Micro Scholarships: The Special Scholarships for High School Students

A Micro scholarship is a scholarship that helps students prepare for college by awarding scholarships for high school achievements. RaiseMe has partnered with over 285 colleges and universities, including Eastern New Mexico University, to offer micro scholarships for academic achievement and extracurricular involvement.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is open to teens and young adults looking forfunds to run through college for their bachelors degree.

Host Nationality

The Micro Scholarship is brought to you by RaiseMe for young college and high school students willing to go to college and want to raise funds for college,.

Criteria for the Micro Scholarship

Criteria to apply for this scholarship is an account with Raise Me. Also applicant must be a high school student in USA.

Deadline for the Micro Scholarship

The Micro Scholarship is a continuous project. There is no deadline for the scholarship. The scholarship is always open for you to partake in. You will always get your funds when you need it.

Application Proccess for the Micro Scholarship

All you need to do to win a Micro Scholarship is to open a raise me account. Participate in extracurricular activities in your school or community and upload to the RiaseMe portal.

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Create your account here.

Scholarship Reward

Scholaarship reward varies as it depends on the effort you put in your school or community.

Common achievements you can earn money for:

  • College events – going on a college visit
  • Community service – volunteering 
  • Courses – getting A’s, maintaining a certain GPA, and more
  • Extracurriculars – engaging in college prep or leadership activities
  • FAFSA – completing the FAFSA senior year
  • Honors and awards – being recognized 
  • Test scores – scoring well on the SAT/ACT
  • Work experience – working, interning, or supporting one’s family

About the RaiseMe

RaiseMe is a non-profit organization dedicated to making scholarship opportunities more transparent, predictable, and motivating for students and their families. High school (grades 9-12) and college transfer students can earn micro-scholarships (small scholarships tied to specific achievements) toward college through the RaiseMe website as they progress through school.

Too often, we think of scholarships as something students think about in their senior year of high school when college applications are due. However, there are ways to start earning college scholarships as early as ninth grade, using micro-scholarships!

High school students can earn money for college in ninth grade through micro-scholarships. Colleges and universities that partner with RaiseMe award micro-scholarships, and each college or university develops its micro-scholarship system.

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RaiseMe allows high school students to create a profile and search by the college to see estimated costs of attendance, acceptance rate, salary after graduation, and other information.
They can also see what colleges are willing to award micro-scholarships.
It is important to note that each college creates its award system.
Micro-scholarships awarded by a single college is only valid at that college and are not transferable.

Students will only get micro-scholarships when they have applied to and gained admission to study in their desired school.

Fortunately, many colleges on RaiseMe provide micro-scholarships in standard categories.
Students should strive to excel in high school and keep detailed records of their extracurricular activities, awards, and work experience.

Schools can also create a RaiseMe account to track students’ progress, celebrate their achievements, and verify their awards with admission offices.

People Also Ask

What are some examples of how I might be able to earn these micro-scholarships?

Receive an A

Maintain a high-grade point average

Visit a college campus or attend a college fair.

Is RaiseMe completely free?

Yes. For high school students and educators, RaiseMe is entirely free. Create an account at http://raise.me/join to sign up.

Who is eligible to use RaiseMe?

RaiseMe is available to students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 who attend high school in the United States.

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Who can apply for micro-scholarships?

RaiseMe micro-scholarships are available for incoming first-year students who live in the United States, and other eligible countries stated on their portal.

What should I do first?

To begin, go to http://www.raise.me/ and create an account. Once you’ve completed your account, add achievements like grades, extracurricular activities, and leadership positions to your portfolio.

Can I get a scholarship for something I did in high school?

Yes. You can retroactively fill out your high school portfolio with achievements dating back to the beginning of 9th grade, and you will be eligible for scholarships as if you have been using RaiseMe since 9th grade. The more complete your portfolio, the more opportunities for micro-scholarships you will have.

How frequently should I update my achievements in my portfolio?

Throughout high school, you should update your achievements as frequently as possible. Adding accomplishments to your portfolio increases your chances of receiving scholarships.

What courses should I include in my portfolio?

You should add all of your courses from grades 9 through 12.


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