St John’s University Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

St. John’s University is a private university that was established in 1870. it’s a total undergraduate enrollment of 15,452 (fall 2021),  is found in an urban setting, and covers 102 acres. The tutorial calendar is semester-based. St. John’s University (NY) is ranked #166 in National Universities within the Best Colleges 2022-2023 edition. Tuition and costs total $47,830.

Admission to St. John’s is somewhat selective, with an acceptance rate of 85%. Students admitted to St. John’s have a mean SAT score of 1100-1300 or an ACT score of 23-29. St. John’s regular admissions application deadline is rolling. Students who have an interest in early action or early decisions can apply. The deadline for early action is December 1, and therefore the deadline for early decision is November 15.

St. John’s provides a free online application for all of its 100+ undergraduate programs, and graduate applications are inexpensive for the bulk of programs. Undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, advanced certificates, doctoral degrees, and J.D. and LL.M. programs are all available at the University.

So, do you intend to apply and are confident that you will be accepted? Then, this article will walk you through St John’s University’s acceptance rate, requirements, application process, and other important information about St John’s that you simply should be aware of.

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What To Know About St John’s University

St. John’s University is a Roman Catholic private university in Queens, New York City. The Congregation of the Mission (C.M.)—the Vincentian Fathers—was founded in 1870 with the intention of providing quality education to a growing immigrant population. The flagship campus was originally located within the Brooklyn borough of New York City but was relocated to its current location within the Queens borough in the 1950s. St. John’s also has campuses in Staten Island and Manhattan, as well as the Long Island Graduate Center in Hauppauge. There are also international campuses in Rome, Italy, Paris, France, and Limerick, Ireland. Saint John the Baptist is the university’s patron.

St. John’s is split into five undergraduate schools and six graduate schools, with over 100 bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs, also as professional certificates, available. In 2021, there were 17,088 undergraduate students and 4,633 graduate students at the university. The scholar body is made up of students from 46 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and 119 other countries. As of 2020, there are over 190,000 St. John’s alumni worldwide.

St John’s University is a moderately selective School, so every applicant has the chance to get admitted when they meet the requirements.

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What Is St John’s University Acceptance Rate in 2023?

St. John’s University has an 85% acceptance rate. There are 73 admissions for every 100 applicants.

This indicates that the school is only lightly selective. The varsity will have their expected GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. If you meet their requirements, you’re almost certain to be accepted. However, if you are not meeting the requirements of St. John’s University, you’ll be one of the unlucky few who are rejected.

St. John’s requires an annual curriculum, so transfer students start as freshmen and must complete four years on campus. Generally, credits earned at other colleges and universities don’t count toward a St. John’s College degree.

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What Is St John’s University Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023? 

Transfer students structure 10.0% of the scholar body at St John’s University-New York (SJU), so you will not be alone. St John’s University received 2172 transfer applicants in 2022-2023.

1107 students were admitted to the university. As a result, St John’s University features a transfer acceptance rate of 50.97%. This demonstrates how difficult it’s to transfer to St John’s University. Furthermore, 357 of the 1107 accepted transfer students enrolled, leading to a 32.25% yield.

St. John’s University admits 51 of each 100 transfer students. To be considered for transfer to St John’s University, you want to have a current GPA of at least 3.5, preferably around 3.64. You’ll also be required to submit standardized test results.

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Is St John’s University Hard To Get Into?

Admission to St. John’s is moderately difficult.

St John’s accepted 85% of all applicants in 2022-2023, or approximately 20,143 of the 23,658 students who applied.

Admission as a transfer student is slightly harder.  it’s moderately difficult for applicants who are not New York residents to gain admission to St. John’s University.

Schools with a moderately difficult admissions process, like St. John’s, accept but 85% of all applicants. A minimum of 75% of all admitted students have GPAs in the top half of their high school class and SAT/ACT scores of 1010 or higher.

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Does St John’s University Require Test Scores in 2023?

First-time freshmen applicants to St. John’s University have the choice of submitting a test-optional application. Applicants who choose this feature can seek admission without submitting standardized test scores. Consistently to research, a student’s overall high school academic record is the best predictor of a student’s future success in college, and lots of students believe that their standardized test scores do not accurately reflect their overall academic performance.

St John’s University SAT Requirement

St John’s students have a median SAT score of 1205. Applicants with SAT many 1300 or higher have a good chance of admission to St John’s, while applicants with SAT scores starting from  1100 to 1300 have an average chance of admission, and prospective students with an SAT score of but 1100 have a low chance of admission.

To be competitive with other St John’s applicants,  you ought to aim for an SAT score between 1100 and 1300 (or higher!). At St John’s, 25% of admitted students scored above 1300, and 25% scored lower than 1100, with the bulk of students scoring somewhere in the middle. A St John’s student’s average composite SAT score is 1205.

St John’s University ACT Requirement

An admitted student to St John’s has an ACT score of 26. Students with ACT scores of 29 or higher have a good chance of being admitted to St John’s. Students with an ACT score between 23 and 29 have a good chance of admission, while students with an ACT score of 23 or lower have a slim chance of admission.

To be most competitive at St John’s, you should aim for an ACT score between 23 and 29.

With an ACT score of 29, you are in the 75th percentile of St John’s admitted students. On the ACT, one out of every four students received a score higher than 29, and three out of every four students received a score lower than 29.

For St John’s students, a 23 on the ACT places them in the 25th percentile. Only one out of every four students scored less than 23.

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What Are The Admission Requirements For St John’s University in 2023?

To be admitted to an undergraduate degree program at St John’s University, you must meet the requirements listed below.

1. Statement of purpose

2. Previous qualification official transcripts and academic records

3. Scores on standardized entrance exams

4. Scores for English language proficiency

5. Curriculum vitae (CV)

6. Copy of passport and statement of purpose

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Transfer Requirements For  St John’s University

For consideration, John’s University requires several completed documents. The following information is a summary of the most important points:

Minimum GPA: 

To be considered for admission, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 in common transferable courses and meet CSB/SJU math proficiency standards.

Official Transcripts: 

For consideration, submit an official, final high school transcript as well as an official college transcript.

Application Fee: 

There is no application fee at St John’s University.

Other prerequisites: 

Transfer Student Evaluation Form – Before their application for admission is reviewed, transfer applicants must submit this form to CSB/SJU.

In addition to the requirements listed above, St John’s University requires a minimum number of credits completed before applying to be a transfer student. A minimum of 12 credits is required by St John’s University.

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St John’s University GPA Requirements in 2023

Your high school grade point average (GPA) is a number that represents your academic performance in high school. Colleges consider either a weighted GPA or an unweighted GPA.

An unweighted GPA is a four-point scale average of your grades in each class. 4.0. Unweighted GPAs range from 4.0 to less than 1.0. A weighted GPA considers your average grade as well as the difficulty of your classes. A weighted GPA raises your average by awarding bonus points for honors or AP courses.

The average unweighted high school GPA for admitted students at St. John’s is 3.5. This is the average, which means that some applicants have GPAs that are lower than this, while others have higher GPAs. If your GPA is below the national average, strong test scores or other qualifications may help you stand out.

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How To Apply To St John’s University

To apply to St John’s University, certain procedures must be followed. The steps below print out the procedure.

1. The university welcomes international students from all over the world and offers them every course and program available.

2. Choose your preferred course, review the eligibility requirements, and register on the portal.

3. For admissions assistance and guidance, international students should contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office (ISSSO).

4. Transcripts of academic records and English language proficiency scores must be submitted along with the necessary documentation.

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Alternatives To St John’s University

Other universities, in addition to St John’s University, serve as alternatives. The following are the schools:

1. Harvard University

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. Stanford University

4. University of California, Berkeley

5. Columbia University

6. California Institute Of Technology


What GPA is required for admission to St John University?

Minimum GPA: A transfer student’s average GPA at St. John’s ranges from 3.5.

What SAT score is required for St. John’s?

Admission to St. John’s University is moderately competitive, with an acceptance rate of 85%. Half of St. John’s University applicants have an SAT score between 1100 and 1300 or an ACT score between 23 and 29.

Is financial aid available at St John University?

Because St John’s is out of reach for many families, the college provides generous need-based financial aid to all students, domestic and international. 85% of students receive some form of need-based financial assistance. Students pay an average of $24,500 per year with financial aid.


St John’s University is a large private university that accepts approximately 85% of applicants. This means that for every 100 students who applied, 85 were admitted, making the St John’s University admissions process somewhat competitive. St. John’s University is a test-optional institution, so all applicants must meet the average GPA requirement and St. John’s University admission requirements in addition to submitting SAT or ACT scores.

St. John’s is test-optional for the majority of applicants, which means that standardized test scores are not required. Approximately 75% of applicants still submit some form of the test score, which may be beneficial to your application.

We believe this article serves as a good guide to learning about St John’s University’s acceptance rate, application requirements, and St John’s University facts.



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