Everything you need to know before you apply for Student Loan Hero

This article contains all the information you need to know about Student Loan Hero, its requirements, and how to apply for it.

Notably, student debts can be really overwhelming—let’s face it. Additionally, navigating through the information provided by the federal government or private student loan lenders can be challenging. 

It is an excellent resource for learning about your loans and repayment choices if you’re not sure where to begin. 

Student Loan Hero is a private, for-profit firm; it is neither a government agency nor a non-profit. 

It has the motivation to persuade you to apply for specific goods and services. 

But just because it can’t be beneficial doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it; you still need to do your homework.

Instead of merely writing positive reviews in exchange for compensation, the business chooses to work with goods and services that would be delighted to endorse. 

They provide unbiased advice you can rely on—and never have to pay for—because their evaluations and comparisons are likewise truthful and equitable. 

Therefore, it costs nothing at all to use Student Loan Hero’s services.

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What Is Student Loan Hero?

In the year 2012, Andy Josuweit established Student Loan Hero. 

Josuweit owed a six-figure sum on his student loans when he completed his degree. 

He established it in an effort to assist other debtors in his situation, collaborating with lenders to provide student loan refinancing to site visitors. 

Notably, a publicly traded firm, Lending Tree, purchased it in 2018. 

LendingTree is a lead generation website, which means that it links users to lenders, credit card providers, and banks that can match their borrowing requirements. 

The business is paid as an affiliate or commission in exchange.

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What services is Student Loan Hero able to provide?

Several lenders and private businesses that provide financial goods are partners with Student Loan Hero. 

The following information is accessible through the website: 

1. Student Loan Refinancing 

College Loan Student loan refinancing is the core activity of Hero. 

By 2021, it will refinance both private and public student loans through nine partner lenders. 

You can assess your potential savings and compare rates and credit conditions on its refinancing page. 

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2. Private Student Loans

It features a number of private student loan partners if you need assistance paying for your undergraduate or graduate degrees and have used all federal financial aid. 

On a single website, you can compare rates and qualifying requirements for many lenders, then choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Individual Loans 

Through Student Loan Hero, you can look around for a personal loan if you need money to cover an urgent need or to fund a house repair. 

You can most likely locate a loan that suits your demands because it has lenders who work with both good and bad credit borrowers. 

4. Side Hustle

In order to pay off your student loans as rapidly as possible, you must increase your income. 

A side business can be a helpful method to supplement your income while you’re not working your full-time job, even though it can be challenging. 

In the gig economy, organizations like rideshare services and food delivery services are partners of Student Loan Hero.

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How Does Student Loan Hero Operate in 2024?

You must first create an account, provide your federal student assistance ID, and then choose a password to authorize the Student Loan Hero website to sync your federal loans with that account. 

You can either manually upload your loan information to Student Loan Hero or use your password to sync your private student loans with your private student loan servicer. 

After that, the Student Loan Hero dashboard groups your loans according to their APRs so you can see how much you owe and the condition of each one. 

Your daily interest payment as well as the total amount of interest you will pay for the duration of the loan will be displayed.

Additionally, the platform will display how much of your monthly payment is applied to the principal and how much is used to pay interest, assisting you in making crucial repayment choices.

When it comes to choosing and weighing their alternatives for repaying their student loans, borrowers can use Student Loan Hero to assist them. 

As an illustration, it will outline the federal student loan payment plans that you are eligible for and provide you with the information you need to determine which one is best for you. 

In addition, they feature calculators that can help you decide if you should invest your extra funds or pay off your debt more quickly by refinancing your private loans. 

Moreover, they feature a calculator that shows you how much your debt will increase if you put your loans on deferred or forbearance.

Even if you’re a parent seeking to take out a loan on your child’s behalf, Student Loan Hero offers assistance for you. 

Note that student loan assistance isn’t just available to students. 

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Student Loan Hero provides a variety of advantages, including the following:

  • No matter how many loans and servicers you have, this feature lets you view your whole student loan financial status at a glance by syncing both private and federal loan balances and terms in one place. 
  • Detailed examination of your student loan position and recommendations. 
  • Options for repayment plans that can be customized to match your financial situation, as well as the information to guide your decision. 
  • Projecting prepayment, refinancing, and consolidation situations, as well as the various repayment plans, can be done with the use of calculators. 
  • Comparisons of various loan and product types and discussions on the best choices.
  • There are tests to assist you in determining your circumstances and your best possibilities, as well as analyses of the various options. 
  • Regardless of where you are in your financial path, you can find articles and tutorials on a wide range of financial topics, not just student loans.

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What are the Tools for Student Loan Hero in 2024?

In addition to the lenders and businesses it partners with, Student Loan Hero offers a number of other helpful tools you can use to manage your debt that is free of charge: 


Student Loan Hero offers a variety of financial management tools, including calculators for refinancing student loans and lump sum payments. 

These resources can assist you in developing a debt repayment strategy, estimating your savings, and making wise decisions. 

Programs for Forgiveness

The website offers a searchable directory of all federal, state, and profession-based student loan repayment aid and forgiveness programs.

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Student loan Hero has a large staff of authors who cover all facets of personal finance and student loans. 

You can discover advice on increasing your income, repaying your debts more efficiently, or setting up an emergency fund. 

The website also provides up-to-date information on student loans, such as updates on the interest waiver and pay freeze.

Product Comparisons

Student Loan Hero has you covered no matter what your needs are—whether you’re trying to locate the best credit card for your needs, want to know if you can get a loan even with terrible credit, or are looking for methods to make extra money. 

Their lists and product comparisons make it easier for you to examine all of your alternatives at once and learn what makes them good—or bad—options. 

There are lists of “side hustles” you can engage in to earn extra money, as well as information on anything from credit cards to personal loans, and equity products to mortgages.

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Who ought to make use of Student Loan Hero in 2024?

While it should go without saying that anyone thinking about acquiring a student loan or who already has one should visit Student Loan Hero, it also contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in achieving or maintaining financial stability. 

Its information on credit cards, mortgages, and other financial items that may be helpful to you is available without requiring you to have a student loan in order to take advantage of its abundance of knowledge.

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Additional Info on Student Loan Hero

You can rapidly comprehend your student loans and your options thanks to the company’s user-friendly platform. 

They make it simple to discover how you might be able to pay off your debt more quickly and whether doing so is the best course of action financially for you thanks to their calculators and payment slider. 

You won’t need to be concerned that your data will be shared, sold, or rented to other businesses thanks to their strong yet straightforward privacy policy. 

Additionally, the site publishes its security information so you can see how your data is safeguarded.

By directing you to affiliated lenders eager to assist you in refinancing student loans, Student Loan Hero earns money. 

If you utilize Student Loan Hero, you might still want to look for the lender that’s best for you rather than only choosing the ones that they suggest because you could be able to obtain a better bargain. 

Also, search for articles that don’t have a disclaimer about sponsorship; it appears on all of their postings with sponsored ads. 

In fact, one of Student Loan Hero’s greatest advantages is that they offer product comparisons so you can learn more about your options. 

This shows that they are aware of the need to compare products. 

They are aware that there are more possibilities available in the market for student loan aggregators.

When it comes to student loan aggregators, those other possibilities could provide a little bit different features and services than Student Loan Hero does. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, you may value the knowledge that Student Loan Hero gives you and the freedom to make an educated decision. 

Student Loan Hero is aware that there is frequently no “correct” solution, but rather a “best” solution for you and your particular circumstances, and they aim to assist you in locating it.

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In conclusion, Student loan hero is worth trying out, regardless of whether you decide to work with Student Loan Hero or explore other aggregator possibilities. 

There’s a considerable chance that one of their manuals or other resources will teach you something, even if you decide not to use their tools.


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