Top 10 Learning Disability Scholarships for International Students

Do you want to find learning disability scholarships? Applying to college, being admitted, and figuring out how to pay the escalating tuition costs can be stressful. It might be especially difficult for pupils who have been identified with learning disabilities. The good news is that there are numerous IEP college scholarships available to kids with learning challenges. This can make the procedure less intimidating. When financial help is insufficient to pay costs, obtaining scholarships for students with learning disabilities may be just what a student requires to pursue technical training at a technical school or a college degree.

Individuals with learning disabilities frequently experience cognitive deficits. These disabilities can limit their learning capacity as well as their chances of receiving several merit-based awards. Whether you have dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, ADHD, or another cognitive disability, the following are 10 of the most substantial scholarships for students with learning disabilities. Do you need a scholarship for a student who has a learning disability? Continue reading to learn more about the numerous scholarships available to IEP students.

There are countless disability scholarships offered around the world that provide financial aid to students who have a physical, sensory, or learning handicap, or a mental health issue. In this article, we shall be throwing more light on scholarships for students with disabilities.

15 Learning Disability Scholarships for International Students

1. Smart Kids with Learning Disability Scholarship

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities® honours students from all over the country who have achieved tremendous achievement despite their learning problems at their annual spring banquet each year. The Fred J. Epstein Youth Achievement Awards recognize extraordinary accomplishments of young people with learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who have already made an everlasting imprint on their schools and communities. Many are primed to achieve even greater success in college and businesses across America.

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2. Landmark College Learning Disability Scholarship

Landmark College recognizes that a college education for a student who learns differently is a significant financial commitment as well as an investment in future outcomes. As a result, they are dedicated to making an LC education accessible to everybody. LC gives far more resources that contribute to student achievement than other universities. They also provide a number of innovative affordability choices. All of this contributes to most families experiencing the LC Value, since their out-of-pocket expense is comparable to – and sometimes lower than – that of other schools and universities.

3. Google Lime Learning Disability Scholarship

Scholarships for impaired students from any country to study at any level at a Canadian or US university. You must be pursuing a degree in computer science or computer engineering or a degree in a closely related technical discipline.

4. National College Scholarship Competition for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships for students with Learning disabilities are available for citizens of the United States who are currently receiving treatment for schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder. Programs such as high school equivalency, trade or vocational school, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degrees are all acceptable.

5. Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarship

Google’s education and scholarship initiatives aim to inspire and assist students in becoming future leaders in computing and technology by removing obstacles to entry. As part of our commitment, we’ve worked with EmployAbility, a nonprofit organization that assists students with disabilities in pursuing education and promising professions, to assist university students with disabilities in achieving their academic goals in computer science. Selected students will receive a 7,000 EUR (or local equivalent) scholarship for the current school year.

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6. HFA Educational Scholarship

There are four types of scholarships available to students with blood disorders, including the Medical/Healthcare Services Educational Scholarship, which is designed for individuals pursuing a career in the medical profession.

7. Wroclaw Special Scholarship for Disabled Students

The only criterion for obtaining this special scholarship is the student’s level of handicap. Special grants for people with disabilities may be provided at the request of a student who has a handicap that has been confirmed by a medical authority. The Rector, in cooperation with the student council, determines the amount of the Rectors’ Scholarship for students with impairments.

8. Microsoft Disability Scholarship

This scholarship will be given to deserving high school seniors with disabilities who plan to attend a vocational or academic college and pursue a career in technology. The scholarships are renewable; each winner who continues to meet the criteria is eligible for an annual grant of $5,000 for up to four (4) consecutive years, for a total scholarship of up to $20,000 in total.

9. Disabled Students’ Allowances

Postgraduates in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland who are eligible for DSA funding may apply for non-repayable, needs-assessed Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA), which are designed to assist students with exceptional needs in reaching their full academic potential.

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10. June Opie Fellowship

The Award, which is open to citizens and permanent residents of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, is intended as an incentive for students with a severe impairment who have achieved excellent academic accomplishment. It is intended for people who desire to pursue postgraduate studies in order to prepare for a career in the professions, politics, or, more specifically, university teaching and research, and who have a continued interest in disability issues.


This is our list of learning disability scholarships. If you know anybody with a learning disability, do him or her a favour by applying for any of these that he or she is qualified for. Good luck.


What IQ is a learning disability?

Learning disabilities are diverse conditions that are defined by three main criteria: reduced intellectual ability (often defined as an IQ less than 70), considerable impairment of social or adaptive functioning, and starting in childhood.

What is the most challenging aspect of looking for scholarships?

Finding proper scholarships to apply to, according to the majority of my students, is one of the most difficult aspects of applying for scholarships. With so many scholarships and scams available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Can you outgrow a learning disability?

Although there is no cure for learning problems, early intervention can help to mitigate their impact. Individuals with learning difficulties can learn to manage their disabilities. Getting aid sooner boosts the likelihood of academic and personal success.


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