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Born 22nd October 1992 is an American gaming commentator, twitch and youtube star, Kaitlin Witcher. She is popularly known as Piddleass or Kait Piddleass. Kaitlin loves pandas to a fault and usually calls her fans pandaminions. Her ex-boyfriend, Tom Cassell, introduced her to youtube. She featured on Tom’s “Syndicate & Kate Vlogging in Walmart!”. That video had 1.5million views. She created her channel on June 12, 2010. And has over 500,000 followers on the platform.


Kait is a popular gamer and YouTuber from Oklahoma, United States. There was no news of her or her family until 2010 when she got into youtube. Tom Cassell, her ex-boyfriend, introduced her to youtube by asking her to make videos of her for him. She did. She went popular on it when she appeared on Syndicate & Kate Vlogging In Walmart! Ever since she hasn’t stopped growing.

She used to be depressed and has even talked about suffering anxiety and panic attacks.

This blonde beauty is also a gamer and gaming commentator. She had her gaming channel but deleted it in 2016. Currently, she only uploads Minecraft games. She’s an active gaming commentator on youtube.

In 2013, she moved to Los Angeles where she lived alone for a while before joining Youtubers Cyr and Edwin. Cyr and Edwin and her friend Jewel joined her. The last news of her is that she stays at Skyler’s.

She enjoys talking about herself. I remember when she twisted about her feet. She has a couple of friends including KSI.

On 12th November 2021, she announced her new collections of merch shirts. You can get them on witcherswardrobe.

Vlogging Career

Piddleass is a successful Youtuber with over half a million subscribers. She is a lifestyle vlogger i.e. vlogs about herself. Also, I need to specifically add that she adds gaming to her vlog content. On her piddleass channel, she got over 500k followers and boasts of over 50 million views.

Kaitlin Witcher Age

She was born on 22 October 1992. She is 30 years old. According to Astrologers, Kaitlin Witcher is a libra. She doesn’t miss marking her birthday with vlogs across social media.


Kait’s first known boyfriend is Tom Cassell. She met Tom Cassell via Minecraft. Tom changed her life tremendously by introducing her to youtube. It was youtube that helped her come out of depression. Unfortunately, Tom ended the relationship in 2013. It was hell for her at that time. But she was able to come over it and move on. She has to post a video telling her fans and Tom’s fans, who were all throwing shades at each other, to cool off and let peace reign.

She later started dating actor Skyler Seymour. Currently, she is single, isn’t a divorcee, and has no kids.

How Rich is Kaitlin Witcher?

Kait is a top youtube star and an elite celebrity. The richest youtube star was born in Oklahoma. There is no official news about her net worth from Wikipedia, Forbes and Business Insider yet. But she is estimated to be worth about $1,000,000. Making most of her income from vlogging.

Kait Social Media

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