Students operate all activity in the restaurant from dishwashing and dining service to executive chef. 

Courses are hands-on with a low student/faculty ratio to allow for individualized attention. 

An externship opportunity is also part of program with students working at some of the finest restaurants in the world.

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3. Northshore Technical Community College 

Northshore Technical Community College offers the culinary arts and occupations technical diploma. 

The college emphasizes hospitality, culinary arts, and food service via coursework that is both hands-on and theoretical. 

Furthermore, students require Sixty hours to complete the diploma, though there may be an additional certifications. A two-part internship in a culinary cafe is also a part of the program.

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4. Delgado Community College

Delgado Community College offers several different culinary program options for students who want a career in catering, baking, or culinary arts. 

The associate degree programs offers pastry arts, catering, and chef apprenticeship concentrations. All programs involve some degree of supervised job experience as part of the curriculum. 

Furthermore, Students in the Chef Apprenticeship program have the opportunity study under some of the finest chefs in the area in a model similar to the European apprenticeship programs. 

Certificate programs provide unique curriculum pertaining to each specialty area. Baking and Pastry students would study sanitation, contemporary desserts, and baking skills. 

Line Cook students complete courses related to food preparation, nutrition, supervision skills, and purchasing. Students in culinary arts programs learn in state-of-the-art kitchen facilities with modern kitchen

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5. SOWELA Technical Community College

SOWELA Technical Community College features an AAS degree and diploma program in Culinary Arts. 

The programs are accredited by the American Culinary Federation, an indicator of a quality program. 

Coursework for the AAS degree encompasses regional cuisine, production concepts in dining, dining room service, and nutrition. 

Students complete a culinary production externship opportunity in their third semester. This 60 credit hour program can be completed in two years of full time study. 

The diploma program also features an externship opportunity and prepares students for an entry level position in the field. Throughout the diploma program, students can receive National Restaurant Certificates.

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6. Nunez Community College

Nunez Community College is a top culinary school offering both an AAS degree in Food Service Production and Management as well as a Certificate of Technical Studies. 

The program features the ManageFirst Development Program through the National Restaurant Association. 

Cost control, baking, sanitation, and supervision are among the topics covered in the AAS degree courses. 

Furthermore, a culinary practicum is required as part of the program which allows students to get on the job training before they graduate. 

The certificate program is a 30-credit hour program with coursework designed to prepare recipients for entry level culinary positions.

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7. South Louisiana Community College

Numerous culinary programs, including an AAS in Culinary Arts and Occupations and a Culinary Arts and Occupational Tech Diploma, are available at South Louisiana Community College. 

Furthermore, The Associate Degree curriculum at this renowned culinary school provides classes in dining room service, food and beverage operations, baking and pastry, and cleanliness. 

The program can be finished in just two years of study. The Diploma Program can be completed in about 18 months and features courses focused directly on the culinary arts. 

The graduation requirement is a capstone project. Both programs are taught by experienced faculty.

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8. Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College

Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College prepares students for careers in service, production, and baking areas of the food service business. 

To achieve this, Northwest offers an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts. 

Furthermore, Students earn the AAS degree in two years. Prospective students will be glad to find that culinary programs begin the first semester, while obligatory general education courses are postpone to the student’s last semesters.

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9. Bossier Parish Community College

Bossier Parish Community College is a prominent culinary school offers an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts that in just four semesters of study you gain completion. 

Menu planning, food preparation, supervision, nutrition, and sanitation are among the course requirements. Students do a culinary internship as part of the program. 

Graduates of the curriculum will be capable of doing a personal nutrition analysis, comprehending culinary math, and possessing fundamental supervisory management abilities. 

A certificate in culinary arts, to prepare students for an entry level positions in the culinary field, is also offered.

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10. Baton Rouge Community College, Acadian Campus

Among the best culinary schools, Baton Rouge Community College offers a technical diploma program in Culinary Arts and Occupations. 

The program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation. Also, Students can obtain Technical Competency in the areas of Entry-Level Prep Cook, Production Cook, and Entry-Level Line Cook through the program’s three main exit points. 

Furthermore, Students graduate from the program with manufacturing and customer service capabilities. Students gain a solid work ethic, employability skills, and knowledge of safe work procedures throughout the program.

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11. Crescent City Bartending School

A for-profit university called Crescent City Bartending School is situated in New Orleans, Louisiana. 268 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a tiny school. 

The acceptance rate for Crescent City Bartending School is 100 percent. Only Culinary Arts and Food Service is a significant option. 

Alumni of the Crescent City Bartending School often make $20,000 as their first job compensation.

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12. Louisiana Tech University

According to the Niche 2022 Best College Rankings, Louisiana Tech University is the best public university in the state of Louisiana. 

Furthermore, The USNWR 2022 Best Colleges Report also named Louisiana Tech University a Top Tier National University for the eleventh consecutive year.

According to the Center for World University Rankings, we rank No. 1 in the state and No. 2 globally by Affordable Colleges Online, and we are in the top 5% of universities worldwide.

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13. Northshore Technical Community College

In Louisiana, there is a public university called Northshore Tech – Sullivan. 

Furthermore, It is a modest university with 1,424 undergraduate students enrolled. The acceptance rate at Northshore Tech – Sullivan is 100 percent. 

Welding, computer systems networking and telecommunications, and automotive mechanics are popular majors. 

Alumni from Northshore Tech – Sullivan graduate in 31% of cases and go on to make an average beginning income of $21,400.

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14. Baker College

While receiving an education can improve your life, doing so shouldn’t require you to put your current plans on hold. 

Our mission at Baker College is to give you a top-notch education that will enable you to start working toward your career goals right away.

Since Baker College has been established for more than a century, we are able to adapt to changing circumstances. 

We exclusively provide programs for professions with rapid rates of advancement. 

Industry leaders shape our programs, ensuring that our students enter the workforce with the knowledge and training that companies demand today.

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15. Orange Coast College

One of the top transfer institutions in the country, Orange Coast College gives thousands of students the chance to transfer to public and private universities in California and other states. 

OCC provides more than 135 academic and career programs, outstanding facilities, cutting-edge technology, and the chance to pursue your educational objectives at a reasonable cost. Be a part of us!

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We provide more than 135 academic and career programs, as well as the chance for you to fulfill your educational objectives. Which one is best for you? Find out! The Western Association of Schools and Colleges fully accredits us and we provide classes in the fall, winter, spring, and summer.

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How Much Do Cook Make In Baton Rouge?

For people working in the culinary arts in Baton Rouge, the average yearly compensation is $47,293.

In the event that you require a quick pay estimator, that works out to approximately $22.74 per hour. This works out to $909 every week or $3,941 a month.

While salaries on ZipRecruiter can range from $21,526 to $104,402, the majority of salaries in the Culinary Art jobs category now fall between $36,056 (25th percentile) and $53,815 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) in Baton Rouge making $80,184 annually.

How Do I Become a cook in Baton Rouge?

Working as a cook does not require formal education.

But many businesses prefer hiring cooks who have the appropriate mix of formal education and experience.

The following requirements are specific to premium restaurants:

  • A two- or four-year culinary degree is recommended. However, other organizations just demand that a cook be skilled in sanitation, hospitality, advanced cookery, and food safety.
  • Get an advance training to fully grasp the skills needed for demanding job environments.
  • A cook must also undergo extensive training from a chef.

Best Paying Culinary Job in Baton Rouge?

There are at least 5 occupations in the category of Culinary Arts that offer annual salaries higher than the typical Culinary Arts wage in Baton Rouge.

Top examples of these roles are vice president of culinary, director of culinary development, and vice president of culinary.

It’s important to note that the salaries for all of these occupations are greater than the average pay for the culinary arts, which is $47,293, by amounts ranging from $40,341 (85.3%) to $105,199 (222.4%).

If you meet the requirements, you might gain employment for one of these related roles and make more money than the normal Culinary Art employment.


Some of these institutions are among top culinary schools in  Baton Rouge.

Make a wise choice for your program, put in a lot of work, and get ready for a fantastic new career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your career options as a chef in culinary schools in Baton Rouge?

  • Baker
  • Chef
  • Commercial Cooking
  • Diner Cook
  • Dining Room Service
  • Fry Cook
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Restaurant Manager

Why study in culinary schools in Baton Rouge?

Studying the culinary arts can improve your life in a number of ways, as well as the lives of others.

A few advantages of attending culinary schools in Baton Rouge include the following.

  • Take cooking seriously as an art form.
  • Develop a respect for various civilizations.
  • Learn how you can encourage maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Is culinary art a good career

 Yes, as the hospitality and tourism industries revive, there is a great demand for trained cooks. 

Undoubtedly, employment opportunities in the culinary arts and management will increase in the next years.

Is culinary schools difficult?

It’s hard going in culinary school! However, it’s a challenge that countless students have been able to get through.


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