15 Best Law Schools in New York | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Choosing the best law school in New York to attend might be intimidating for anybody planning to study law in one of the top law schools in New York City, but doing so is essential to your future profession. This is because the state has the most legal schools per capita in the country.

There are several choices, each with a distinct price range, location, and reputation. To add another factor, you must be realistic about which school will admit you. Especially if you’re thinking of attending law school in New York State.

To learn more about the top 15 law schools in New York City for 2022, read this article and gain concise information on the schools before sending in an application.

Are There Law Schools in New York?

There are 15 Law schools in New York City that allocate feasible, productive, and academic resources to teaching students the necessary knowledge and skill required to function in the legal system.

Listed below, are the law schools in New York 

  • Columbia UniversityNew York, NY
  • New York university
  • Cornell University Ithaca, NY
  • Fordham university New York, NY
  • Yeshiva University (Cardozo)
  • St John’s University(NY)
  • University at buffalo-Suny
  • Brooklyn law school
  • Syracuse University
  • Hofstra University (Deane)Hempstead, NY
  • Albany law school
  • New York law school
  • Cuny long island, NY
  • Pace University (Haub)White plains, NY
  • Touro college (fuchsberg)Central islip, NY

Any aspiring law student plays a major role in investigating to determine whether the school is their right choice of the bargain or if they would enjoy a job as an attorney.

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How Much is the Tuition of Law Schools in New York City?

A person who wants to enroll in a law school in New York City should be aware of the cost of the programs they are considering, the potential debt they will incur, and the current incomes of recent graduates from those programs.

When deciding whether a particular school or course is the best option, you may also want to look at the bar passage, employment rates, starting salary, and job statistics.

The law schools in New York City are mentioned below along with their annual tuition costs.

  • Columbia UniversityNew York, NY-$69,916
  • New York university-$66,422
  • Cornell University Ithaca, NY-$65,541
  • Fordham university New York, NY-$60,406
  • Yeshiva University (Cardozo)-$60,610
  • St John’s University(NY)-$59,480
  • University at buffalo-Suny
  • Brooklyn law school-$55,038
  • Syracuse University- $57,290
  • Hofstra University (Deane)-$59,214
  • Albany law school-$55,280
  • New York law school-$51,732
  • Cuny long island, NY- $15,450
  • Pace University (Haub)White plains, NY- $51,240
  • Touro college (fuchsberg)Central islip, NY-$40,220. 

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What are the requirements for going to a law school?

Intending law students in New York city should cultivate good reading and writing skills. These skills help you solve critical legal jobs.

Below are a few other requirements for getting into a law school in New York city

1.    Have basic knowledge of legal skills and career;

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in law must make proper research on the legal field, this is to ensure that the person will enjoy the life of a lawyer or an attorney.

One of the basic ways to get proper resources is to discover the law portal on the school admission council website which has proper information about what it is like to be a lawyer and the contribution of a person with a law certificate to society.

2.    Develop vital work skills (communication and reasoning skill);

A person aspiring to become a lawyer should take courses that involve extensive reading and writing, and academic and communication skills that will expound his or her knowledge on what it means to become a lawyer.

Social science and analytical courses are effective too since they help to cultivate societal awareness and logical reasoning.

Furthermore, an aspiring lawyer should be studious since the law is a scholarly field that requires intellectual powers and legal expertise.

3.    Archive a solid score for either LSAT or GRE;

LSAT is the traditional law school entrance exam, so one must study hard to qualify for this exam. However, the intended student can choose to take the graduate record examination general test, since they recently started allowing applicants to submit The GRE in place of the LSAT.

4.    Apply to a good school and earn a law degree; 

Law schools in New York City are very cautious while selecting their candidates, therefore, applicants should not end at archiving a solid score for the LSAT and GRE, but develop a personal statement and resume.

Legal industrial experts advise JD students to be precise while choosing their schools since it plays a vital role in their future.

Some of the areas of law with distinctive requirements include; business school, family law, health law, medical malpractice, patent law, corporate law, and lots more.

What are Law Schools in New York City Ranked for?

Law schools in new york city are ranked based on the academic standing of recently admitted students, faculty resources, successful employment of graduate lawyers, opinions from law schools and overall program quality of lawyers and judges, quality evaluation of schools, median undergraduate grade point average, and pair assessment, Library resources, student-faculty ratio, selectivity, and not from employment ratio. The American Bar Association has recognized 192 attorneys, according to this rating.

15 Best Law Schools in New York

To get the most out of your LSAT score, you will want to take an LSAT prep course. This is because your LSAT score is by far the most significant metric that law schools use during the application process. Don’t rush the LSAT prep process and take as much time as you need to earn the highest score possible.

1. Columbia University New York, NY

Columbia University law schools in New York ranks 4 among the overall  law schools in the US News and World Report annual rankings with Acceptance Rate of 16.8 %  and over 1.293 enrolled students.

A minimum score of 170 on the LSAT offers a good chance of being accepted. Graduates from this program go on to occupy some of the best-paying and most respected legal positions in the nation.

You should strive to get suitable work experience and look into volunteer opportunities before applying. Despite being expensive, it offers one of the top legal educations in the country.

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2. New York university

According to the yearly ranking by US News and World Report, the law school of New York University is ranked 7th  among all law schools.

Its tuition is $73,216. It has an acceptance rate of 33.10% .The school provides cross-disciplinary intelligent discussion, hands-on legal and clinical training, and a global approach to developing tomorrow’s leaders.

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 3. Cornell University Ithaca, NY

 Cornell University is ranked No. 12 according to the USNWR list of the Best Law Schools. With a 15.4% acceptance rate and a $74,098 tuition cost, entrance is the most competitive.

The Law School offers a wide range of courses, small class sizes, and a prominent faculty. One of the top research universities in the entire world. In a close-knit and supportive intellectual community, Cornell Law School combines academic excellence with inspirational teaching.

The faculty excels in both their abilities to teach and their output of scholarship.

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4. Fordham university New York, NY

Fordham Law School ranks 37th best according to USNWR with an acceptance rate of 27.37%.  Its unique method of providing a comprehensive legal education places a high priority on academic performance, the practice of law, ethics, and the duty to serve the public.

Graduates have a wide range of job options available to them.

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5. Yeshiva University (Cardozo)

A median LSAT score of 156 gives you a greater chance of admission, and Yeshiva University’s (Cardozo) Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law is ranked No. 52 (tie) in Best Law Schools and No. 21 (tie) in Part-time Law.

Class of 2023 acceptance is 56.06%. Yeshiva University (Cardozo offers specialist areas of legal study such law and literature, jurisprudence, and legal theory in addition to fields like corporate law, criminal law, and alternative dispute resolution.

Additionally, the law school offers a wide range of clinical and externship options.

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6. St John’s University(NY)

St. John’s University School of Law is ranked No. 84 in the best law schools. The acceptance rate is 25% and a minimum of 153 LSAT score.

It offers guidance and competence in the fundamental methods and techniques of the practice of law. St. John’s School of Law is a member of the AALS and has ABA approval.

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 7. University at buffalo-Suny

 The University at Buffalo Law School is one of the leading public law schools in the Northeast. it ranked no. 94 in  US News and World Report annual rankings.

Its acceptance rate is 44.87% with a minimum of 155 LSAT score. Because of its emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, volunteerism, and opportunities for practical clinical education, UB Law stands out among the top public law schools in the country.

The ABA has approved the University at Buffalo Law School.

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8. Brooklyn law school

With an acceptance rate of 48.83%, Brooklyn Law School is ranked No. 98 (tie) in the list of the best law schools and No. 11 (tie) in the section of part-time law. The average LSAT score and undergraduate GPA for the class were both 158.

The law school encourages initiative and independent analysis. It makes use of slashing teaching strategies and complements the regular course curriculum with education in newly developed legal fields. Additionally, the focus placed on interaction between instructors and students defines instruction.

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9. Syracuse University

The law school of Syracuse University is ranked 103rd on the best law schools list for 2022. Having a median LSAT score of 151 and a 25% acceptance rate. Law School prepares students for the chances and difficulties of the future. During their involvement in the clinic and externship, students represent real clients.

The comprehensive approach helps students understand how law applies globally. Students and professors work together to find out new information and develop new abilities through research, coursework, combined degree programs, and interdisciplinary Centers.

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10. Hofstra University (Deane)Hempstead, NY

Hofstra Law School is ranked 118th overall (tie), and 40th for part-time law. With an acceptance rate of 45.95%, the class of 2023 had a median LSAT score of 154 and an undergraduate GPA of 3.37%.

In addition to offering LLM graduate degrees in American Legal Studies (for foreign law graduates) and Family Law, the law school provides both full-time and part-time JD programs. The Frank G. Zarb School of Business offers a dual J.D./MBA degree program.

It offers a thorough education that equips students with the knowledge and abilities they need to excel as business executives, lawyers, and civic leaders. 

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11. Albany law school

Albany Law School is the oldest private, independent law school in North America. it ranked no. 122 in US News and World Report annual rankings. The acceptance rate of 50.65% and a minimum of 154 LSAT score.

It offers previously unrecognized options for internships, fieldwork, clinical practice, and career opportunities. The professors are committed and approachable. The state legislature, federal courts, and New York’s highest court are all accessible to students.

For more than 25 years, Albany graduates have had employment rates that are significantly higher than the national norm for law schools.

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13. Cuny long island, NY

Cuny, Long Island, NY is ranked 133rd (tie) in the Best Law Schools list and 34th (tie) in the Part-Time Law field.

A median of 154 increases the chance of admission, while the acceptance percentage is 34.53%. It produces exceptional public interest lawyers, expanding the pool of candidates for the bar.

The law school’s slogan is “Law in the Service of Human Needs.” In 1983, it was founded. When it comes to clinical training, the CUNY School of Law is frequently rated as one of the top 10 law schools in the nation.

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14. Pace University (Haub)White Plains, NY

Pace University (Haub)White plains, NY is ranked no.104 among the best law schools. the acceptance rate is 51.30% and a minimum of 151 LSAT gives a better chance to gain admission.

It also presents a chance for in-depth investigation of legal procedures. Students leave class having gained a thorough understanding of how the law operates.

The excellence and scope of Pace’s clinical, legal writing and research, and environmental law programs are recognized nationally. The courses are regularly reviewed to make sure that they give students the skills necessary to handle the difficulties of the legal profession.

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15. Touro college (fuchsberg)Central islip, NY

Touro College (Fuchsberg) is ranked No. 147-192 in Best Law Schools and No. 53-69 in Part-time Law with an acceptance rate of 25%. it is dedicated to providing a top-notch legal education.

It promotes social justice and volunteerism while encouraging students to consider the moral objectives of the law.

The Touro Law Center is a member of the AALS and has ABA accreditation. In addition to combined degree and LL.M. programs, it provides students with full-time and part-time day and evening J.D. programs.

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How to Apply to a law school in new york city 

1. Achieve a good LSAT score; 

You should enroll in an LSAT preparation course if you want to maximize the value of your LSAT score. This is because, during the application process, law schools use your LSAT score, which is by far the most important factor. Take your time studying for the LSAT and take as much time as necessary to achieve your best score.

2. A high GPA;

The LSAC (Law School Admissions Council), after receiving your official transcripts, determines your GPA by adding together all of your course grades before receiving your bachelor’s degree. If you are currently enrolled in school, you should make sure you are earning the highest marks possible.

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) provides assistance with the standard admissions procedure to law schools:

1. LSAC processes applications for law schools.

2. The LSAT is given out by LSAC.

How to apply to law school is detailed below:

  • Register for the LSAT at LSAC.org.
  • Pass the LSAT exam.
  • Send LSAC a copy of your certified transcript.
  • Request letters of recommendation from mentors and former instructors.
  • Include a copy of your CV with your personal statement.

3. Develop a good knowledge of law school admission process

A college undergraduate degree is required. But you can apply to law school and go on to become a lawyer without majoring in anything special. Each person has a different application process for law school; some apply during their senior year of college, while others might already be employed when they decide they want to attend law school.

How Long is a Law School in New York?

Full-time law students normally complete their studies in around three years, whereas part-time students frequently need four to five years to complete their J.D. degrees.

A student must enroll in a legal program that is approved by the American Bar Association in order to practice law in New York.

Once you’ve finished getting your bachelor’s degree and received your LSAT results, you can begin applying to law schools.

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What are the Best Law Schools in New York?

The 15 law schools in New York City passed the accreditation test, this makes law schools in New York city exceptional. Here are New York City’s 15 accredited law schools.

  • Columbia UniversityNew York, NY
  • New York university
  • Cornell University Ithaca, NY
  • Fordham university New York, NY
  • Yeshiva University (Cardozo)
  • St John’s University(NY)
  • University at buffalo-Suny
  • Brooklyn law school
  • Syracuse University
  • Hofstra University (Deane)Hempstead, NY
  • Albany law school
  • New York law school
  • Cuny long island, NY
  • Pace University (Haub)White plains, NY
  • Touro college (fuchsberg)Central islip, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NYU law school free?

All students admitted to the JSD program receive scholarships equal to the amount of tuition and fees in addition to a stipend of USD 28,430.56 per year for four years. students are responsible for all tuition and fees after the fifth year.
Students who take more than the required JSD courses are responsible for the tuition and fees.

Do students like NYU law schools?

The New York university school is often shortened to NYU law. They offer top-notch career prospects with a few minor flaws. If you are looking for a place to offer scholarship contributions and study competitive environments, NYU is a good choice. give it a try, after all, it is one of the best schools you can find now. 

Is law school hard?

Law schools are hard when compared with other colleges or universities. about 40, 00 people graduate from law every year, so it’s attainable.

Is law school harder than medical school?

Medical schools are quite distinct from law schools, medical schools require learning about the medical problem through a clinical study. while law schools require analytical work and critical thinking.

What is the hardest class in law school?

Summarily, civil procedure, abstract laws, and constitutional law are the most difficult.

What is a decent GPA in law school?

 Top schools have a 50% GPA of 3.3, While mid schools have a 50% GPA of about 3.0.


If you require a law degree, law schools in New York city are worthwhile because they devote practical, effective, and academic resources to educating students in the knowledge and abilities needed to operate in the legal system.

good luck as you select the ideal law school.


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