Does Ford Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Ford Student Discount

Your best bet for getting a new automobile is the Ford Student discount. Join this promotion right away to save $500 on your purchase. 

Unfortunately, many students find the down payment difficult because you have to pay it all at once in a flat sum.

Ford has given a solution by offering a student discount through its program. This is an article that tells more about Ford student discounts.

First, make sure you qualify for the Ford student discount. If you are interested, you can request the discount registration form by going to any Ford dealership. 

On the other hand, you can register online and upload the needed paperwork for validation. You will then receive your bonus for making the transaction after successful verification.

This post has laid down the step-by-step process to guide you through everything. This article is to know more about the Ford student discount in 2024

What to know about Ford student discount in 2024? 

The Ford group created a scheme called the Ford Student Discount that allows young graduates and students to buy or lease Ford cars at a more reasonable price.

This initiative was developed to help university students buy Ford cars without breaking the bank.

 And to help them relieve the high cost of transportation among different schools throughout the country.

With this deal, you would receive a $750 bonus cash when buying a new car or a $500 bonus when leasing one. 

The Ford student discount aids in resolving the down payment issue, which is the main challenge students encounter when buying or leasing a car.

Once you’ve shown that you qualify for the program, you’ll get a $500 cash bonus on your Ford credit card.

Then you can utilize Ford’s finance to buy or lease a brand-new Ford car, giving you access to additional benefits.

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Who qualifies for the Ford student discount? 

The list of students who qualify for the Ford student discount is below. Although this discount is intended for students, not all students are eligible for this program.

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Category of Students Eligible For The Discount 

To be eligible for the Ford student discount, the student must be: 

  • Presently enrolled as an undergraduate student in a college or university
  • A graduate student presently
  • Recent graduates from colleges
  • High school graduate
  • Students in trade school apprenticeships
  • Residents at Medical Schools 

Active College/Trade School Students 

The student must be enrolled full- or part-time in any approved college, university, or trade school.

Active Graduate Students 

Here, students must be enrolled in an accredited college or institution and where they are working toward their Msc or PhD diplomas.

Recent College Graduates 

People who have just completed their undergraduate education are also eligible for this program.

You must submit your application here three years after receiving your diploma.

Highschool Graduates 

Students in their senior year of high school or recent graduates are also qualified for this student discount. Still, you must submit a statement of intent to enrol in an approved university. 

Category of Ineligible Students 

The Ford student discount is not available to and is not eligible for the following students. 

  • Students who are enrolled in a college, university, or trade school for less than half of the time.
  • Additionally, students who hold certificates of completion for just one course are not qualified.
  • On-the-job training courses are also unqualified. 

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Does Ford have a student discount in 2024?  

As of October 6th, our editors could not locate an official Ford student discount. Check back soon for updates as we continue to keep an eye on Ford for information on student discounts. 

There are other ways to save at Ford, even though they do not provide a student discount. Below, you’ll find a list of all the different Ford discounts available. 

Other Ways to Save at Ford: 

  • Follow Ford on social media- Ford frequently posts special offers on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  • Check Amazon for Ford items – Ford products can be purchased on Amazon with a discount, and Prime subscribers can get free shipping. Check Amazon for Ford deals
  • Check the Ford coupon page- For the most recent offers and discounts, check out the Ford student discount coupon codes page. 35 active deals are currently available.
  • Shop used Ford items on eBay – If you can’t locate a deal elsewhere, searching eBay for used Ford products can be worthwhile. Check eBay for Ford deals
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Do Ford members get discounts online? 

You may be eligible for some great automotive savings as a current or past Ford employee or member to help make your upgrade more affordable. 

These various Ford plan discounts provide significant savings for the purchase of new vehicles and are only accessible to Ford employees, their families, and the special friends of Ford.

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How do I get a Ford student discount card in 2024? 

  • Verifying your eligibility for the Ford Student Discount card is the first step in receiving it. If you satisfy all the requirements, go to any Ford dealership and ask for the registration form for the discount card.

You can also sign up for the Ford student discount card online; all you need to do is go to the program’s official website and upload all necessary paperwork for manual verification.

  • You would be called and immediately given your bonus for purchase when your documents were verified.
  • Following successful registration, you will be issued a confirmation and a certificate.
  • To receive your certificate, check your mailbox.
  • Begin looking for a vehicle. 

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eBay Discounts on Ford

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How To Never Miss a Ford Promo Code 

Sign Up For Ford Email Newsletters 

You may receive special offers, and discount coupons sent straight from Ford as soon as they become available by subscribing to their email newsletters. 

These include deals you won’t want to miss that are available only to subscribers.

Check Ford Social Media Pages 

Follow Ford on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

 Ford occasionally updates its social media platforms with new deals and promotions.

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Contact Ford Support and Ask for a Promo Code 

Sometimes you may get a terrific deal by contacting customer service and asking for a Ford discount code.

 Send an email expressing your love for Ford and connect to live chat for a chance to receive a special deal.

Abandon Your Shopping Cart 

Go ahead and fill your shopping cart at Ford. Leave just before you finish your transaction. 

If Ford’s marketing department is on the ball, they will contact you and ask you to finish your order. Ford frequently offers a discount code to entice you to complete the transaction.

Start your search at Ford student discount.

We are constantly updating this page with Ford coupon codes at the Ford student discount. 

To uncover the finest Ford student discounts, our coupon editors search through newsletters, social media posts, deal forums, and online stores. 

Put an end to wasting time looking for Ford coupons. Save this page as a favourite, and let us do the job.

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What are the Ford Student Discount Application Requirements in 2024?

You must submit the following paperwork to be considered for the Ford student discount program.

  • Your diploma on paper
  • Letter from the Registrar’s Office with the final transcript
  • Your current class schedule on paper
  • Letter certifying your graduation date and degree achieved from the registrar’s office.


Any student who wants to acquire a beautiful or affordable Ford automobile while saving money should take advantage of the Ford student discount program.

For young folks who are only beginning to establish their life, receiving $500 or $750 could be a tremendous deal.

We’ve provided all the information you require on obtaining a Ford student discount, so make the most of the chance and drive your brand-new Ford while attending school.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Ford Have Family And Friends Discounts? 

Yes, Ford offers a family discount to its employees. This program was launched in 2018.

All Ford automobiles may be purchased with this discount; however, a non-family member may only receive this coupon once.

Does Ford offer a Student Discount? 

Yes, Ford provides the Ford student discount to students in college, in their senior year of high school, and recent graduates.

What is the Ford student discount? 

Ford Student Discount is a program designed especially for college students or recent graduates who want to purchase or lease a Ford vehicle at a discounted rate. You can receive $500 or $750 when you do so.

What Documents Do I Need For The Ford Students Discount? 

Your diploma on paper
Final Version From the Registrar’s Office: Letter
Your current class schedule on paper
Letter from the registrar’s office attesting to your degree and graduation date

What is Ford’s A and Z Plan?

Employees, retirees, and members of their immediate families can save money when buying new Ford automobiles under the Ford A and Z plans.


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