Ghostface Killah Net Worth, Wife, Brothers and More

Ghostface Killah whose real name is Dennis Cole is a former legendary US rap lord, songwriter and businessman. This legendary rap artist was the leader of the 36-member Wu-Tang group and his first solo album, Ironman, debuted at no 2 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1996.

Ghostface Killah didn’t stop there, he went ahead to build a career for himself in music dropping hit songs and albums like Supreme Clientele (released February 8, 2000) which sold about 134,000 copies in its first week and Fishscale (released March 28, 2006).

Mr Cole is known for his loud, fast-paced flow. In 2006, MTV included him as an “honourable mention” on their list of the “Greatest MCs of All Time” while Q magazine called him “rap’s finest storyteller”. While in 2015 and 2019 he won Favorite Rap & Hip-Hop Albums

Ghostface and Sophia Diggs

Dennis Cole was in an alleged relationship with Sophia Diggs. There have been false rumours that she had 3 boys for him but this rumour is nothing but false. She is only his ex-girlfriend. Sophia is a sister to  American rapper, actor, filmmaker, and record producer, RZA.

Ghostface Killah Children

 He has 3 children Infinite Coles, Supreme Coles, and Sun God Coles. All three of them decided to follow their father and ply their trade in music. Infinite Coles is a singer while Sun God and Supreme Coles are rappers.

Ghostface Killah Net worth 2023

He is estimated to be worth about $17,000,000. He got his wealth from different sources of income. Mr Cole is a rapper, songwriter, actor, producer and businessman. He is the founder and boss of Starks Enterprises Record Label and is also into agriculture too with his KillahKoffee

Ghostface Killah Net Worth, Wife, Brothers and More
Ghostface Killah Net Worth, Wife, Brothers and More

Studio albums

Ironman (1996)
Supreme Clientele (2000)
Bulletproof Wallets (2001)
The Pretty Toney Album (2004)
Fishscale (2006)
More Fish (2006)
The Big Doe Rehab (2007)
Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City (2009)
Apollo Kids (2010)
Twelve Reasons to Die (2013)
36 Seasons (2014)
Twelve Reasons to Die II (2015)
Ghostface Killahs (2019)

Movie appearances

Belly (1998)
Black and White (1999)
Hunter Dawson (2002)
Fade to Black (2004)
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)
Iron Man (2008)
When in Rome (2010)

Here’s a popular song from Ghostface Killah featuring Mary J. Blige.

Social Media

Facebook: GhostfaceKillahOfficial
Twitter: GhostfaceKillah
Instagram: RealGhostfaceKillah

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