Does Ting Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Ting Student Discount

In this post, you will find all the details about the Ting student discount, including the requirements to get the discount.

If you haven’t already, you should try it. We’re here to make things much easier for you. One of the best deals available is the Ting student discount. 

For students and teachers who wish to start using the program, the entire package is 40% discounted. 

Additionally, it still offers the same professional features. Students generally prefer discounts, so having one is always a good idea. 

Additionally, having the greatest tools at the best costs is a great way to begin or advance your job. 

Consequently, this is primarily for you if you are a student or instructor. 

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know to receive an amazing 40% Ting student discount on a useful item. 

Let’s find out if you qualify, how to get it, and any other important questions you might have about the Ting Student Discount.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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What to know about Ting Student Discount?

The student discount is usually a favorite among the many types of promotions. Additionally, they will honor your request if you are a student and wish to use Ting at a discounted rate. 

When purchasing, you can get high-quality items for less money and get up to 20% off. Save up to 25% on Ting items + Free P&P is just one of the many discounts offered by Ting. For the most recent offer, visit or 

You can select the best promotional code from several options. 

Additionally, the student discount is typically one of the greatest, so you can buy everything you want when you save money.

Make sure you effectively utilize the student discount. The prior orders indicate that students may typically save $22.35 each. 

Come and choose what you want for a reasonable price. You’ll be astonished to find such a respectable product at such an affordable cost. 

Ting provides student benefits to customers, but you can only take advantage of them after establishing your status as a student. Students should typically only use the discount when they shop at Ting. 

The Ting reductions are only valid for individual use by students. The Ting website is where you can find more information.

Who Qualifies for Ting Student Discount?

You must fulfill the following requirements to be qualified for the Ting student discount. 

  • You should typically be enrolled full-time in educational pursuits leading to graduate degree programs. 
  • You have reached the legal drinking age in your country of residence or are 18 years old. 
  • However, the program you are enrolled in must call for 20 hours if you are a part-time student. 
  • Or more hours every week, or lasts for at least a year. 

Students from all academic fields can take advantage of the Ting student discount. 

Teachers can also take advantage of this discount. 

A teacher presently engaged at a school or establishment and teaching full- or part-time in any subject is also qualified.

The Ting student discount is also available to students under 18 or the legal age in their country of residence. 

You will need to register through your parents to do this. 

Therefore, your parents can buy an EDU license for you. 

You must provide the necessary documentation of your academic status to qualify for the discount.

In case there are any discrepancies in the documentation you supplied regarding your educational level. Ting provides a full four-week money-back guarantee.

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How Do I Get a Ting Student Discount Card?

Need a student discount right away? Then you are unquestionably in the right place! Keep watching the website since frequently has student discounts. 

Ting does this by periodically providing a range of discount codes so customers can purchase the goods they want. 

There are occasions when you might not find a discount on their homepage because they might not always advertise there, making it harder for you to immediately get the bargain you want.

Additionally, you can directly ask for your code by interacting with their customer support, which will save you even more time! Don’t pass up this fantastic chance! 

Alternatively, you can email their customer service department to ask for a promotion in the student sector. Don’t pass up this offer available just to students! Buy what you want and have fun!

Do Ting Members Get Discounts Online?

Do you want to learn more techniques to maximize your financial savings? It’s easy! Don’t pass up one-time deals like clearance and flash sales when surfing 

You should occasionally check their official website because these item sales may be quite fleeting. You might occasionally worry about this, but Ting offers free trial options, so why not take advantage of this chance to try the product for free? They only provide newbies with this perk.

You can phone or email their customer service representatives for more information regarding discounts. 

They will always be the ones to respond to your inquiries first. In addition, is a terrific place to save money because you can explore their website whenever you need to find accurate information, and they always have a huge selection of Discount Codes available.

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Can my Ting Student Discount be transferred? 

The student discount license for Ting can be transferred, yes. 

Only other students or teachers may purchase the license or transfer it to them. 

Furthermore, they must adhere to Ting’s requirements for the educational discount. 

Consequently, you cannot offer your discount to anyone who does not meet these requirements.


This post covers the key points of obtaining the Ting student discount. 

Having the best tools at the best costs is a great way to start or advance your profession. 

Now that you know what to do, you also know how to do it. 

Start using the Ting Live software now and enjoy yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does Ting’s student discount entail? 

Ting offers a unique discount to customers who are currently enrolled in school. Ting Student Discount often ranges from 10% to 30% to help students feel less financially stressed. 

Does Ting Provide Discounts for Students? 

Ting provides a student discount to lessen students’ stress. When you order online, you often receive a discount of around 20%. 

What does the Ting student discount cost? 

Ting offers a 20% discount on verification services for college students, educators, and other professionals. When customers shop with qualifying status, Ting validates their eligibility for special educational discounts in this way.

How Can I Get a Student Discount at Ting? 

Only some groups, including the student group, are eligible for the Ting Student Discount. You must demonstrate your student qualifications to accept this offer. 
Find the student discount link at the bottom of the homepage of the official website, click on the details page, look over the discount details, and then click Get The Discount. 
You will then be prompted to enter your school information and email address to verify your eligibility for this promotion. 
Following that, you will receive an email containing a promotional code; remember to use it when making a payment.

What is the Ting Student Discount Process? 

Select the item you want and add it to your cart after confirming your student status and receiving the Ting student discount on the official website. To lower your spending, don’t forget to redeem promo codes at checkout. 

How long is the Ting student discount valid? 

Ting does not specify a deadline for when the student discount will stop. That implies that the Ting Student Discount could be terminated at any time. Don’t wait until discounts expire to regret not taking advantage of the opportunity. 

Does Ting provide additional discounts? 

Of course, can be browsed to find the most recent Ting Promo Codes and Coupons. Select what you require to save more money.


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