15 Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Louisiana | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

There are amazing dental hygiene schools in Louisiana that specialize in training professional dental surgeons and care givers.

Patients can maintain their dental health with the aid of dental hygienists. 

They will also perform oral cancer screenings, clean patients’ teeth, and instruct them on how to take good care of their smiles.

 Additionally, you might be successful in a career in dental hygiene if you enjoy working with your hands, communicating with others, and getting close to them.

Louisiana offers a variety of options for dental hygienist schools. 

In Louisiana, dental hygiene programs offer associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, both of which call for general education courses. 

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, students also complete lab-based practical training and frequent hours of clinical experience before graduating. 

Depending on the institution, some courses may be taken online. 

Learn more about the various dental hygiene programs in LA by reading on.

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Are there dental hygiene schools in Louisiana?

Now that you are familiar with the basics of the dental hygiene profession and how much time and money it will cost you to earn your degree, let us assist you in choosing the best school. 

We have put together a list of the top dental hygiene schools for you after researching the institutions in Pennsylvania that offer the best dental hygienist programs. 

Before making a decision, be sure to take the factors we discussed above into account. 

Yes, there are 15 dental hygiene in Louisiana, they are listed below in no particular order 

1. University of Louisiana at Monroe

2. Southern University at Shreveport

3. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans

4. Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

5. Loyola University New Orleans

6. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

7. Centenary College of Louisiana

8. Louisiana Tech University

9. Rock Bridge Training Institute

10. Accelerated Dental Hygiene academy

11. New Orleans Dental Hygiene School

12. Northwest Louisiana Technical College

13. Saint Agatha Career School

14.Center for Literacy and Technology in Livingston Parish

15. Eastern College of Health Vocations

How much does dental hygiene schools cost in Louisiana?

The average estimated total cost (In-State/District) of tuition and fees for an associate degree is $22,692, according to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association in Louisiana 

Also, A bachelor’s degree costs $36,382. An advanced degree costs $30,421.

What are the Requirements for dental hygiene schools In Louisiana?

The majority of schools require you to pass the Dental Admission Test as well as prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and English before you can apply. 

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If you don’t already have a bachelor’s, you can complete a program to get one in 15 to 18 months.

What are the Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Louisiana 

Finding the top university in Louisiana for your undergraduate dental hygiene degree on our list of the Best Dental Hygiene Colleges and Universities in Louisiana is a great way to start your career in dental hygiene.

1. the University of Louisiana at Monroe

  • 4 Years 
  • Monroe, Louisiana 
  • Acceptance Rate- 75%
  • Net Price- $20,993
  • SAT Range- 850-1070
  • ACT Range- 20-25

Located in Monroe, Louisiana, the University of Louisiana at Monroe is a public university.

 More than 1,342 people are enrolled there to pursue bachelor’s degrees. A 75% acceptance rate indicates that the admission requirements are moderately competitive.

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2. Southern University at Shreveport

  • 2-4 Years 
  • Louisiana, Shreveport 
  • Net Price- $20,956

Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, Southern University at Shreveport is a public university.

It also belongs to the system of historically black Southern Universities. 

Moreover, you should know that, SUSLA began offering classes on September 19, 1967, thanks to the efforts of Governor John J. McKeithen’s administration.

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3. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans

  • 4 Years 
  • Louisiana, New Orleans 
  • Net Price- $8,644

A public university with its main campus in New Orleans, Louisiana, is called Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans.

It is a part of the LSU System and is home to two patient care clinics, 12 Centers of Excellence, and six schools.

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4. Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

  • In-state Tuition- $7,020, Out-of-state Tuition- $15,495
  • Application Deadline- February 15th
  • Accreditation- CODA
  • Last Accreditation- 2016
  • Next Accreditation- 2024

One of the top dental hygiene schools in LA was established in 1968: Louisiana State University School of Dentistry (LSUSD). 

A Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene is offered by the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. 

All facets of the dental school have also been integrated with the LSUSD dental hygiene program. 

A 2 + 2 program, the LSUSD dental hygiene program. However, the prerequisite coursework for dental schools will take two years to complete, and the remaining coursework will take two years at Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in New Orleans.

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5. Loyola University New Orleans

A Jesuit and Catholic institution, Loyola University New Orleans welcomes students from all backgrounds and equips them to live meaningful lives alongside and for others. 

They are also across the street from Audubon Park and 20 minutes from the French Quarter and downtown New Orleans on Uptown’s historic oak-lined St. Charles Avenue. 

Loyola University prepares students for anything with its 110 undergraduate programs and 36 graduate and professional programs. 

Today, Their students come from all over the world and use their innovative thinking to change the world in the distinctive and exciting city of New Orleans.

You are more than just a major at Loyola. You work as an artist, a musician, a scientist, an entrepreneur, or a combination of these. 

The people around you will also be makers and doers like you, and your teachers will inspire greatness in you. You don’t have to be restricted on this campus. 

Everything that matters to you can be done. Therefore, apply today and come to a place where you can make a difference.

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6. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The largest of the nine institutions that make up the University of Louisiana System and the second-largest university in the state is the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 

Also, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning has classified UL Lafayette as an R1 university, indicating “very high research activity,” placing it among the top public and private research universities in the country. 

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Attendance exceeds 19,000 students. The school confers doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate degrees.

 Offerings in the curriculum also range from the humanities to scientific inquiry. In fields like dental hygiene, computer science, biology, and nursing, it is a national leader.

The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns®, its student-athlete team, competes in NCAA Division I, the highest level of collegiate competition. 

The campus is situated in Acadiana, a Cajun and Creole culturally rich region renowned for its exceptional cuisine, music, festivals, and way of life.

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7. Centenary College of Louisiana

Faculty, staff, and students at Centenary College of Louisiana support one another by challenging one another to think critically, care deeply, and accomplish more. 

You will acquire knowledge and experiences that will put you on the road to a fulfilling and prosperous career with professors who know your name and have faith in your abilities. 

Eighty-two percent of Centenary students have attended an international educational experience thanks to the Centenary in Paris program for first-year students in August and the immersive term in May.

All students at Centenary also have the opportunity to empower themselves, serve others, and change the world thanks to its challenging, engaging coursework and vibrant campus community.

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8. Louisiana Tech University

According to the Niche 2022 Best College Rankings, Louisiana Tech University is the best public university in the state of Louisiana. 

The USNWR 2022 Best Colleges Report also named Louisiana Tech University a Top Tier National University for the eleventh consecutive year. 

According to the Center for World University Rankings, we are ranked No. 1 in the state and No. 2 globally by Affordable Colleges Online, and they are among the top 5% of universities worldwide.

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9. Rock Bridge Training Institute

The Rock Bridge Training Institute provides professional development, corporate training, and vocational training. 

According to the most recent industry standards, the courses are individually tailored. 

The school also puts a lot of effort into giving students a top-notch education that will help them advance their lives and careers. 

Additionally, they have consultants who not only assist students with their needs but also with job placement.

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10. Accelerated Dental Hygiene academy

As its name implies, the Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy offers accelerated education. 

This school has undergone constant change and adaptation since its establishment in 2011 in order to meet the needs of all students. 

The classes are dynamic and ever-changing, encouraging students to grow and learn new skills while having fun. 

Students can easily adapt to the quick-paced dental industry thanks to the instructors’ use of the most recent techniques and technology in their instruction.

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11. New Orleans Dental Hygiene school

The unique 9-week program provided by New Orleans Dental Assistant School is guaranteed to cover all of the essentials of the dental assisting field. 

They take pride in offering students from all backgrounds a top-notch education that is both affordable and accessible.

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12. Northwest Louisiana Technical College

In terms of technical colleges, Northwest Louisiana College wants to set the bar high. 

They also want to give students who entrust them with their education the best possible service. 

To assist students in finding jobs, NLTC constantly collaborates with a range of organizations, businesses, and the industry at large. 

This esteemed institution is also renowned for its exciting curriculum and wonderful interactions with students.

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13. Saint Agatha Career School

All students at Saint Agatha Career School are able to learn in a secure and comfortable setting. 

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Given that students will eventually be responsible for caring for other people, this is particularly crucial in the healthcare sector. 

They want to demonstrate to students the benefits of kindness, perseverance, and hard work. 

The Saint Agatha staff is made up of seasoned professionals who are eager to impart their expertise and passion for the field.

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14. Center for Literacy and Technology in Livingston Parish

With hundreds of happy students behind them, Livingston Parish Literacy and Technology Center is a top-notch vocational education facility. 

Eight classrooms, two lecture halls, a conference room, and a distance learning center are among the ultra-modern amenities. 

They also provide a range of beneficial courses that will aid students in developing their careers and achieving their objectives.

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15. Eastern College of Health Vocations

The ideal environment to grow and develop skills for a lifetime is provided by Eastern College of Health Vocations to students who want to embark on a brand-new and successful medical career. 

Your stay will also be very memorable and enjoyable thanks to the college’s great student amenities and cozy dorms.

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How much do Dental Hygienist make in Louisiana 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the national median annual wage for dental hygienists in 2019 was $76,220.

 Jobs are expected to grow by 6% between 2019 and 2029, which is faster than the national average for all jobs. 

Between 1,200 and 3,200 dental hygienists were employed in Louisiana in 2019, according to the BLS, with a mean annual salary ranging from $48,000 to $67,500.

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How do I become a Dental Hygienist in Louisiana 

Dental hygienists are required to hold a license from the state in which they work. Each state demands of potential practitioners: 

  • graduate from a dental hygiene program that is accredited 
  • Pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination with flying colors 

Additionally, candidates who want to work in Louisiana must: 

  • pass a licensing exam for dentists in Louisiana that has been approved no more than three years before applying 
  • Obtain a certificate in basic life support for healthcare professionals. 
  • pass the jurisprudence exam for the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry 
  • pass a background check using fingerprints 
  • A completed application must be notarized and mailed in. 
  • Complete an opioid management course, then submit your application with a copy of your certificate. 
  • Pay a $450 non-refundable fee.

Best Paying Dental Hygiene Jobs in Louisiana with Salary

You should be aware that the dental hygienist salary in Louisiana varied depending on a number of variables, including location, education, certifications, and prior experiences in the field.

  • Top-level Dental Hygienist earns $93,182
  • Senior-level Hygienist earns $83,966
  • Mid-level Dental Hygienist earns $73,843
  • Junior-level Dental Hygienist earns $64,122
  • Starting level Dental Hygienist earns $55,271

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much money is made by a dental assistant? 

As of September 26, 2022, the average Dental Assistant salary in the United States is $41,390, but the range typically lies between $36,710 and $45,922.

In Louisiana, how long does it take to become a dental hygienist? 

Our Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene program is structured as a 2 + 2 program, meaning that you will spend 2 years (on average) finishing prerequisite coursework (60 credit hours), then 2 years at the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans for the remaining coursework.

What is the dental school acceptance rate at LSU? 

Each year, residents pay $35,141. LSU’s overall acceptance rate is 9.28%, but applicants from Louisiana are given preference. Each incoming dentistry class has 75 positions available, 56 of which are reserved for Louisiana residents.


It is difficult to beat Louisiana if your dream is to reside and work in the Deep South. 

The Bayou State is home to astounding racial diversity, cultural diversity, and scenic beauty. 

New Orleans is the largest city and Baton Rouge is the capital. 

The blending of cultures that has defined Louisiana since colonial times is one of the state’s most exciting features. 

However, it is a good idea to look into your career options before you pack your bags and relocate to Louisiana. 

How much money will you make and what kinds of opportunities will you have if you decide to work as a dental hygienist in the state?


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