15 Best Culinary Schools in Mississippi | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Students who aspire to be chefs and would love to learn from the best can try out some Culinary Schools in Mississippi that make it into the top 15 best schools in Mississippi.

Mississippi’s restaurant and food service sector generates $5.1 billion in annual revenue and employs more than 121,900 experts.

By 2029, we anticipate creating 12,400 jobs, a rise of more than 10.2%. To fill these vacancies, They require professionals who qualify and are graduates of the best culinary schools in Mississippi. 

A culinary arts certificate or degree is a terrific method to acquire the training and expertise that hiring managers seek which you can be acquire in best culinary schools in Mississippi.

The finest culinary schools in Mississippi include a wide range of course options, a small student to teacher ratio, a working environment appropriate for professionals, and internship possibilities. 

The choice of a high-caliber culinary curriculum should not be made hastily. It’s critical to pick a college that accommodates both your career and personal demands.

Are There Culinary Schools in Mississippi?

There are about 10 cooking and culinary schools in Mississippi that can assist in achieving culinary objectives.

Here are some Culinary schools in Mississippi:

  1. Coahoma Community College
  2. East Central Community College
  3. Hinds Community College
  4. Mississippi Delta Community College
  5. Northeast Mississippi Community College

How Much Does Culinary Schools Cost in Mississippi?

Mississippi schools in Mississippi offers one of the lowest tuition prices in the state, with an average tuition price of $2,711.

Furthermore, by filling out a scholarship application, you can further reduce the cost of your tuition price in culinary schools in Mississippi.

In culinary schools in Mississippi, a scholarship typically costs $1,764. The average acceptance rate in Mississippi is 44%, so it’s vital to keep that in mind if you want to get accepted into the program of your choice.

Here are some of the best culinary schools with their tution fees

  1. Coahoma Community College

$2,100 Tuition Cost

  1. East Central Community College

$1,880 Tuition Cost

  1. Hinds Community College

$1,960 Tuition Cost

  1. Mississippi Delta Community College

$2,450 Tuition Cost

  1. Northeast Mississippi Community College

$2,100 Tuition Cos

Requirements For Culinary Schools in Mississippi ?

Applying for culinary schools in Mississippi is an easy process. Here are the requirements before acceptance

  • Complete the Online Application for Admission
  • Submit Your Transcripts
  • Submit Test Scores and/or Relevant Records
  • Contact a College Representative or Enrollment Services Center
  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • All First-Time, Accepted Students must attend an Orientation Session
  • Register for Classes

Before financial aid is granted, transcripts must be reviewed to confirm eligibility.

Best Culinary Schools in Mississippi

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

The American Culinary Federation has certified the culinary programs offered at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. In as little as two years, students can acquire their AAS degree by following a set of courses.

Coursework includes topics including menu planning, facility design, garde manger, and baking fundamentals. The American Culinary Federation offers certification to graduates. 

Students get use of a contemporary commercial kitchen with culinary tools. Faculty members are subject matter specialists with a range of professional backgrounds.

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Coahoma Community College

An AAO degree in Culinary Arts Technology is offered by Coahoma Community College, a prestigious culinary institute. 

Coursework for students includes cooking basics, baking, hospitality management, cleanliness, menu planning and design, and American regional cuisine. In two years of full-time study, the curriculum can be finished. 

A low faculty to student ratio ensures that each student receives individualized attention, and faculty members have substantial industry expertise. Students learn in a modern commercial kitchen equipped with the same tools found in a real-world professional kitchen. 

The National Restaurant Association offers ServSafe Sanitation certification to program graduates.

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East Central Community College

In order to accommodate the demands of students at every stage of their career, East Central Community College offers three separate culinary arts programs. 

The 30-credit Culinary Arts Career Certificate can be finished in only one year and offers students a fundamental culinary education to prepare them for entry-level careers in the industry. 

The 18-month, 45-credit Technical Certificate program offers students more sophisticated culinary techniques. If they so choose, students may go on to finish their general education requirements and obtain their AAS degree. 

A cutting-edge learning environment and practical education are beneficial to culinary arts students. 

By dressing for success in chef’s uniforms and having a strong work ethic, instructors expect their pupils to appear and behave professionally.

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Hinds Community College

Both an AAS and a Technical Certificate in Culinary Arts are offered at Hinds Community College. 

Modern commercial kitchen laboratory with convection ovens, commercial ranges, steamers, ice-cream makers, and pasta rollers is available to students. 

Both international and American cooking methods are taught to students. Several different restaurants in the sector, including Waffle House, Chic Fil A, EatHere Brands, and Mangia Bene Inc. Restaurant Management Group, have partnerships with Hinds. 

The National Restaurant Association offers ServSafe Sanitation certification to program graduates.

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Jones County Junior College

A prominent culinary school, Jones County Junior College offers two distinct culinary programs for students aspiring to climb the professional job ladder. 

While the Certificate program can be finished in just two semesters, the AAS degree program can be finished in four. 

Throughout the course of the program, students acquire both management and food preparation abilities. 

The AAS curriculum offers on-the-job training to help students get experience in the working world.

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Culinary Arts Institute at Mississippi University for Women

A top culinary school with cutting-edge education and an extensive curriculum is the Culinary Arts Institute at Mississippi University for Women. 

Five alternative areas of specialization are available for students to choose from, including food journalism, food art, nutrition/wellness, entrepreneurship, and culinology. 

This curriculum includes an internship component, and students can choose to apply for an international internship. 

The only university in the state that grants a BS with a culinary arts concentration is Mississippi University for Women.

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Northeast Mississippi Community College

A Culinary Arts Certificate is offered by Northeast Mississippi Community College, and it takes just one year to accomplish. 

Students pick up a variety of cooking skills to prepare both American and foreign food. Modern commercial kitchens act as hands-on learning environments where students can develop their skills. 

The program’s requirement for a supervised work experience gives students the chance to gain professional job experience. 

Graduates of the program are qualified for ManageFirst Certification from the National Restaurant Association if they complete the ManageFirst courses and pass the certification examinations.

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East Mississippi Community College

AAS and Certificate programs in culinary arts are offered at East Mississippi University, a renowned culinary institute. 

By pursuing courses in the culinary arts, such as baking, garde manger, restaurant operations, and cleanliness, students can obtain their certificate in just one year.

 As part of the program, students conduct two supervised work experiences. The AAS program has advanced courses like marketing, menu planning, and international cooking that can be completed in two years. 

Students studying culinary arts have access to a cutting-edge commercial kitchen classroom with the most recent culinary technology.

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Mississippi Delta Community College

For students whose interest is in building a strong foundation in the industry, Mississippi Delta Community College offers an AAS and a Certificate in Culinary Arts. 

Students study a range of cuisine, including classical and American, as well as the craft of baking and pastry-making. 

The modern commercial kitchen that has nice furnishing with utensils and contemporary equipment is where learning takes place. 

After finishing their culinary training, students can get their certificate, while those who seek their AAS degree can keep studying their general education prerequisites.

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Meridian Community College

Meridian Community College offers the Culinary Arts Technology AAS and Certificate. 

Furthermore, Students get the chance to learn in a cutting-edge commercial kitchen setting. The course covers American and international cuisine’s cuisine techniques and preparation. 

Also, this prestigious culinary school stresses the use of appropriate cooking tools, fresh foods, and ingredients. 

Students can master the fundamentals of baking, catering, dining room management, cleanliness, and safety in the one-year Certificate program. 

More also, The AAS degree can finish in two years and consists of general education classes as well as culinary-specific coursework. 

Both programs include a supervised work experience, which gives students the chance to develop their professional skills.

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How Much Do Cook make in Mississippi?

Students who graduate with a degree in best culinary schools in Mississippi frequently work in the hotel and foodservice sectors. 

The national ACF certification examination is open to graduates of best culinary schools in Mississippi with ACF accreditation. 

As a result, they will have an advantage over their competitors because employers will find them more marketable.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, head cooks and chefs make an average of $53,380 per year, or $25.66 per hour. The sum, however, can vary depending on one’s job and level of expertise.

Most graduates of best culinary schools in Mississippi want to become chefs. This job requires a dynamic career that evolves quickly and includes a range of duties. 

Chefs are responsible with producing flavorful, fresh cuisine using premium sources. They can work in formal or informal settings. 

They may anticipate a highly satisfying profession that taps into their creativity and diverse senses no matter which path they choose.

How Do I Become a cook in Mississippi?

Formal schooling is not necessary to work as a cook. 

However, a lot of firms like selecting cooks who have the ideal combination of formal education and experience. 

Here are some specific conditions that upscale restaurants need:

  • A two- or four-year culinary degree is recommended. However, other organizations just demand that a cook be skilled in sanitation, hospitality, advanced cookery, and food safety.
  • Get advanced training to gain a firm understanding of the abilities required for hectic work conditions.
  • Additionally, a cook must receive significant training from a chef.

Best Paying Culinary Jobs in Mississippi?

Culinary best-paying jobs in Mississippi include:

  1. Restaurant bar manager

            with an Average salary of: $44,228 per year

  1. Wine sommelier

            Pays an Average salary: $43,440 per year

  1. Purchasing coordinator

            Receives an Average salary of: $42,771 per year

  1. Caterer

            Gets an Average salary: $40,408 per year

  1. Culinary specialist

Average salary: $34,890 per year

  1. Pastry cook

           Average salary: $34,749 per year


You can evaluate each culinary schools in quality and choose the one that is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is culinary schools in Mississippi?

It is satisfying to complete a culinary arts bachelor’s degree. The skills and methods you will learn will take up to four years to complete the whole culinary arts program. There are numerous advantages to earning a culinary arts bachelor’s degree.

Can beginners go to culinary schools in Mississippi?

Yes, anyone who is motivated to learn can enroll in the culinary schools in Mississippi and advance their abilities.

What is Chef vs Cook?

Similarly, “chef” comes from the French phrase “Chef de Cuisine,” which literally translates to “Chief of the Kitchen.” However “cook” typically denotes a more domestic environment and traditionally denotes someone who was hired to make the food in a luxurious home.

Do you need to know how to cook before enrolling into culinary schools in Mississippi ?

Cooking skills are advantageous, but culinary schools in Mississippi covers all the fundamentals. However, you should be passionate about cooking and have good stress-management skills.


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