15 Best Culinary Schools in Italy | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Anyone who wishes to work as a professional chef must attend one of the culinary schools in Italy.

Additionally, those who want to learn about products and cuisines from other countries can also choose one of the Culinary schools in Italy. 

Above all, attending any of the Culinary schools in Italy broadens the understanding of culinary arts while allowing students and graduates to work in well-equipped kitchens.

Are there Culinary Schools in Italy?

There are a lot of Culinary schools in Italy, and these Culinary schools in Italy are listed below;

  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • Apicius International School of Hospitality 
  • Coquis
  • Vesuvio International School of Hospitality 
  • Sapori University
  • Florence Culinary School
  • Italian Chef Academy
  • Food and sustainability Studies at Umbra Institute 
  • Congusto Gourmet Institute 
  • Italian Culinary Institute 
  • Tuscookany cooking school
  • Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners
  • Mama Isa Cooking School
  • Acquolina-Catering & Cooking School
  • Cook Italy

How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost in Italy?

To be educated in any of the Culinary schools in Italy will cost applicants money.

However, to put this into context, straightforward, high-quality cooking courses in any of the Culinary schools in Italy typically cost between 3950 and 5950 euros yearly.

What are the Requirements for Culinary Schools in Italy?

The requirements for culinary schools in Italy are stated below;

  • diploma from high school 
  • working knowledge of professional kitchens (up to 1.5- 2 years) 
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores 
  • Resume with Statement of Purpose 
  • References from professors or mentors 
  • Additionally, prospective students could be required to complete a series of evaluation tests that some schools administer.

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What are the Best Culinary Schools in Italy?

1. Food and Sustainability Studies at Umbra Institute 

At Umbra Institute, students study cultural studies, business, history, sociology, anthropology, politics, science, agriculture, and sustainability.

Prospective students can enrol in a wide range of Italian culinary programs abroad during the academic year, the Fall, Spring, Summer, or January semesters. 

Also, students will enrol in three classes throughout their time at Perugia University, two of which are required, one of which is an elective. 

Further, the students attend seminars and visit historical and cultural locations pertinent to their studies, just like in other study abroad programs.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Italy.

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2. Congusto Gourmet Institute

An ambition of enrolling in an Italian culinary program can come true at Congusto Gourmet, which is situated in Milan. 

The courses are divided into the following four groups: courses for growth, specialization, management, and executive master. All course offerings start in January, May, or September. 

Prospective students can develop at this place to become a chef, pizzaiolo, or pastry chef. They might also choose to focus on producing ice cream, and chocolate, or on nutrition and eating habits. 

Also, study options such as restaurant management, hospitality management, and management of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available as well.

Moreover, for those who do not want to (or are unable to) commit to a lengthy program, the school now provides executive master in Integrated Gastronomic Training courses and amateur programs.

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This is why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Italy.

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3. Italian Chef Academy

For those who want to advance or hone their professional skills, the Italian Chef Academy offers culinary degree programs and courses. 

Aside from the Italian students, the Academy also welcomes students from other countries. 

Although lessons are normally given in either English or Italian, students who speak different languages can request an interpreter. 

The Academy is home to educators from various fields, including technicians, teachers, chefs and journalists.

Finally, students will also be expected to perform an internship with one of the many esteemed organizations the Academy collaborates with outside of class.

This is a good reason it is among Italy’s top culinary schools.

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4. Le Cordon Bleu

This is one of the Best Culinary Schools in Italy.

Daily, the instructors impart their wisdom and experience to the students, enabling them to better comprehend the value of tenacity and dynamism in achieving success. 

Also, by creating programs, Le Cordon Bleu has responded to the rising need for specialized professional training. 

Le Cordon Bleu’s short courses cover a wide range of topics, including baking, pastry making, wine, and cookery. Either lectures or practical workshops make up training. 

Additionally, the institute provides a two-year master’s degree in french cuisine and a three-year bachelor’s degree in culinary arts.

Lastly, depending on the certification, this training can take anywhere from 7 months to 2 years to complete; the average length is 2 years.

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5. Apicius International School of Hospitality 

A unique educational opportunity is provided by Apicius, the culinary division of Florence Arts University, which is situated close to the city’s main market. 

The school invites students to enrol in one-year certificate programs in wine studies, culinary arts, or baking & pastries. 

Additionally, they can also enrol in a four-year degree in hospitality management, a two-year program in culinary arts, or an advanced master’s program in Italian cuisine. 

Lastly, the institute’s fine dining restaurant Ganzo offers internship opportunities to students during the holidays. Its Fedora bakery is handled by baking and pastry students.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Italy.

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6. Coquis

This school, which only entered the culinary industry in 2012, is well-known for its teaching facility and contemporary approach to cuisine.

The school invites prospective students to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Science and Culinary Arts at the graduate level. 

Additionally, this six-semester course imparts the technical and scientific knowledge required for employment in the food sector as a chef, consultant, or teaching or research staff member. 

Also, for those without prior work experience, Coquis offers a specific career path called the 27-week expert kitchen night.

Therefore, it is worthy mentioning that it is one of the top culinary schools in Italy.

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7. Vesuvio International School of Hospitality(VISH)

VISH, a school offering both short-term and long-term English classes taught by qualified instructors, is situated in the historic city of Naples. 

The school invites prospective students and culinary enthusiasts to enrol in intensive courses in hospitality management or culinary arts, which last for a year.

Also, enthusiasts and prospective students are encouraged to examine their university-level Bachelor’s degree programs in culinary arts and hospitality management in order to pick the right course to get a career started in the hospitality and culinary Industry.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Italy.

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8. Sapori University

Sapori University creates an atmosphere to learn the art of cooking while attending school in the charming city of Perugia. 

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With its short-term classes, students learn a wide range of talents, from baking pizza to manufacturing chocolate. 

Notably, it is a rare institution that awards scholarships to applicants for academic culinary arts courses every year.

Also, The school offers a  seven-month Chef Italian course, which includes an internship intended to give students the skills needed to 

work in restaurants, hotels, and food businesses.

It is important to mention that it is one of the top culinary schools in Italy.

9. Florence Culinary School

This school is one of the culinary institutes in the lovely city of Florence. It provides specialized Italian Cuisine Chef Training courses with internships in restaurants or coffee shops. 

The six-, twelve-, or eighteen-month programs are available for prospective students and culinary enthusiasts.

Also, the course study includes instruction in the Italian language and sommelier techniques for the students to prevent any barriers to learning.

Moreover, students can launch a catering business out of their homes by enrolling in their six-month Italian Home Cooking School.

Notably, the school offers an online holiday teaching program for interested parties.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Italy.

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10. Italian Culinary Institute

Programs offered by the Italian Culinary Institute are available to chefs and culinary professionals who are passionate about cooking. 

Students can discover various cooking methods and Italian gourmet customs in this school. 

Notably, this institute is one of the best culinary schools in Italy since its Italian culinary courses are entirely taught in English. 

Furthermore, it is a school that merely demands that its students have a positive attitude and attend with a free mind.

In addition, they recognize the worth of students travelling from various locations to acquire culinary techniques, and as a result, they always endeavour to give them their best. 

It is also worth mentioning that teachers are always highly spoken of in Italy.

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11. Tuscookany Cooking School

One of the best culinary schools in Italy is the Tuscookany Cooking school, where students learn about all aspects of Italian cuisine, including cooking, dining, drinking and the holiday culture. 

During this time, students not only pick up some new skills but also have the chance to meet people who become lifelong friends and also a chance to be immersed in Italy’s rich culture. 

There is also plenty of entertainment in Tuscookany, and the setting is ideal for unwinding. 

Furthermore, students take courses in English and hear lectures from experienced cooks in a language everyone understands and speaks.

Notably, the school meets the ideal cooking and environmental conditions, among many others.

Finally, Tuscookany cooking school is among the Italian culinary schools in Italy that believe that the best way to learn is by doing.

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12. Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners 

The Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners must be mentioned while discussing culinary schools in Italy. It has existed for 29 successful years and has more than 8000 graduates. 

Depending on your preference, they offer courses that last a few days, weeks, or months. 

In addition to the above, the institute offer courses such as;

  • Italian cuisine and oenology
  • Technological innovations of the modern cuisine
  • New methods applied to the baking and pastry industry

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13. Acquolina-Catering & Cooking School

Prospective students have the chance to learn more about Italian culture and traditions at Acquolina cooking school.

Additionally, they get to meet specialists, study in a modern, technologically advanced kitchen, and, most importantly, get the chance to cook authentic Venetian and Italian cuisine with the freshest seasonal ingredients. 

This school is one of Italy’s greatest culinary schools and offers full-day and half-day experiences, depending on preferences. 

Furthermore, the sessions are practical, and you are shown step-by-step how to prepare each dish from beginning to end.

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14. Mama Isa Cooking School

This school is one of the finest culinary schools in Italy.

The school’s objective is to provide its students with the greatest possible culinary training required to compete among equals in their respective culinary careers.

Also, depending on students’ preferences, their classes may last a few days, a few weeks, or even several months and English is utilized as the primary language of communication in the school.

However, at the end of the study, graduates are certain to be able to combine premium ingredients that are also fresh to produce magic in the kitchen and in the culinary field.

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15. Cook Italy

In Bologna, one of the country’s oldest culinary schools in Italy exists. They’ve been around for more than 20 years, and during that time, they’ve taught pupils how to prepare food the Italian way, employ magic to make dishes seem appealing, and use seasonal ingredients to create delectable meals. 

In addition to learning how to make the dishes in class, you also study their gastronomic and historical histories. 

The school offers small and individualized classes to ensure that nobody misses important information and their classes are attended by experts, newcomers, families, and kids.

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How Much Do Cooks Make in Italy?

The average pay for a cook in Italy is €19,780 a year and €10 an hour.

How Do I Become a Cook in Italy?

In Italy, cooking is taken very seriously as it has become a way of life. The steps to becoming a cook in Italy are outlined below;

  • Purchase the finest ingredients. 
  • Pick the appropriate pan. 
  • Add seasoning while cooking. 
  • Subtly use herbs and spices. 
  • Create a solid battuto. 
  • Pay attention to the soffrito. 
  • Use the appropriate quantity of sauce. 
  • Taste consistent as you prepare.

Best Paying Culinary Jobs in  Italy with Salary

The average salary for a chef in Italy is $90,000 per year.

A culinary sales rep and pitch person makes between €20-€30 an hour.

An executive chef in Italy makes an estimated €61.2k – €77.6k yearly.

Whereas an executive sous chef earns between €59k – €74.8k annually. 

An Italian head chef makes €40,000 annually + bonuses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years is a course in a culinary school in Italy?

Students can enrol in either a one-year course in Culinary Arts, Wine Studies, or Baking and Pastry, a two-year Culinary Arts program or Italian Cuisine Master’s course, or a four-year program in Hospitality Management.

Which country is best for studying culinary arts?

The USA is the best country if you want to study Culinary Arts at the best culinary schools in the world. The quality of culinary education & training is top-notch in the USA, and the number of opportunities is high. Apart from the USA, Europe and New Zealand are the next favourite study destinations to study culinary arts.

How do I study gastronomy in Italy?

There is a university in Italy where you can study gastronomy in English at the undergraduate level. Master programs are 1-year or 2-year. Short-term courses or certificate programs include ice cream, pizza, cheese making, and general Italian cuisine courses.

Can you take a cooking class in Italy?

Tuscany, Umbria, Campania, Sicily, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia, and Veneto, are only a handful of the places where you can learn to cook in Italy. Italy’s 20 regions all offer amazing opportunities to learn regional and traditional Italian cuisine.

What is in culinary arts?

Culinary art is a broad term that refers to food preparation, cooking, plating, presentation, and service. It applies to meals and their components – like appetizers, side dishes, and main courses – rather than desserts or bread.

Which country pays chefs the most?


According to a study published in 2022, Switzerland was the world’s best-paying country for chefs and head cooks between 2019 and 2020. In those years, a cook in a European country could earn on average more than 56 thousand U.S. dollars annually.


You will definitely find culinary schools in Italy on the list above that are well-known, highly recommended, and suit all skill levels. 

There is no better way to learn about Italian culture than to sample its cuisine. 

Your family and friends will also be impressed and amazed by your newfound cooking skills and culinary arts education.


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