15 Best Culinary Schools in Poland | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Deciding to enroll in the best culinary schools in Poland is a tremendous move.

Poland ranks seventh in the European Union and is the region’s top producer in the agri-food sector, which implies that there are opportunities for students who complete studies in the best culinary schools in Poland.

In 2014, more than 2600 businesses were operating in this industry, manufacturing goods worth over US $64 billion. Small and medium-sized businesses rule this industry.

Even if you choose not to open your eatery or work for a hotel, the network of over 21,500 functioning enterprises that makes up Poland’s food and beverage industry offers significant employment prospects.

Students serious about pursuing this job should consider enrolling in the best culinary schools in Poland to receive a formal education and expand on their prior knowledge through a rigorous curriculum.

By obtaining a degree in the best culinary schools in Poland, they will be better equipped to meet expectations and prepare for demanding jobs that will set them apart from their competitors. 

In the broad food service and hospitality industry, they will discover a wide range of career alternatives and opportunities.

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Are There Culinary Schools in Poland?

About 10 cooking and culinary schools in Poland can assist in achieving culinary objectives.

Here are some Culinary schools in Poland:

  • Polish Your Cooking
  • Włoska Akademia Kulinarna
  • Studio Twój Kucharz
  • International Bartenders and Sommelier School (MSBiS)
  • GoCook Culinary Academy
  • Ashanti – Szkoła Kulinarna
  • Instytut Kulinarny Transgourmet
  • Pierogi Cooking Class

How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost in Poland?

Culinary schools in Poland offer affordable tuition fees, with an average tuition cost of $2,711.

Furthermore, by filling out a scholarship application, you can further reduce the cost of tuition fees in culinary schools in Poland.

Remember that it’s preferable to attend culinary schools in Poland that would provide you with everything you’re searching for while also fitting in with your budget.

Requirements For Culinary Schools in Poland?

A high school diploma or GED is frequently required for admission and fundamental courses. 

If the university is highly selective, you might need to take tests or add work experience or more education to your application. 

If you’ve been to seminars or workshops, that might help.

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Best Culinary Schools in Poland

Polish Your Cooking

Polish Your Cooking was established with the goal of enhancing culinary abilities and learning about regional cultures in a laid-back setting.

They are there to demonstrate to you that cooking is neither difficult nor dull.

Cooking classes are offered in both English and Polish. They offer various situations for their programs, including family events, kid-friendly parties, culinary team-building, and workshops for tourists.

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Włoska Akademia Kulinarna

One of Poland’s culinary schools, located at ul. Miska 25, office 57 in Praga’s Soho Factory complex, offers cooking classes in the kitchen of the Italian Culinary Academy in Warsaw.

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Studio Twój Kucharz

This is one of the culinary schools in Poland that has professional cooking equipment (cooking stations), a welcoming environment for cooking classes, and sometimes hosts similar events.

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International Bartenders and Sommelier School (MSBiS)

The 2002 founding of the International Bartenders and Sommelier School is commemorated today on its 15th anniversary.

The MSBiS was and continues to be the largest school in Europe in terms of size, scope, and number of graduates. It was the first and only institution of its kind in Poland. In terms of training for the catering sector, MSBiS is the best.

MSBiS, including the well-liked regular, rigorous, two-week bartending school, offers professional training and courses.

Additionally, the school offers managerial training, barista training, waiter training, flair training, molecular mixology training, and sommelier training. 

For our graduates, who work as professional bartenders, the school also provides optional (refresher) training.

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GoCook Culinary Academy

The 300 m2 GoCook Academy in Warsaw is a contemporary kitchen where culinary classes, workshops, and demonstrations are held.

The 200 m2 Greenhouse space, part of the academy, is a contemporary idea created to plan special events, weddings, company integration, and themed events.

There are three cooking rooms, three event rooms, and a training space at their culinary studio.

They also think that the kitchen is where all fantastic parties begin. They handle the thorough planning of events with in-house catering. They also rent out space and have kitchens available.

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Ashanti – Szkoła Kulinarna

For restaurateurs, chefs, food lovers, and anybody interested in honing their culinary abilities by studying under the greatest in the business, Ashanti – Szkoa Kulinarna is one of the culinary schools in Poland.

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Instytut Kulinarny Transgourmet

Instytut Kulinarny Transgourmet started as the Culinary Academy, which was formed in October 2015 along with the opening of a new sales channel in the Transgourmet Food Service warehouse in Oarów Mazowiecki.

Meetings at the Culinary Academy, where chef Karol Lisiski keeps an eye on things, have always been a special chance to share experiences with the owners, other chefs, and their students.

The Selgros Cash & Carry hall building in Piaseczno, close to Warsaw, is where the second, recently opened Culinary Institute is housed.

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Pierogi Cooking Class

You’re invited to my kitchen to learn how to make pierogies, a traditional Polish skill. I’m happy to present you with pierogi, the most well-known and delectable dish from Poland (dumplings). 

We’ll start by strolling around the town’s oldest still-open market. It’s a terrific location for abundant locally produced fresh goods, lively atmosphere, and interesting hidden jewels! We’ll take a short stroll to my flat after purchasing the items we most urgently require and those we must try. 

You’ll be given some regional treats and beverages before we start cooking. 

You will be familiar with the entire procedure for manufacturing pierogis, including

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Poznan University of Life Sciences

The Poznan University of Life Sciences, which has its headquarters in Poznan, Poland’s fifth-largest city, provides higher education instruction in the field of life sciences. 

Studying here entails residing in one of Poland’s most significant commercial hubs, home to more than 500,000 people.

With over 140,000 total students, the Poznan University of Life Sciences is one of numerous state-owned colleges and universities in the area. This indicates that roughly one in four locals are students.

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University of Agriculture in Krakow (UAK).

One of Poland’s top institutions for studying biological sciences is the University of Agriculture in Krakow (UAK). It has roots in the agricultural and forestry sciences that have grown since 1890 at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Currently, the University of Agriculture has seven faculties, one inter-university unit, over 12,000 students, approximately 1400 staff members, 743 academic personnel, and 26 post-graduate programs (for Master’s degree holders).

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How Much Do Cook Make In Poland?

In Poland, the average monthly wage for a cook is about 3,900 PLN. The lowest salary is 1,870 PLN, and the highest is 6,120 PLN (highest).

This is the typical monthly wage, including housing, transportation, and other amenities. Based on experience, abilities, gender, or region, cook pay varies greatly. 

Most graduates of the best culinary schools in Poland want to become chefs. This job requires a dynamic career that evolves quickly and includes various duties. 

Chefs are responsible for producing flavorful, fresh cuisine using premium sources. They can work in formal or informal settings. 

No matter their path, they may anticipate a highly satisfying profession that taps into their creativity and various senses.

How Do I Become a cook in Poland?

Formal schooling is not necessary to work as a cook. 

However, many firms like selecting cooks with the ideal combination of formal education and experience. 

Here are some specific conditions that upscale restaurants need:

  • A two- or four-year culinary degree is recommended. However, other organizations demand that a cook be skilled in sanitation, hospitality, advanced cuisine, and food safety.
  • Get advanced training to gain a firm understanding of the abilities required for hectic work conditions.
  • Additionally, a cook must receive significant training from a chef

Best Paying Culinary Job in Poland?

The most common locations to get employment are the capital city of Warsaw, Kraków, ód, Wrocaw, Pozna, and Gdansk.

Pay for the position of Cook in Poland costs about 823 dollars.

Poland’s typical annual wage is $1069.

Wages are paid in Polish Zlotys (PLN), the native currency.

The effect of employment history on pay:

knowledgeable: + 57%

Career Midpoint: + 26%

Beginning: -24%

  1. Restaurant bar manager

            Average salary: $44,228 per year

  1. Wine sommelier

            Average salary: $43,440 per year

  1. Purchasing coordinator

            Average salary: $42,771 per year

  1. Caterer

            Average salary: $40,408 per year

  1. Culinary Specialist

Average salary: $34,890 per year

  1. Pastry cook

            Average salary: $34,749 per year

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The best culinary schools in Poland include some of these institutions.

You can evaluate each culinary school in quality and choose the one that is best for you.

Choose your program carefully, put in a lot of effort, and prepare for a great new profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is culinary art a good career

 Yes, there is a high demand for trained chefs when the hospitality and tourism industries reemerge. Jobs in culinary management and culinary arts will undoubtedly soar in the next years.

Are culinary schools difficult?

Culinary school is difficult! However, it’s a hurdle that countless numbers of students have been able to overcome.

Can beginners go to culinary schools in Poland?

Yes, anyone motivated to learn can enroll in the culinary schools in Poland and advance their abilities.

What’re the possible job opportunities?

You will learn many things simultaneously as a culinary student while concentrating on particular areas. You might be employed in any area of the restaurant, depending on your area of specialization.

Do you need to know how to cook before enrolling in culinary schools in Poland?

Cooking skills are advantageous, but culinary schools in Poland cover all the fundamentals. However, you should be passionate about cooking and have good management skills.

What is the difference between a chef and a cook?

Similarly, “chef” comes from the French phrase “chef de cuisine,” which translates to “chief of the kitchen.” However, “cook” typically denotes a domestic environment and traditionally denotes someone hired to make the food in a luxurious home.


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